“I would like to get my motorcycle license as a result of passing the course, without taking the RMV Road Test.  How does this work?”license steps

If you complete and pass either the Basic or Experienced RiderCourse (including a written knowledge test and riding skills evaluation) and you give us a PHOTOCOPY of your MA Motorcycle Permit, you will get your motorcycle license without the need for the RMV Road Test.  Follow the 3 Steps outlined below:

  • STEP 1: Register for a Motorcycle Course
    Register and Pay for the Basic Rider Course on our web site.
    (Note: If you have at least 1,000 miles of recent riding experience and you have your own motorcycle, you can take the Experienced Rider Course rather than the Basic Rider Course)
  • STEP 2: Get your Permit
    Go to the RMV to take the permit test. You need to get 18 out of 25 multiple-choice questions correct to pass.
    To study for the permit test, you should read the Motorcycle Operator’s Manual.
  • You do NOT need an appointment. Arrive at the RMV at least 2 hours before closing time.
    The RMV fee for the motorcycle permit is $30.
    Inform the RMV that you plan to take a Motorcycle Safety class and prepay the $15 motorcycle endorsement fee.
    By prepaying, you will receive your license in the mail rather than returning to the RMV to get your motorcycle license once you pass the motorcycle course.
  • You should make every effort to get your permit before the first class.  If you have a problem obtaining your permit before your class, we can accept a copy of your permit after class on an exception basis.
  • STEP 3: Give us a PHOTOCOPY of your motorcycle permit
    Bring a PHOTOCOPY of your permit to your Basic or Experienced Rider Course.
    When you pass the course, Streetwise Cycle School will notify the RMV on their licensing web site.
    If your record on the RMV database is clear (i.e. you don’t owe money), they will mail your new Massachusetts Motorcycle License within 14 days of passing the course.

Other notes to help make the RMV License process go smoothly:

If you would like to avoid going to a Registry of Motor Vehicles (RMV) branch location to obtain your motorcycle license, you should:

  1. Pre-pay the motorcycle license fee.  The $15 fee (the $15 fee is for adding a motorcycle endorsement to an existing driver’s license.  The fees will be higher for a motorcycle-only license if applicant does not have an existing Massachusetts license) can be paid by following these steps:
    1. Call 857-368-8000 if your area code is 339/617/781/857 or 800-858-3926 for other area codes
    2. Say “Road Test”
    3. Say “Pre Pay”
    4. Say the Permit Number. Don’t be concerned when the system says “scheduled Road Test”
    5. Say the date of birth.
    6. System will tell you the total is $15.00
    7. Pay with Credit Card.
  2. All unpaid parking violations, Fast Lane violations, outstanding excises taxes, outstanding court warrants, citations or unfulfilled child support obligations must be resolved before an endorsement can be issued.


If under 18 years of age, you must:        

  1. Have a Driver Education Certificate issued by the RMV.
  2. Have held your Cass D or M permit for a minimum of 6 months.

When pre-paying, make sure that the Registry has your proper mailing address as they will be mailing your license to you.  STREETWISE CYCLE SCHOOL will process your information through the RMV and you will receive either a motorcycle endorsement on your existing license or a motorcycle-only license in the mail.  The process takes approximately 2 weeks.  You must continue to operate under the permit restrictions until you receive your license in the mail.

If there are any issues on your RMV record (i.e. you owe money), you will receive a certificate in the mail within 2 weeks of course completion. This certificate exempts you from the RMV road test.  You must take the certificate and your completion card to the RMV and pay the fee to obtain your license.