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  • Tuition: $299
  • Combines elements of the Basic Rider Course and the BRC2 / Experienced Rider Course.
  • Designed for riders who already possess basic skills but who have not been riding for several years.
  • The pre-requisites for the Returning Rider Course include your ability to: coordinate clutch lever and throttle use to control the motorcycle smoothly; upshift and downshift smoothly; stop the motorcycle properly at a designated point; negotiate typical roadway turns and curves.
  • This course is not intended for a novice rider who is learning to ride for the first time.
  • Motorcycles (250cc or less) are provided at no additional charge.
  • If you do not own a helmet, you can borrow one from us.
  • Passing the Knowledge Test and the Skill Evaluation will waive the need for a RMV Motorcycle Road Test.  (For more information, click on the “License Steps” link or see the FAQ page.)
  • A course completion card will provide a limited 10% discount on your Massachusetts motorcycle insurance.
  • 8 hour course including 5 hours of riding and 3 hours in classroom completed in 1 day plus a 2-hour online pre-course component.
  • Get Motorcycle Manufacturers’ Incentives!  Many motorcycle manufacturers offer tuition reimbursement or other incentives for students who successfully complete the course.  Check with you local dealer for more information on incentive programs.