TESTIMONIALS: What students are saying


Not often I leave customer feedback but I believe it is deserved here. I completed the BRC at Foxboro over this past weekend, 11-Nov and 12-Nov…

Rich was the primary coach. He was bar none fantastic. To be able to fully engage a class who does not know each other with positive reinforcement, thoughtful comments, strong knowledge, and good humor, ALL beginning at 6:45am when it is 25 degrees with 20mph winds outside…. that does not go unnoticed. He was able to connect and improve riding ability from everyone there. Again, fantastic.
… I was recommended to take this course by someone else. I will happily recommend this course in the future.
Thank you,
Levi W of Boston, MA 11/14/2017
Thank you Streetwise Cycle School training!

I initially took the Intro / Basic Rider course in 2012 ~ having only enjoyed riding from the back of a bike for many years. It was time to take the handlebars! The BRC was a great introduction to becoming accustom to the coordination of the gearshift and clutch, as well as throttle and braking. Safety was always paramount! The RiderCoaches were encouraging and fun! It was the perfect mix of necessary classroom, riding, and testing, to secure my license. The Foxboro location at MOM’s was ideal, as well!

Fast forward to 2017, and it was time for a refresher. The Streetwise team of Rich and Bob could not have been better! The exercises, explanations, and demonstrations for safe riding were clear ~ and the techniques worked! It was evident that everyone ~ at all levels of riding ~ enjoyed the weekend, and were riding with confidence at the end of the 2nd day!

The entire process, from application to licensing, and individual attention were exceptional!

Helmets off to you, Bob!!

Cindy W of Lexington, MA 10/25/2017

I just want to say thank you for a wonderful experience at my motorcycle training. From the time I contacted Streetwise to the point I completed my training, it has been a smooth process.

You and Rebecca were fantastic with your coaching! I will definitely recommend Streetwise to anyone who is interested.
The administrative process is incredible! You give no room for me to suggest areas of improvement. My overall experience was very pleasant.
Thank you!
Femi A of Randolph, MA 10/24/2017
I was very satisfied. I felt like the pacing was excellent. Rebecca was highly knowledgeable, encouraging, and approachable and did an excellent job communicating the material. I felt that she was personally invested in my success as a student. The classroom materials and range were well prepared. I felt safe at all times and able to develop my skills rapidly.
Overall, I would certainly recommend Streetwise to a friend (and already have!).
Thank you, Bob and Rebecca.
Nick F of Cambridge, MA 10/23/2017
Thanks for a couple of great days, and the encouraging words! I can’t say enough about Streetwise and your team!

Thanks again, Bob! Go Pats!!!
Cindy W of Lexington, MA 10/22/2017
I really enjoyed the class! you guys do great work!i really enjoyed the class! you guys do great work!

Sam T of Norwood, MA 10/14/2017
I enjoyed the class tremendously. It was an absolute blast but more importantly, I left feeling confident!

Have a great week!!
Barbara G of Rehoboth, MA 10/10/2017
My son Gianni and I took the basic rider course this past weekend in Foxboro, group A. The entire experience exceeded my expectations. The coaches were excellent, well prepared, exceptionally knowledgeable and helpful. We learned a lot more than I expected… The best part was/were the coaches! They are highly skilled and know how to teach. I would highly recommend this program to anyone.

Tom P of 9/11/2017
Thank you so much for a great class. I loved it. The two guys working with us were very helpful and encouraging. They spoke to us before each ride and gave us tips to help us perfect the next ride. We had 11 folks and I felt they both gave us personal attention…

Thanks again
Sandra C of Randolph, MA 9/11/2017
Thank you and Paul for your help and training it has been indispensable as I start my journey into motorcycle riding.
Thank you
Chris T of Middleboro, MA 8/29/2017
Completed the course this weekend and really enjoyed it. Paul was an outstanding instructor — patient and helpful, but also no nonsense. Really appreciated his frank feedback which was constructive and honest. I felt like I came away with a really good sense as to my skills and what I still need to work on. Could not have asked for a better instructor.
Overall really great experience. Thanks!
Amber D of Boston, MA 8/28/2017
Normally I don’t take time to give feedback but I had such a positive experience with Rich and Whitey that I wanted to tell you. I have never ridden on a bike prior to the class. I was very hesitant and worried. Rich was AMAZING!!!!! He was the perfect instructor full of positive, encouraging energy yet able to correct my errors in a direct, clear way. He never made me feel foolish for my obvious inability to quickly grasp using the throttle, clutch and brakes ( front and rear). Very confusing and challenging for me to say the least. He also had a great, obvious command of the rules and practical strategies for riding safely. I would recommend this course to anyone.

Drew G of Sharon, MA 8/28/2017
Wilson and I had an awesome time at your class. Rich and Mike were superb teachers; I’d recommend it to anyone and I’ll back be back for the advance class next summer.
Chris C of Dedham, MA 8/27/2017
Thank you so much! The course was amazing and your instructors made this learning experience so enjoyable!

Janasa A of Dorchester, MA 8/21/2017
Very satisfied. Rich and Paul did an excellent job in both the range and the classroom. Both days we rode first, and did the classroom session afterwards. I think that’s a good order because the theory becomes more relevant with that little bit of experience on the actual bikes. Also, Rich keeps his energy up during the classroom portion and engages the students which is very important when teaching; especially after we’ve all been outside physically active on the bikes and energy is a bit low from the students.
Both coaches were very well prepared, encouraging, monitored our safety, and really knew the course material. One time at the start of the second day, I did not strap my helmet underneath — this was before we had gotten on the motorcycles, just prepping — and Rich spotted that from a distance away and reminded me to strap it up before mounting the bike. That was impressive to be paying attention like that and noticing the details.

All in all it was great. Thanks for running a great program.
-Scott A of Medford, MA 8/14/2017
Hi Bob, The class was AWESOME. Rebecca and the other gentleman were both great. What was the other guy’s name? I want to put that in the review.

Theodoros H of Lakeville, MA 8/14/2017
Thank you so much for your guidance, instruction, patience and most of all encouragement. You are simply AWESOME. Enjoy the rest of your summer.

Michelle S of Quincy, MA 7/17/2017
The RiderCoaches were awesome. I worked with Gary both days and Kenny on just the first day. Gary is a real pro when it comes to teaching the class. I had never sat on a bike before and didn’t know how to drive standard. He taught me everything in two days – that’s unbelievable. His personality is great as well. Really A+ RiderCoach

I felt respected and encouraged by the RiderCoaches. I never felt bad for getting something wrong, instead it was just turned into a moment where I could learn.

My expectations were exceeded on all aspects of the experience.

Overall satisfaction – The whole training session was exactly what I needed to learn how to ride a bike safely and effectively. The sessions were clearly well thought out and the Ridercoaches nailed it. The classroom piece was interactive enough to keep us interested and absorbing the information. The Riding Range was also great. Having zero experience, it moves VERY quickly, but Gary (and Kenny the first day) was there at every exercise to make sure I was learning everything and able to show them that. The course was exceptional. The fact that I passed the test after just two days with Streetwise proves that.

Thank you!
Kevin O of Quincy, MA 7/10/2017
I had a great time at Streetwise and have talked the experience up to my coworkers and friends. Two have always wanted to take lessons and are thinking about next May, so I hope more business comes your way!
My experience in both the classroom and riding range was wonderful. You and Rebecca were both great. I felt comfortable asking questions, and the atmosphere was such that I also felt comfortable trying each exercise despite having little motorcycle experience. Even when I dropped the bike that one time (embarrassing!), I received advice rather than negativity.
Thank you again! I still have a ton to learn and practice, and I really appreciate the emphasis you all put on safety.
Janessa M of Cambridge, MA 7/8/2017
HI Bob,
Thanks again for the past two days. It was a great course and you and Dale were fantastic! I’m so glad all of this worked out so well.
Best wishes for a great Summer!!
Priscila C of Wayland, MA 7/6/2017
Just wanted you to know that two weeks after completing the Streetwise Cycle School (my first time ever riding a motorcycle), I drove across the country with a buddy from California to Boston on a Triumph Bonneville T100! 3,950 Miles when it was all said and done. An unforgettable experience. Thanks so much for your awesome instruction!!!

Anthony A of Boston, MA 7/5/2017
Excellent… There was a lot of class work to cover and Ken did a good job of it, keeping it moving along, handling ‘talkative people’ well, being personable, and making sure we were grasping all the points.

The rider part was also excellent. Really great job of handling people with different skill levels without letting it get in the way of the class. Rider exercises progression was excellent. And attention Bob and Ken provided to each of us was excellent.

Bob and Ken were excellent, both of you providing people with individual feedback throughout, and doing so in a way to build up people’s confidence. I like the way you kept pointing out to me that I was covering the front brake subconsciously.

My license came yesterday in the mail. Thank you.

You run a super program, I was very impressed, it’s rare to find such high quality ‘on the job’ instruction delivered in such a friendly way that makes it so pleasant.


Kurt R of Medfield, MA 6/27/2017

I had a blast. The coaches and teachers were supportive and informative, Thanks Streetwise!
Andrew D of Woburn, MA 6/27/2017
It was an excellent experience the classroom was well explained and the range was very well setup.
The RiderCoaches were Fantastic! They explained what you were doing wrong and right they did not make you feel stupid or uneasy they are absolutely Professionals.

Wayne E of Lakeville, MA 6/26/2017
You guys were awesome! You have a very difficult job; molding safe accountable and skilled riders in very little time! I am very impressed with the success!
thank you again,
Jason A of Sandwich, MA 6/26/2017
Will do. I really enjoyed the course and Ron and Dale were great, helpful instructors. Telling everyone I know how great it was!

Kyle H of Needham, MA 6/25/2017
Great class! You and Ken were amazing. Thank you for your coaching, patience, and great instruction. I learned a ton! Can’t wait to practice so I can build up
my confidence and skills.

Debi C of Medfield, MA 6/20/2017
I couldn’t have been more pleased with the professionalism, excitement and passion that you both brought to the class. It made the class FUN while learning important skills. I honestly didn’t want the class to end. Thank you!
Jef D of Medway, MA 6/20/2017
Thanks again for everything, the class was great fun. Jonah and I had a blast.
Kind regards,
-Ken S of Milton, MA 6/20/2017
The class was awesome Rich and Dale are amazing instructors.
Thank you
Bill H of Holliston, MA 6/16/2017
I’m 71, never road before and I thought the experience was excellent.

Your instructors were excellent, focused, great personalities and extremely careful about insuring we understood everything.

Alan W of Sudbury, MA 6/16/2017
Thank u once again ur instructors are the best ! I’m very happy I chose ur school..

Ludwin M of Walpole, MA 6/15/2017
I was very satisfied with both the classroom and riding range. Classroom education was successful in accommodating several different ages and learning styles, as well as having active involvement of students. Flow of morning education sessions was helpful to keep attention of each student which sometimes gets lost with traditional lecture style classes. Riding range activities were very well organized and it was helpful to have verbal description of activity, visual lay out of course (via handbook), and especially helpful to have a rider demonstration of the activity. When large group was divided into 2, it was helpful to have 1 of the instructors with the stationary group providing real-time assessment of the students practicing the skill.

Bob and Rebecca were both very helpful. Their direction was clear and they spoke loudly or had students turn off their motorcycles and move to one area to hear verbal description of activity.

There was a diverse range of ages and possibly learning styles within the group and both coaches did well to support each individual. Also, communication between Bob and Rebecca was very effective. For example, when a riding activity was being explained, the other coach that was riding to demonstrate the activity was on point with each description and gave extremely clear physical demonstration.

Confirmation emails and reminder emails, especially right before the date, were helpful in knowing how to prepare before the course. I did access the website on my phone, since I do not have a computer at home. I was able to register and pay, both via internet on my phone, but the process might have been a little easier/more efficient if the website was compatible with smart phones. I was also extremely satisfied with the timeliness of receiving feedback/confirmation, via email, that my license had been processed from the Streetwise Cycle School and the RMV would be sending it.

LeeAnn of Somerville, MA 6/14/2017
The classroom and riding range were amazing experiences. The rider coaches were straight forward and to the point very informative riders and very knowledgeable… I came in there with no motorcycle experience and they shaped me up into a solid rider.

Jimmy P of Lynn, MA 6/13/2017
Thank you Bob and Ron so much. I had a great experience that sunday and lerned a lot. I very much needed.

Thank you agian. your friend,
Bob K of Dorcheter, MA 6/13/2017

P.S. You guys are truly life savers
I wanted to write to you because I really enjoyed my experience with the course. Although I didn’t go out on bike alone yet, I am working on it. I have become a different kind of driver I have been trying to be a little more smooth when I drive, (which I realize now that I am not!). I observe a lot more hazardous things on the roads , things that I never noticed before, which probably means that I am paying more attention when I drive. I am working on acquiring better gear and to become a more confident and safer rider.
I think the riding range was very well ran and effective for beginners and for refresher riders alike. I was especially impressed with the way they handled a student that was having difficult keeping up with the pace of the course. I thought they gave her a fair chance to try and they talked to her during the break. I think it was respectful to talk to her on the side and after that the course ran very smoothly.

Bob and Ken were very professional and patient with riders. It’s clear they have a lot of experience and like what they do. They were very respectful, communicated very effectively and with professionalism. At the same time they were friendly and sometimes funny, what helped riders that were a little nervous in the beginning, like I was. I felt very safe and taking care of, especially on the second day when I had a problem with my bike that would start. Both Bob and Ken were fast to fix the problem and get me back on the range to finish my exercises. I am very satisfied with this experience. This is the 3rd time I take this course (because I didn’t pass that first time I took it). The other 2 times I took the course at Otis Air base and your program is by far the best experience for me.

I am very satisfied with the admin of the course. I called Bob the day of the course to confirm arrival time and got a call right back. He was very helpful and explained the fact that I could get there a little later because I was doing only the riding part of the course. The communication was effective and I liked the fact that I didn’t get a lot of emails, just the important ones with good information on how to prepare for the course, Like riding my bicycle for practice before the course. I also enjoyed having the pictures on facebook right after the course. That was a nice touch.

Thanks for a great experience,
Milene C of Falmouth, MA 6/12/2017
I attended the June 10th morning ERC. Both of my instructors were excellent and informative. I thought the class flow was handled very well and kept us all moving at a good group pace. The one on one feedback was excellent. I also applaud the team for going above and beyond for the few participants who had not gotten inspections yet making strides to ensure their time was valued.

Ronald L of East Taunton, MA 6/12/2017
I took the basic rider course on April 10th and 11th 2017. I chose a Monday and Tuesday as I was hoping the class size would be smaller. I also chose a date early in the season for the same reason. My thought process was that for me as an older student, a smaller class size would be beneficial and, it was.

Rich was my instructor. He was friendly, professional, supportive, encouraging and kind. I felt respected by him. When I arrived for the class he had the range and the classroom prepared for us. I felt very comfortable with his teaching style and it is obvious that Rich is an extremely experienced rider and instructor.

During the two day course, there were multiple times where Mom’s employees were riding near the range with customers bikes as well as delivery trucks coming onto and leaving the range. Rich was quick to put us on hold and attend to the ‘offenders’. I really appreciated that level of concern and care for our safety.

My class was very small, four students in all. One of the students experienced multiple challenges during the course and Rich was patient, encouraging and supportive of her progress. In the end she had to be dismissed from the class but Rich handled that with respect and encouraged her to return explaining she might be a better fit for a one on one education. I appreciated how he handled that situation.

Another thing that I was appreciative of was Rich’s attention to detail and his observation skills. What I mean by this is that he took note of each of the areas we may be insecure with or not doing properly. For me, I heard ‘Catherine, don’t cover the brake’, about 20 times over the two days! Guess what, I don’t cover the brake anymore – unless it is proper to do so!

The classroom sessions were a nice break from being on the bike and having us be involved by asking us questions kept our attention. Reading the book prior to taking the class was helpful and Rich was able to answer the few questions I had about certain riding situations.

As far as the office/administration goes – I might suggest that the reminder email should be sent much earlier than the day before – telling us time what to bring etc. Otherwise I think the communication is good. I also suggest that at the end of each day you offer full body massage therapy for each student – ; ) !!!! Just kidding.

I had a very good experience with Streetwise Cycle School. I had been on a bike in a parking lot and on some backroads for a few rides under the guidance of my husband before taking your class. While I know I am a beginner rider who will take her time learning and practicing, I gained so much confidence with my riding skills through your class. Craig was very happy to see my level of confidence improved as well as my skill level.

Thank you Bob and Rich for a great learning experience.

Got to go now, I am going riding!

Many Blessings,

Cathy R G of Norfolk, MA 6/10/2017

I found this course to be a valuable tool in my gaining experience and understanding the full and proper operation of a motorcycle. This is a very informative class I enjoyed it. All participants were treated equally and the instructors were very professional. You should have my youngest son in your class in the next two months. I would highly recommend this course to all new drivers
John L of Milford, MA 6/9/2017
I was very satisfied with both the riding section as well as the classroom section of the recent. The classroom was informative and done in such as fashion that I learned a lot from but never felt bored or bogged down from the information.
The riding range was done at a wonderful pace for myself, someone who had zero experience. At no point did I feel that I was asked to go beyond my abilities…
The rider coaches we all perfect. I felt respected, encouraged and listened too. The coaches were all prepared even with Rich having to jump out for becoming a granddad! Personal safety was apparent in each lesson that we had.
All communications from beginning to end were great.
You guys seriously are amazing. Thank you for everything.
Greg P of Boston, MA 6/8/2017
I must say this course was amazing. I had never been on a bike before and when I left I felt more then comfortable on one. The coaches were amazing. They were upbeat, friendly, supportive and even took their time helping those who needed it more. The confirmation emails on what we needed and what was expected was on point. I would and have recommended this course to others. I also love that you guys had someone come and take pictures of us riding and put them on social media. That was awesome!

Thank you again,
Greg D of Canton, MA 6/7/2017
I was very satisfied with the course both in the Classroom and Riding rage, very informative and the hands on from learning how to walk the motorcycle to more advanced swerving and learning how to take a corner the proper way. I learned allot.
The Rider Coaches were great very fun and professional, communications was great always willing to repeat something if needed and always putting personal safety first.

The Administrative process was simple and Communication when I called to ask a question was a quick response, they answered any questions I had and put me at ease. The email I received explained everything I needed in detail. overall a great experience and would recommend it to anyone.

Orlando C of Milford, MA 6/6/2017
Hi Streetwise!
My three friends loved the course! I can’t wait to join them on the open road when they get licenses, thank you!

Peter W of Boston and Amesbury, MA 6/6/2017
Thank you so much for the great Class. Dale is a great coach, learned a lot from her class.

Surya C of Franklin, MA 5/31/2017
I had the basic course this weekend with Dale and Mike. I can’t say enough to stress how amazing those two are. They are efficient, effective, and fun. Could not have asked for a more successful two days. I will surely be recommending Streetwise and registering for the refresher or advanced course in due time – and we can thank Dale and Mike for that!!!

Many thanks,

Alex S of Boston, MA 5/30/2017

Well, I’m licensed! I wanted to say thank you and pass along my thoughts on my experience with streetwise.
From the beginning I found streetwise to be very efficient. The website is basic, but perfectly adequate and the schedule was easy enough to decipher. Getting everything done in a weekend is a great feature. The classroom portion of the class was professionally delivered, concise and interesting. I thought Rebecca was awesome. There’s a real danger of that type of material in that type of environment being super boring or inefficiently delivered with the excitement level of the audience and the volume of information to cover. I thought she did a great job, was very clear, made it interesting, and flavored it with her own wealth of riding experience. It really was the best case scenario for a “gotta get through all of this” situation. The one area that I feel was glossed over a little was the section on riding gear, and selecting proper gear, specifically helmets, but I get it, time is limited.
Out in the lot, I thought the various riding drills were very clear in their intention and purpose. They were delivered in a structured way that allowed me to build on each skill and practice the skills as I learned the new ones. It was great. The instruction on the course was extremely professional and and polished and this led to a lot of student confidence in the system. It was easy to trust the instructors and the drills were achievable even if they were challenging…
…The bikes were perfectly adequate and in good shape. You guys hit a great balance of administering the class material, keeping a positive and enjoyable mood, and staying very efficient. It was appreciated. I would certainly recommend the school to others and I will definitely consider coming back for an advanced rider course in the future. Thanks!
Justin N of Dorchester, MA 5/27/2017
Thanks a lot for everything, Bob.

I have nothing but good things to say about both the classroom and riding range portions of the course. Bud did a great job at making every facet of the course engaging and interesting while keeping things fun and lighthearted.

RiderCoaches were excellent. Again, Bud did a great job with everything. Rich was high energy and always had a smile on his face no matter the situation (or weather, in our case). Bob, although I only had the privilege of doing the re-eval with you, you seemed very calm and cool but serious when you needed to be.

Respect and encouragement were never issues with me or anyone else in the class. I think the coaches patience was tested more than a couple times and their moods never changed. The coaches were always prepared and ready to go. They showed concern for our safety even though safety was essentially a non-event with us.

Administrative processes exceeded my expectations. Even now that the course is over, it is nice to receive emails notifying us of next steps, etc. Bob, you were always very responsive with any questions and correspondence regarding my retake. You can tell the company really cares about its customers.

I don’t have a single bad thing to say about the whole course from the moment I signed up until the moment I received my passing card.

It was a great course and the instructors did an excellent job making 15 hours fly by! I will be sure to recommend this course to anyone interested in learning how to ride or wanting their motorcycle license.

Best regards,

Rob R of Quincy, MA 5/24/2017

First off thanks for processing the paperwork for our licenses so quick. I know all the fellas from the course appreciate it.

In terms of feedback. I usually don’t take the time to offer it but this class was absolutely great. Very well handled and organized. The RiderCoaches were great. They were very helpful and encouraging and clearly knew what they were talking about. Very safe and positive environment to learn in. Both Rich and Ron were very respectful and passionate about teaching / coaching. The administrative process was top notch and all the work you put into the school clearly shows. Keep up the good work and best of luck with your business in the future!
Daniel M of 5/23/2017
Great class! I’ve been riding for 10 years (never went and tried for a license) and came away with having learned something new. I was never formally trained how to ride, bought a bike, had someone show me, and off I went. It’s tough to break habits, but your instructors were excellent, and corrected some of those.

I will be recommending you to a few friends and relatives who had asked me about learning to ride.

Thank you for your hard work!

Ryan G of Boston, MA 5/22/2017

I attended the 9:30 course this weekend with Gary and Kenny and it was fantastic. Really, those two gentlemen did a great job.
Chris M of 5/22/2017
I am just having a nice memory of last weekend (rain and all). I would love to do it again so maybe after a while I’ll do a refresher course just to be sure I really am on top of all details.
Already, while driving a car, it is educational to be using my new awareness to recognise hazards and lane position as I drive.
I have lots of experience doing long rides on ‘road bicycles’ so I know I’ll be sensitive to debris on roads and loose gravel & leaves on the edge of roads. The incredible number of potholes everywhere are thought provoking. I have had low speed encounters on a bicycle that were miserable. the idea of going 2x or 2x as fast and hitting a pothole is profoundly upsetting. So now instead of being grumpy I will be cheering whenever I am in a backup caused by road repairs!

Thanks again,
Joe U of Brookline, MA 5/21/2017
I wanted to take the time out to recognize how well my experience was with Streetwise Cycle School. Russ and Ron were my instructors and I couldn’t be more thrilled to of had them. I consider myself a decent rider but have never taken the steps to go from the permit to the license step. Russ and Ron take a lot of pride in what they do and you can see that it shows with how well they present the material and ensure safety. They make it fun as well. I actually had the opportunity (lucky me) to have a class where it was literally down pouring the entire time. Ron literally let me wear rain pants because I showed up wearing a wind breaker and a pair of jeans and he also let me borrow a pair of his glasses. He’s literally salt of the earth, genuinely cares about others and is an excellent teacher/instructor but an even better person just in general. Both Ron and Russ kept a positive attitude and made the class a lot more fun than it had to be. I took the class with my roommate, I won’t mention his name lol but you could tell that he was upset he wasn’t picking up the techniques as fast as some others were. They got into a small argument and Russ handled himself extremely well. He calmed my roommate down and explained to him carefully what he needs to work on and why Russ was giving him the constructive criticism, for his safety!!! Please let Ron know that I appreciate the feedback and how well he handled himself with my roommate who was clearly upset with himself. Thanks again guys!

Jarred H of Bellingham, MA 5/16/2017
I completed the course this weekend at the Raynham location and the course was awesome! Bud and Rich were fantastic instructors. Bud was the one who lead the classroom learning, and he was extremely knowledgeable. I thought I was going to dread the classroom portion of the course, but Bud kept everything interesting and he always had a sense of humor to keep the mood light. I honestly believe that these two instructors made this course excellent. I couldn’t imagine taking this course with two better instructors. Thank you and them for everything!
Ross R of 5/16/2017
I was very impressed with the entire experience! Dale and Mike were our coaches. Dale is an amazing resource to have on your team! She took the time to explain WHY. She took the time to give personal stories of HOW. She conveyed the importance of all the safety aspects. She kept it interesting and informative. For example – She explained why the friction zone was so critical on the range (and in real life). I was REALLY REALLY impressed with knowledge and her ability to teach! And I’m not just saying the cause we are both from RI 🙂

Steve P of North Kingstown, RI 5/15/2017
I had a blast this weekend while learning new skills and enhancing old techniques to riding safely. Instructors, Ron and Russ, where both amazing. They provided their own perspectives that complemented each other’s style very well.
I would highly recommend the basic class to all new riders and people like myself that haven’t ridden much lately and are looking to get back into motorcycles.

Without question it was money well spent as my enhanced skills will make me a safer rider.
Best regards,
Pier D of Millis, MA 5/15/2017
Thank you so much. It was a great weekend. It was an absolute pleasure to learn from such professionals as Dale and Mike are.

Peter D of Winchester, MA 5/15/2017
Thanks Bob it was a great class and I’m really Happy that I went I learned a lot from your great instructors. I’m going to recommend your class to everyone I know.

Richard Derosas of Chelmsford, MA 5/15/2017
I just want to say that Bud & Rich were absolutely wonderful teachers. They are so professional and they are so personable. I am sure you know this by now!

Thanks so much for all that you do.
Joe U of Brookline, MA 5/15/2017
I wanted to take a moment to discuss my class this weekend. I attended class with Russ as the instructor/rider coach and Ron as the rider coach. As the only female and a very new rider in the class I initially felt a bit intimidated, but that was quickly put to rest. Both instructors were amazing in managing the group (at all experience levels) and making us all work as a unit. This was especially helpful as the cold, frigid rain came down throughout the mornings practice and testing. Each success was congratulated and ‘failure’ was a lesson, learned and not repeated due to the great coaching and special attention that was given to each student. Classroom time was enjoyable insomuch as Russ offered us a chance to learn, taught us the book but applied it to the real world. His drawings alone (especially the deer) made sitting in a classroom interesting even for those who had been riding for years.

Bob I am taking the time to tell you this for two reasons. First my experience was amazing and I will be telling my GIRL friends who have been intimidated to take the class that they should go for it. But second because I am a Professional woman who is the Dean of Undergraduate Studies and a Full-time College Professor. The instructors who work for me are the people who are on the front lines with the students, my marketing, advertising and my program. I appreciate when students tell me the good and the bad about an instructor or a class and I wanted to offer you the same. Russ and Ron really were amazing this weekend and I never felt that either of them would give up on me or my son (who attended with me).

I spent a wonderful Mother’s day (although cold and wet) with a great group of people and two incredible instructors.

Thank you and your team for putting together such an remarkable program and staffing it with unsurpassed instructors.


Donna V of Attleboro, MA 5/14/2017

I was very satisfied with the whole experience.
Ed and Bob were super out on the course. Super sharp eyes to catch even small mistakes, which is a good thing. I appreciated Ed letting me switch to the Honda for day 2. Bob and Dale were good classroom teachers as well.
Paul A of Needham, MA 5/11/2017
Bob and Rebecca were great.
Amazing program I learned a lot from both of you. Keep going ,you guys are great and full of information.

Thank you so much
Sammy S of Quincy, MA 5/11/2017
Thank you for the sessions & an excellent knowledge and inputs you & Ed provided to us. Having driven motorcycle for more than 12 years as my primary mode of transportation back in India, I felt this course was worth every minute & session for me. It gave me lot of Safety knowledge & US rule & regulation knowledge. Not only theoretical but both of you also made sure to correct my bad habits to make my motorcycle experience safer for future.
Pass on my regards & thanks to Ed as well.
I’m referring my couple of friends and they’ll come to you 🙂
Harish P of North Attleboro, MA 5/8/2017
The course was excellent and your teachers were great! You will get my recommendation every time!
Kamil M of Cambridge, MA 5/3/2017
This is my second experience with your school, and I want to thank you for this service. The instructors are fantastic and very helpful. I felt like time with the instructors was extremely valuable.

Classroom discussions are thorough, covering materials in the book and giving context due to instructor experience. I find it effective and efficient, especially if students are prepared. The Riding range is the most important part of the class and went very well.

I’m still not very good at riding, and I can get stressed out because of it. But all the instructors that I’ve had have been very good at putting students at ease, answering questions as well as keeping the range safe. I had Mike and Alan last year, and Ron and Dale this year. Both times I learned a ton and really appreciated their support. In both cases they were very specific about range safety.


Nelson A of Manchester, NH 5/2/2017
I should have taken this course sooner, but then again I may not have had the opportunity to have met Bob and Gary: Super Instructors. From the first minute of actual Course Riding training we were made to feel comfortable and knew we were in for a fun day. Safety, however, was always at the forefront of every planned lesson as well as the informal discussions we had.
The entire class was set on helping each other attain the best rider experience with the goal of being safe at all times. The actual classroom experience was definitely educational, but informal as well. Not sure if that sounds right when reading it, but believe me when I say that when Bob spoke he spoke from experience and from what was in the book.
I went wanting to attain my license, but came away with confidence as a safe rider. I highly recommend this Basic riding Course from Street Wise Cycle School.

I had a great time learning how to be a safe rider. You and Gary are excellent instructors.
Keep the rubber down and safe riding.
Carlos Q of Milton, MA 5/2/2017
I wanted to take a minute to provide some feedback on the class. Overall, I think it was excellent. I was impressed at how the instructors could take a group of real beginners, some with no riding experience at all (including me), and go from barely being able to power walk the bike to being able to navigate the challenging courses during the exercises and the final test. What a transformation. I think the way the course is set up, using the book, the slides, the very well designed exercises with the script for the instructor and the visual depiction of the course and the cones laid out on the range – all worked very well. I also liked how the instructors really got the students to participate and teach each other.

I thought Steve and Paula were excellent. They make a great team and they really taught me a ton. I really liked them and enjoyed working with them. They had a very good balance of seriousness and fun that made the day enjoyable. It’s obvious that they’re passionate about it and enjoy helping people learn. I felt respected and encouraged. They were very well-prepared and informed and they were very focused on safety. If I take another course with you, I’ll be sure to look for one they’re teaching.

Thanks again.

Michael D of Newton, MA 4/27/2017

I just wanted to congratulate you on having a great team. Dale and Rich are really excellent instructors. This is a great course.
David S of Worcester, MA 4/26/2017
I’m extremely satisfied. I thought the course was well thought out and executed. Reading is no substitute for hands-on experience in this case and I was very pleased that we started there. The method made it very approachable.
I think Dale is a great coach with a wealth of experience and warm, friendly, yet stern attitude. Rich was also amicable and both were very clear in their instruction and feedback… I felt like they did a fine job encouraging … They were very observant and informative when it came to safety and equipment.
-Tim H of Cambridge, MA 4/25/2017
I really enjoyed the class and feel much more confident on a bike.

James D of Boston, MA 4/25/2017

I can’t express how crazy it is – the amount of confidence I have gained in just a weekend of riding. Paula and Steven were excellent rider coaches. I know I am still very new and have a lot to learn but I left Sunday ready to take on the challenges ahead of me.

I could not be more satisfied with both the in class portion and being on the range for this course. The classroom was an excellent way to cover concepts and different approaches to everyday obstacles and situations. We were able to actually implement these on the range and really helped get a greater understanding.

Paula and Steve were the best. They were both really clear and understanding if you mess up (which I did several times). The two of them together were really funny which took a lot of tension off especially since I have never been on a motorcycle before this course. They were extremely encouraging and provided a lot of constructive criticism which helped me find areas that I will need to improve on as I continue riding.
I honestly can’t believe how simple the process was from initially signing up to getting my license. Bob was very clear with everything and his emails were always helpful. There was a scheduling issue where I was originally supposed to take the course in Foxboro but due to an event at MOM’s it had to be canceled. Bob gave me several options as to rescheduling and quickly set me up for the course in Raynham for the same weekend. It could not have been more simple.

Tom H of Millis, MA 4/24/2017
The two ladies I had as coaches, Rebecca and Marjorie were fantastic.

Wayne L of Brookfield, MA 4/24/2017
The course was extremely informative and effective! I feel more confident on the road and in an emergency situation.

The RiderCoaches were very good! They were patient, and respectful.

I was very satisfied with the administrative process, too. Bob answered my phone day and night and guided me through every step.

Phillipe L of Brighton, MA 4/24/2017
I took your ERC class this last Saturday April 22. The instructor Rebecca Cross did an awesome job and i learn some very helpful techniques making riding my big Harley easier and more enjoyable.

Kevin K of Middleboro, MA 4/24/2017

I wanted to commend Streetwise on the Basic Rider Course. I took it with my two teenage sons in Raynham 4/22-4/23. We all got a lot out of it. Our RiderCoaches were Steve and Paula. They covered the classroom material well, answering questions that arose and had some useful pointers. On the range, they were awesome with corrections, pointers, and feedback.

Steve and Paula were fantastic! Thank you for running such a great course.
Mark B of Medway, MA 4/24/2017
Overall satisfaction: 10. I thoroughly enjoyed it. And I learnt a lot from the class. Classroom was good as well. Riding range was great. Liked all the exercises and felt like we were ready to ride on the road after the class.

Ridercoaches were great. Rich is an awesome and very learned teacher. He was great in explaining things and took extra time to re-teach or answer us. Whitey is a good compliment to Rich. They were both well prepared and communicated effectively. They took extra care in personal safety as well.

Thank you Bob, Rich and Whitey. I enjoyed the class, learned a lot and definitely recommending it to the others.
Biplaw R of Boston, MA 4/17/2017
I had an awesome tine this weekend and learned a lot. A special thanks to Gary and Margie for being great instructors.

Zeke H of Brighton, MA 4/10/2017
I m Koray. I joined your “basic rider course” on 29-30 march at foxboro. First of all, after getting my license, i started to ride and thanks to your course i felt very safety myself. Thank you so much. These days i ve been riding my bike as much as possible. To increase my talent and learn more techniques i wanna join your advanced class as soon as i can.
Thank you again
Have a nice day
Koray Y of Quincy, MA 4/10/2017
Good morning Bob, just wanted to say how impressed i was with the level of instruction we received at this weekends classes. Steve and Paula did a fantastic job both in class and on the course. Their ability to keep everyone from novice to more experienced riders on pace and keep it interesting and informative was unsurpassed. I can see why you have them on your staff.

Michael S of Taunton, MA 4/10/2017

I found the class very helpful and it helped me break a lot of my bad habits that I have had for a long time . Al and Bud where very professional and did a great job. I would recommend this school to any one looking to improve their riding skills. School covered a lot in a small amount time… Looking forward to getting out on the streets and having a better knowledge of road safety and wisdom.

Thank you and your staff
Brian D of Douglas, MA 4/3/2017
I took the beginners class this past weekend. First thing I want to say is THANK YOU! I learned so much over the weekend. I can’t wait to get on my bike a practice, practice, practice..

Thank you so much for the excellent adventure I had this past weekend at your course. It was so much fun learning to ride a motorcycle. I have been wanting to get my license for some time now.
I will most defiantly recommend you to friends & family.
I’d also like to send a huge thank you to Dale! She is an amazing instructor. I learned so much this weekend.
Thank you again for the adventure
Laura C of Bellingham, MA 4/3/2017
It was the most thrilling thing I think I have ever done

Marlene G of Medway, MA 4/3/2017
Thanks again for the class. It’s clear that you all take this very seriously, and I feel like I’ll be a better biker by having participated in your program.

Todd O of Wellesley, MA 3/30/2017

I just wanted to let you know that I had a blast doing the coarse this weekend! Even though the weather was crummy. Kenny was an outstanding instructor. I also really enjoyed that it was a 6 on 1 class because I got a whole lot more ride time in and Kenny had more time to focus on each individual rider. I even talked my old man in to doing the coarse too. So you should be expecting him in a few months when the weather is nicer out. I’m definitely going to leave you a excellent yelp review.
Joshua C of East Bridgewater, MA 3/28/2017
The course was absolutely wonderful. Thanks for all the hard work you and your team of instructors do to make the classes incredibly helpful.

Whitney M of Somerville, MA 3/27/2017
I had a great time and learned alot.
I am a somewhat experienced rider who put his helmet away 15 yrs ago and just pulled it back out, so I needed to bust off alot of rust.
I am actually thinking of taking the ERC course with my 96 Road King (hybernating @ MOM’s).

Andy V of Roslindale, MA 3/27/2017
Thank you, I found your training class to be very informative and feel that I learned a lot in the short time we had.
Thanks again,
Rick L of Plymouth, MA 3/27/2017
Awesome time on Sat. learned alot. was a great experience

Thank you so much,
BobD of Milford, MA 3/27/2017

Thanks for the excellent instruction on motorcycle safety. I had a lot of fun on the range. The techniques I learned gave me a lot more confidence to go out and hit the road. Bob, Rebecca, and Russ were great. I really enjoyed the 2 day course. Everyone was friendly, positive and really knew what they were teaching. I am glad that I chose Streetwise Cycle School for my motorcycle safety training.

Mark W of assonet, MA 3/23/2017
Thank you for the great program. We are very glad we had the chance to work on Xiaoci’s skills on the bike and learning safety and awareness.

We are looking forward to the advanced class sometime in the future.

Thanks you,
Peter and Tammy T of Quincy, MA 3/20/2017
Rich was awesome! A phenomenal communicator, coach, and leader. It was obvious that he put his all into teaching the course and making every effort to help the students with careful explanations, demonstrations, and then following through with individual suggestions for improvement. I absolutely felt respected and encouraged as well as safe. Streetwise is lucky to have someone like Rich and I’m grateful to have been able to take the course with him. I’m looking forward to taking either the refresher course or the experienced rider course next year.

Thanks again,
Ken H of Brookline, MA 12/15/2016
Just so you know, I’m 51 and until this past weekend never even sat on a motorbike (‘have too many hobbies). I must say this experience was a little terrifying at times but very thrilling too! I’m a slow, book learner but Ron, who’s a great guy and a patient teacher, immediately picked that up and step by step trained me to have confidence, relax and enjoy learning and practicing. By Sunday I was looking forward to the range exercises and even made peace with the gear shifter 😀

I had SO much fun this weekend! Now that I have the basic skills, I can’t wait to learn and practice more to become a better rider.

Please share this message with Ron and let him know that I’m grateful for his constructive feedback and supportive attitude at the range.

Warmest Regards and Happy Holidays!
Steve S of Franklin, MA 12/13/2016
Class was great, everything seemed to be planned perfectly and the instructors seemed enthusiastic about the content they were teaching, which makes learning easier and more enjoyable.

Rider coaches were extremely understanding and patient with new riders, seemed 100% prepared for the course and put safety first.

Administrative process was extremely easy and smooth. Would 100% recommend to a family member or friend.

Note: Went for a ride on my bike after class on Sunday and a wild turkey ran out in front of me while I was going pretty fast through a curve. Happy we did so much quick stop muscle memory practice!

Thanks for all the help,
-Dylan R of North Easton MA 11/28/2016
Thank you for doing all of that legwork on licenses for all of us Bob. I have to say that the motorcycle course was terrific. For someone who had never ridden before, I was apprehensive about what to expect. But your course was invaluable and you guys did a great job of teaching us the basics and getting me for one more comfortable on a motorcycle. Great course. Thank you.

Pete W of Taunton, MA 11/24/2016
Hi, Bob.
Thank you for everything! I had a great time at the course, and have a much better idea of what to practice.
(Especially trusting that I can lean the bike further.)
I have never been on my bike for that long in one day, before. The only difference was a few needed Advil.

Thanks again.
Steve K of Sharon, MA 11/7/2016
Hi Bob – The course was excellent. There’s a lot I thought I knew but realized I didn’t until taking the course. Very well run – thanks!

Matt W of Norwell, MA 11/6/2016
I thoroughly enjoyed taking the beginner rider course. I will admit that I didn’t have any motorcycle experience whatsoever prior to the class. But the riding instructors, Ken and Ron were fully engaging, personal but professional, and broke everything down to the basics. Ken was very humorous with his demonstrations, coupled with his exaggerated gestures, (Mirror check, head nod, etc) reminded me of the paid actors for instructional tutorials. The way Ron went over mechanics and concepts, both in and out of the classroom was very explanatory; making sure everyone was up to speed before moving on to another topic. Even though most of us were anxious and flustered, their constant reassurance and skillful presentation of constructive criticism reminded us that we it was OK if we didn’t understand or if we made a mistake. I also was impressed by the course material; my drivers ed course was one of the dullest experiences that I have endured, and I partially expected a similar experience.
The initial emails, confirming time, place, and event as well as the information on what to bring were very helpful…
I would definitely recommend all my friends to take this riding course. I also appreciate the fact that you saved me from waiting three months for the road test, and one and a half hours at the RMV.

-Isaac LeDuc of Arlington, MA 10/25/2016
Great class, by the way. I loved it and learned so much. I felt comfortable almost immediately- Ron and Kenny did a good job instructing us.

Chrissy K of Wellesley, MA 10/24/2016
Riding Range — Great. The closed space helped me feel a bit more safe and secure. And the way the drills are explained, marked and demo’d was superb. I never felt uninformed about what was coming next. Rich kept a tight schedule which was great for keeping the flow of learning…

How were the RiderCoaches? Did you feel respected and encourage by them?
Just awesome. Informative, experienced, amazingly PATIENT… For all the nonsense they deal with, they never show any judgement, frustration. Nothing but encouragement and very well applied coaching. On a personal note: I got frustrated and emotional during the U-turn box exercise. In reality, I was dealing with some personal stuff and the frustration of not “getting” this just tipped me over the edge and I had to take a moment to compose myself. Steve was very kind and offered the right amount of support. Didn’t “baby” me but also knew I needed some space before getting back on the course. Both guys are a class act.

Were they well prepared and did they communicate effectively?
Yes, great communicators. Always consistent. As mentioned above, Rich was very good at keeping the class moving at all times.

Thanks for running a great program!
Raina S of Roslindale, MA10/12/2016
1) The classroom piece was well done, and to the point. the information coincided well with what was taught in the riding portion. I actually liked that the class wasn’t cancelled due to the rain, because I feel that no matter how wet we got, each rider is thankful that they know how to operate the motorcycle in adverse conditions.

2) Both of the rider coaches knew what they were talking about, and were able to give good advice in a way that could be learned. They encouraged the students to figure out went wrong, so that they could learn from the mistake. They definitely prepared for the class, which could be seen by how quickly and efficiently the courses were set up after each exercise. Personal safety was a key part to each lesson, especially in the explanations of how important it was to not use the front brake for everything, and how the bike needed to be upright before the brakes were used.

3) The administrative side was very helpful. The emails a few days before the class was to begin allowed for me to be prepared for what was to come. The update emails that I just received today about my paperwork already being processed and that my license was on the way from the RMV were quite helpful. also, the email about considering future rider courses is also helpful by way of providing information up front so that I do not have to search for it in the future.

Thank you,
William A of Arlington, MA 10/11/2016
I found that the balance of riding to the classroom was great. There was significant time for getting comfortable with the bikes. The exercises on bike which segued into riding exercises was smooth and relevant to reinforcing the important concepts. The riding exercises never felt too long or too short, and relevant and useful feedback was provided at all times. The classroom was good for not focusing too much on the contents of the test and book, but made the content relevant to the realities of riding a motorcycle.

I found the rider coaches were always positive and encouraging. They were helpful in identifying issues or things to fix when learning.

The administrative process and communications were prompt, informative, and not too spammy.

Derrick D of Brookine, MA 10/7/2016
The course was excllent – patience and detailed oriented coaches and showed their commitment rain (lots of it) or shine. can’t imagine trying to ride a motorcycle without this level of instruction. would highly recommend.

Mike D of Needham 10/3/2016
I recently took the Basic Rider course a few weekends ago. I had a really great experience! The time appropriated for classroom vs. riding was perfect. My rider coaches were Gary Duquette and Mike White. Both guys had a positive attitude that made it a great learning environment. For someone who had never been on a motorcycle, I was amazed how confident I became by the end of the second day! Overall, I’d definitely recommend Streetwise Cycle School.

Thank you again!
Marita A of Norwood, MA 9/26/2016
I am happy to give feedback on the course! I thought everything from the administrative, classroom and range was laid out to not only encourage a positive learning environment but to be as stress free as possible whether you are a beginner like me who had never touched even a moped to a student who may have considerably more experience. I thought Rich was wonderful. He explained everything and then demonstrated what was expected of us in that segment of the course. He was encouraging and positive yet still with safety first and foremost. He is an excellent instructor!!! I would highly recommend anyone looking to get their motorcycle license to take the streetwise course!

Best regards,
Heather Q of Pelham, MA 9/20/2016
The entire experience was really great. I went from not riding a motorcycle to a greater understanding through the progressive exercises…

Dale was amazing! It was apparent right away that Dale was going to use the time that she had with each rider to ensure that skill and safety were the top priority. The thing that I really admire about Dale is that she tells every rider not what they want to hear but what they need to hear. She only has two day to instill proper habits and/or change bad or unsafe habits which is no small feat! She encouraged when needed, pushed when appropriate, and never let me quit. Dale understood right away that my issues were more emotional than skill related (skills that I learned 100% from Dale) which is tough for any instructor to overcome. A few weeks prior to the class I hurt myself pretty badly while practice riding in a parking lot with my husband and it shook my confidence and made me fearful. Dale took my confidence from a -5 to about an 8.

Michele T of Douglas, MA 9/9/2016
Ken and Ron were great. They really know what they are doing. I hope they keep up the great work they do to train people how to ride. I myself haven’t been on a motorcycle in over 30 years and those two made me feel right at home. I also started recommending your school to a few people that are interested in riding motorcycles . I hope they learn as much as I did.

Thanks Again,
Gary A of Blackstone, MA 9/6/2016
As we discussed, both the class content and instruction by Rich were superb! I learned/relearned a lot.

Thank you also for taking time to discuss bikes relative to my needs/desires…

Thank you,
Ken J of Wellesley Hills, MA 10/30/2016
I just want to start by saying thank you for putting together a great experience for learning the best way to safely ride a motorcycle. I’ve always wanted to learn how to ride and the two day course Saturday and Sunday afternoon this past weekend was educational as well as a lot of fun. Alan was a great instructor and took the time to answer our questions. I’m glad I signed up and was thrilled to have passed both the written test and the skill evaluation.

It was a lot of fun and very informative and also made me a better driver as well. Thanks again for the help.

Tim M of South Boston, MA 8/30/2016
To set the stage, I had no prior riding experience when I signed up for this class, not even as a passenger. I just wanted to let you know that the entire experience, from classroom, to riding, to the administrative aspect – not sure if you’ll recall I changed classes to accommodate a friend – was amazing: easy, friendly, supportive, and educational. Rich and Ron were awesome – they kept the class moving at a great pace, but kept it all simple and clear – fast paced baby steps. They were both approachable with questions and concerns, and extremely supportive in the field. They both had a knack for breaking even the dreaded Figure-8 box into workable baby steps. They were a great team in the field and very knowledgeable. There were a few ‘punks’ in the class that had previous riding experience and Rich and Ron worked well at keeping them focused, in-line with the class, and respectful of the other students. The administrative process was a breeze – immediate responses to communications, concise directions, reminders, prompt processing of licensing – everything was perfect.

I thank you so much for such a positive experience – the class has gone a long way to give me confidence with my riding, and the knowledge to do it as safely as possible. I will most definitely be back for more advanced classes next season. I purchased a 2011 Yamaha V Star 250 the Friday after the class and have put over 400 miles on it to date. I never would have had the confidence without such a fabulous foundation to start from. You have a great team!

Stephanie C of Milford, MA 8/25/2016
I really enjoyed my experience, which is why I wanted to take the time to provide feedback:

Satisfaction: 100%. I liked that both aspects of the course (class and riding) emphasized practicality as well as the “book smarts.” I think this excellent balance came from the teacher Dineen, who was excellent at not only explaining the theory behind the basic skills, but also how they are applied on the road in real life. What resulted was both interesting and entertaining, but also extremely valuable and important from a safety perspective.

Dineen was great. I was definitely encouraged. There was some tough love, but that’s because she knew what we were capable of. I could tell by her actions that if we failed she failed, and when we succeeded, she shared in that success. And rightfully so, because she genuinely cared and was invested in preparing us the right way, which she 100% did.

Administrative processes were perfect. I had a clear picture of what I needed to bring beforehand thanks to the emails. The 2nd email is not excessive – it was reassuring, definitely keep sending out the reminders like that. Licensing process was also made extremely clear, it took me about 10 minutes to do the prepay over the phone.

…I would recommend this class to anyone and I have only good things to say about it.

Thanks for the great experience,
Matt P “Matticakes” (….ask Dineen) of Waltham, MA 8/22/2016
Extremely satisfied with the course in both classroom and riding aspects. Coaches were great. Gave wonderful feedback and helped with correcting mistakes. Took the time out with each individual and made it a fun safe time. Emails and site info was very helpful, timely, and informative. Would recommend to anyone.

Thank you,
Frank I of Hyde Park, MA 8/22/2016
Hi Bob,
Hope you are doing well! Turner and I had an awesome time riding in the Himalayas and I wanted to thank you for all of your help in preparing us for the undertaking! While I found the mountains scary at times, they were also beautiful and made all of the preparation well worthwhile.

Stephen L of Winchester, MA 8/15/2016
Thanks Bob! The class was fantastic and more educational than I could of imagined. Rebecca and Ron were fantastic and I’ll be recommending the class to everyone. Thanks for everything.

CJ W of Attleboro, MA 8/15/2016
I loved my time in the Basic Rider Class. I was pretty anxious about riding for the first time and Rich was super helpful and made the class fun and relaxing along with being educational. I thought he was extremely knowledgable but also friendly in his teaching. I thought he was very encouraging to us and treated us all the same no matter our skill level. The school maintained communication very well, I felt prepared for every step of the course. Even though due to an issue with my picture or signature I was unable to be sent my license directly that was communicated to be early and I was given instructions on how to proceed.

Thanks for a great class!

Jen G of Middleboro, MA 8/10/2016
I was very impressed with the course. The course was tremendously informative and fun both in the classroom and on the riding range.

Bob and Dale did an amazing job. I thought you were both funny and helpful. There was a serious concern for safety paired with an emphasis on fun.

Reid S of Cambridge, MA 8/9/2016
Rich is a very motivating teacher and you are luck to have him as an instructor. I have been riding for a long time now (11 years) and was happy to learn very good techniques and practices.

Thanks again Richard M of North Attleboro, MA 8/9/2016
I just took the class this past weekend – Saturday and Sunday 7-3 in Foxboro.

I’d never even been on a bike until 7:05 Saturday morning. Just wanted to drop you some feedback.

I was extremely satisfied with this class. Best $300 I’ve spent in a long time! Loved that I was on a bike learning to actually ride before cracking a book. It’s the only way to really learn to ride. The instruction is a lot of information to digest in a compact amount of time. What I really appreciated was how focused the experience was. No wasting time and no BS. Learn, experience, and prepare as much as possible in the shortest amount of time. I was exhausted at the end of each day, but felt like it was time well spent learning a lot.

The overall experience was really made by the coaches. Again, no BS. Right to the point. Extremely accurate in their constructive criticism and assessments. Not afraid to bark at us when needed! There’s a fine line and balance between raising one’s voice and being an a-hole versus raising one’s voice for a purpose to ensure everyone’s safety and to effectively teach. No doubt, they were able to strike that balance. They are your best assets!

…I would highly recommend this class and school to other people interested in learning how to ride.

– Scott M of Milton, MA 8/9/2016
Thank you for making the Streetwise Cycle School a welcoming and supportive environment for learning how to better ride motorcycles. It was challenging and immersive. Paul is a really good instructor, with the appropriate blend of teacher and enforcer characteristics (makes sense considering his background), but extremely likable and enthusiastic. His love of riding came through in how he presented the lessons. Dale is great as well. Having both Paul and Dale on the first day was a perfect combination.

I will take some time to build some reviews online. But I wanted to show a little bit of gratitude. I will use this course as the foundation for the rest of my days as a motorcycle rider.

David C. W of Mansfield, MA 8/8/2016
Thank you so much for everything was the best choice I’ve ever made to attend to your program. Your instructors are amazing and extremely nice will definitely recommend to anyone who wants to get there motorcycle license.

Thanks again!
Efrain R of Dedham, MA 8/8/2016
Dear Bob,
You and Dale were “Outstanding” in every way possible! Dean and I went out today and bought a new Yamaha Touring Bike! We asked all the right questions because we are now informed riders!

Thanks again for your expertise and kindness!
Brady & Dean O of Hopkinnton and Boston, MA 8/5/2016
Thank you Bob. I’m glad I took the course, I found it to be both informative and fun. I will recommend Street Wise to all I know who pursue their MC licensing.

Happy Cycling!
Steve S of Franklin, MA 8/2/2016
Thanks So much Bob-

The course was awesome and I thought a value at $300!

Allan and Ron were awesome instructors! Very professional and thorough!

-Bill C of Holyoke, MA 8/1/2016
Bob – I thought everything about the school was great. Really great. I have been spreading the word. My apologies for not responding sooner – I had ocular surgery a couple of days after the course and was out of commission (including right eye being sealed shut) for almost four weeks. I had not taken my permit test prior to the class and was able to go today. I have attached the driving permit and proof of payment for the license for you to process the necessary paperwork for my license. Please let me know if you require anything additional from me. Thanks again – you were both terrific.

Very best regards,
Dorr B of Milton, MA 7/28/2016
Just took your basic rider course this past weekend. Had a great time, learned a lot. Many thanks for an enjoyable experience. Your instructors were knowledgeable and provided the proper amount of tough love when needed. Good teachers.

Sean W of Medway, MA 7/26/2016
The class was great minus the ridiculous heat. I really enjoyed myself. You’re running a great program and in my opinion the class should be mandatory for anyone who wants a license.

Enjoy your summer!
Katie B of Taunton, MA 7/25/2016
I appreciate your commitment to teaching people to ride, and respect all the hard work you do. ( as I know firsthand it is not easy being out in the heat and elements day in and day out with all your classes.) Thank you for your support, consideration you showed me yesterday. I know the skills you have taught me will make me a better rider.

Sarah D of N Attleborough, MA 7/24/2016
I was very satisfied with both instructors, they were informative, showed concern for everyone’s safety and encouraging. I would recommend this class to anyone interested in learning about riding and motorcycle safety.

Nancy M of Plainville, MA 7/20/2016
Please let me also take this opportunity to let you know I think your class is great and both of my instructors were professional, polite, patient and overall fantastic.

John M of Milford, MA 7/16/2016
I took the class of June 25-26 in Foxboro, MA. I have never been on a motorcycle ever in my life and im 44. Anyway I had the best experience. Within 30 mins on the bike and learning, I got the hang of it. This is all due to my teachers/instructors. They were outstanding…answered all and any question I had. They made me feel relaxed and comfortable and made it fun learning..they were
great at pointing out any problems I was having and helped me correct them quickly. They also pointed out anything I did correctly and made me feel confident. I learned alot in the classroom. I learned so much that I never knew. Overall I had a great and fun experience with Streetwise Cycle School… Thanks again for everything… I am excited that I was able to accomplish something that I never thought I could.

Rick P of Beverly, MA 7/12/2016
I wanted to mention how great Dale and Rich were. Both were super approachable, knowledgeable, and enthusiastic.

Travis K of Medford, MA 7/12/2016
I wanted to let you know how pleased I was with the instructors I had. I believe their names were Mike and Rich. They really knew their stuff about riding and also the course. They truly made the course educational, informative and enjoyable. It was great to be in such good, knowledgeable hands.

Kevin M of Stoughton, MA 7/12/2016
The course was great! It’s really made me feel much more confident about getting a bike and getting out and riding. Mike and Rich were awesome instructors, couldn’t of asked for a better experience. Thanks!

Justin H of Tewksbury, MA 7/11/2016
I want to thank you and it would be remiss of me not to mention your great coaches. You consistently expressed the seriousness and importance of what we were learning while still keeping it fun and empowering us. Not an easy accomplishment.

Lois T of Boston, MA 7/11/2016
Your course is excellent for beginning riders. Dale has a great personality that is particularly suited to the adult learner. Great team effort. I particularly liked the way you followed the course materials and provided direction before each exercise.

Thank you,
Brian B of Taunton, MA 7/8/2016
My experience with the Foxboro group A class June 27 and 28 was fantastic. I will definitely recommend you to everyone and will have my son take the course next summer after he gets his permit.

Rich and Bob were encouraging, and extremely patient with the obviously huge range of experience of the students. To be able to really help people who had never even sat on a bike as well as me, who grew up riding but hadnt ridden in 20 years was exceptional. I felt that it wasn’t a cookie cutter approach and Rich and Bob were able to help each person with what they needed most.

Todd D of Middleboro, MA 6/29/2016
Thanks for putting on a great class the past two days. Despite having ridden for a number of years and many miles, I feel that I got a huge amount out of the course. In fact, I think that having some experience allowed me to get more out of the class than I would have just starting out.

I also wanted to mention that Rich was a superb instructor. He clearly has a wealth of experience and I can’t think of a better person to be teaching us how to ride safer. He also tended to make things fun, even the classroom session, and explained things very well.

I will be sending as many people your direction as I can in the coming years! Dorr and I are also considering the experienced rider course at some point in the future.

Ted P of Milton, MA 6/29/2016
I just finished the basic rider course. I just wanted to let you know that Dale and Allen were both amazing coaches – funny, knowledgeable, and caring. I was very happy with the course.

What do you think of a Ninja 250 for a first bike? (Ultimately, the dream is a red Ducati, but I’ve heard they make for a dangerous first bike and are very expensive to maintain.)

Now the only trick is to convince my parents to let me buy one! They are still very against me riding.

Thanks for a wonderful course 🙂

Jake B of 6/27/2016
Thank you Bob. It was a GREAT course! Steve is clearly so experienced and gave great advice in addition to the coursework being extremely helpful in how to enjoy riding and be safe!!

Kara L of N Attleboro, MA 6/27/2016
The course was great. It was well-paced and well-delivered. Active coaching throughout was on-target and useful. I liked the real-world perspective that Rich provided when he gave examples. The way the exercises were modeled was well done and clear. Good pedagogical approach throughout.

Great job!
Talib H of Arlington, MA 6/24/2016
The instructors were GREAT! Both of them were patient and positive and that’s just what I needed… Again, the patience and perseverance that the instructors provided was what got me through the course. There is a great difference between an “instructor” and a “teacher,” and those people were both. Again, thank you for your consideration.

Frank R of Milford, MA 6/21/2016
I took the corse with my two sons. I thought the class was run very well. The coaches worked very well together. The instructions were very clear and easy to understand. They were able to help every rider at all the different levels of experience. They made you feel very comfortable with the riding and written test. I would recommend this class. You get a lot of info and riding in just two days and the coaches are not boring.

Ben S of Millville, MA 6/21/2016
Thank you to you and your team. Both instructors with a clear focus on safety but never losing sight of the need for an encouraging environment to foster stress-free learning. The only stress I had was between me and the motorcycle – the instructors were there to support and teach me the entire way. You’ve got a great team!

Joey K of Boston, MA 6/20/2016
I wanted to take a minute and give some feedback on my experience while participating in the Basic Rider’s Education Course. Overall I thought it was a fantastic experience. Gary and Ken were the instructors and I thought they were both very knowledgeable, encouraging and personable. They stressed the importance of rider education, safety and also fun! The course was well conducted, you could tell the instructors were experienced and everything flowed nicely. The bikes were in good shape and the course and exercises were well mapped out and easy to follow. The classroom portion was informative and the group collaboration and participation was helpful. The administrative aspect of registering and receiving course info and updates was excellent. Really looking forward to receiving my license in the mail and purchasing my first motorcycle. Streetwise has given me the confidence and ability to ride safely and enjoy myself, thank you Streetwise!

Tyler K of Northbridge, MA 6/14/2016
I took the Experienced Ride Course at Raynham. Bob and Dale were my instructors and I had a great time. Both Bob and Dale took personal interest in making sure the whole class fulfilled the course objectives. They went to great lengths to get the message across and often chipped in with their own personal experiences. Overall, a great class and glad that I enrolled for the course.

Pruthvi S of Lowell, MA 6/14/2016
Both instructors were wonderful. Great guys and genuinely cared about teaching. Extremely patient and knowledgeable. IT was amazing that other instructors showed up for the next class and stepped in and helped teach our class until theirs started. I would definately recommend this class to anyone interested in learning how to ride or progressing their skills further.

Mike F of Millis, MA 6/14/2016
The class was great and Gary and Ken are awesome!!!

Warm Regards
Sherry B of Wrentham, MA 6/13/2016
I took the course with my daughter Meaghan on Monday and Tuesday of this week. In my job I do take a lot of courses and seminars. This course was well run, great communication, and awesome coaches. Dale and Rich where both friendly and very informative. To me they showed a very genuine love for riding and wanting to pass that on to everyone. I had not ridden a motor cycle in over 37 years due to tragically losing my brother on his motor cycle to a drunk driver. Once back on a bike don’t know how I stayed away this long. I feel much more comfortable knowing I know more, and Meaghan as well. Dale and Rich made this course for me!!!! Very well prepared, worked well together, pushed safety which is a big concern of mine and Meaghan heard it from them and not me. Just an Awesome experience I will and already have talked to someone looking to get involved as well as to someone who has been riding for 40 years in to taking your course. Now get out and ride!!! Be safe.

Chris M of Randolph, MA 6/9/2016
The entire experience was fantastic. Dale was an awesome instructor she made everything fun and never got angry which kept me calm and focused. She made sure everyone knew what they were supposed to and I feel ready to ride. Im glad I chose streetwise it was a 10/10.

Thank you for everything,
Nolan G of Taunton, MA 6/1/2016
I just wanted to thank you very much for the experience and for the learning that you taught me as an experienced rider I’ve been riding for over 35 years but I must say I learned quite a bit from your course it will definitely make me a safer driver on the road you definitely taught me to be a much safer riding once again thank you very much for the experience

sincerely yours,
John P of Stowe, MA 5/31/2016
wanted to say thank you, wanted to say thank you, I learned an incredible amount and gained a lot of confidence on the bike due to the course. Bud and Al were great.

Matt F of Boston, MA 5/30/2016
The BRC was awesome. The instructors, AM class weekend of 5/14 and 5/15, were absolutely fantastic. They had enough experience to truly be able to give great examples of when each maneuver would be used in a real world situation. In addition they did a fantastic job of keeping everybody engaged and giving great pointers on what to correct when going through the exercises out on the course.

Thanks for a great class!
Nick C of 5/16/2016
I took your beginner class in Raynham this weekend Sat n Sunday… Ken did an excellent job. I had fun and felt safe as he was very attentive and in control of grouping gapping coaching the experienced guys with the new guys. Everyone supported each other had fun and he allowed us under supervision to coach and motivate each other as well. It’s obvious how passionate about riding the instructor is. And it made the class more fun as he didn’t appear to be at Work so much as helping a group of new friends. Which in my opinion kept it light and relaxed which is the best way to learn… He never created tension or pressure even when correcting and coaching. He is perfect for that job and he loves it. He made the experience it was. Very Good. I’m even impressed by the woman who took the pictures. She is obviously familiar with the sport. Every guy has a pic at the perfect time where they look like they are killing it. The new guys were especially excited and had fun looking at their pictures, saying
“WOW! I look like a professional. One made it his screensaver. Having several never ridden before I expected alot of hold ups that never happened. Especially at the start of range with the clutch work. Ken did such a great job of keeping a light relaxed paced for them. None of them experienced an over-rev’d (out of control) start or bucking/stall start… The instructor gets 100 from me.

Thank you it was great,
Mark H of Wareham, MA 5/16/2016
Thank you for everything this past weekend! Once I loosened up I had an amazing time, the instructors were awesome and helped me gain so much confidence on the bike! I will, eventually, be back to take more courses to help become better!

Enjoy your week!
Kristine H of Marshfield, MA 5/10/2016
I just want to write this note to thank you and Rich for the excellent coaching during the past two days. I learned a lot, not only knowledge and skills, but also the positive attitude that will certainly benefit a healthy life.

Thank you very much!
Kuang S of Cambridge, MA 5/9/2016
As a rule, I rarely fill out surveys in my personal or professional life. However, after completing the course this past weekend, I feel compelled to reach out to respond to your request. As a 52 year old woman, who is an attorney and business owner, and one who has never ridden before, I was completely out of my comfort zone. As a business owner, it has been my experience that it is usually those who are dissatisfied with their experience with my company that reach out to tell me about their experience. However, on occasion, I am lucky to have some of my customers also reach out when they are happy with their service as well. I find this equally informative, as it allows me to determine what I am doing correctly and how I can stay on track. I was in a class with approximately 10 people who were primarily 20-30 year old young men and two other women, one my age and another one in her 20’s. I hope my comments give you some additional insight below

I was immensely satisfied with the entire experience. As a true beginner, I believe that I have acquired sufficient knowledge to safely operate a bike. However, the class also alerted me to the immense dangers on the road and changed my perspective and intellectual approach to riding. I now recognize the constant dangers out there and how important it is not to never let my guard down, while still having fun. And although I had much trepidation coming into the class, the folks there created an atmosphere where I was able to have fun and enjoy the experience both in the classroom and on the range, while learning a tremendous amount of information. The material was also presented in such a way that retention will be very easy, as the repetition of the processes made for great muscle memory.

Both Rich and Rebecca’s approach were spot on. In the classroom, Rich was very engaging with the students and approached the subject matter in a conversational context. He involved all of the students and gave real life examples of situations that were discussed in the book, making it all the more realistic, applicable, and memorable, rather than just academic. On the range, both of them further created a calm environment and reduced the stress level of the students by their approach, while still emphasizing the seriousness of what we were doing. Both of these instructors also communicated what was expected of the students in a clear and concise manner and ensured that all riders had a full understanding of what was expected of them in each exercise. On the second day, Ed was also quite competent, but seemed quieter and did not always communicate quite as clearly as either Rich or Rebecca, as I personally experienced a couple of instances of when I was not sure of when to go or not to go. Nonetheless, he too was also very knowledgeable and helpful. As a side note, Rich was particularly engaging to each and every student while still creating a clear expectation and remaining a consummate professional.

I found all three were respectful and Rich and Rebecca excelled in the encouraging aspect, while Ed was still good.

All three were clearly prepared and had expertise on the subject matter, whether it was Rebecca and Ed setting up the range quickly and efficiently or Rich explaining what the next exercise entailed. Rebecca’s technical approach was evident and excellent and she clearly communicated her expectations. Rich as the head coach probably had the most interaction with us and was spectacular in this aspect. We had folks of differing abilities and personalities, and Rich was able to cohesively bring the group together with great ease and present the material in a timely fashion and in such a way that everyone was able to understand the lessons and directions quickly and clearly. He was outstanding in this aspect.
…Thanks for a wonderful experience and you will remain very successful as a corporation with the likes of Rich and Rebecca as the face of your company!

Lynne B of Mansfield, MA 5/3/2016
I thought the class was great – structured and very well organized. The instructors were very helpful and encouraging. Before I started the course I had never rode a bike before – can’t believe how much I’ve improved and learned over just a weekend.

Nothing but positive feedback for the class!
Kevin S of Norton, MA 5/3/2016
Classroom and riding range experience was fantastic – great content, perfect setting to practice the skills.
Becca and Marjorie were fantastic. Knowledgeable, patient, kind – a great team, they really complimented one another. They were great at explaining and demonstrating the exercises so that they were understood. They, more than anything else, seemed committed to our safety.

Great class – I would recommend to anyone!
– Cheryl C of Bridgewater, MA 5/3/2016
Hi Bob, I had a blast at your school, I went to the experienced class May 1st. Rebecca was excellent. I have been on a bike for the 47 years and have done a lot of racing. But it was a fun refresher course.

Thank You,
Stacey A of Middleboro, MA 5/3/2016
I just wanted to let you know that the class was very well organized and I was able to learn a lot. Both of the instructors were a joy to learn from. They made me feel very comfortable and their coaching skills were great. They gave great feedback and assisted and corrected all mistakes made by the rider. Overall I would recommend Streetwise Cycle School to anyone looking for a license. Also, I have never seen anyone make a Honda goldwing look so easy to ride. Rebecca has some serious skills and is a great coach! Great job!

Hugo A of Stoughton, MA 4/25/2016
Thanks to everyone at streetwise, I have a lot more confidence riding my motorcycle, and I am looking forward to a safe season.

Please pass this along to Steve and Paula, they were great instructors. I can definitely see how some of the techniques they taught me could turn a deadly situation into a close call.

Happy riding,
David P of Worcester, MA 4/18/2016
The classroom and the riding range were perfect to conduct the training, I cannot think of anything that could have made it better. This course was very helpful to me, I learned a lot of things that would be very helpful for me in becoming a safe rider. Although I was skeptical at first about doing the riding then going over the text material, it actually reinforces what you learned in the range.

I am very satisfied and glad i took the class with you guys.

The rider coaches were awesome and very experienced, I got awesome feedback from them so I could correct my mistakes before they become bad habits. They did show concern about our safety..
5 stars for both coaches..

Once again, the course is well worth the money please thank the rider coaches on my behalf. They were awesome and I am much more confident getting on bike as a result of this course.

Nabin S of Medford, MA 4/18/2016
First off I wanted to thank you for the wonderful experience this Monday and Tuesday during our BRC in Foxboro. Yourself and Dale made the class fun, effective and most of all, took me from having never sat on a motorcycle to being confident that I can continue to hone my skills in the future. I actually just got a motorcycle yesterday, and thank you again for your hard work.

Justin M of Marstons Mills, MA 4/15/16
Very satisfied. To be honest I was a bit skeptical at first about the BRC in regards to how basic it would be but it turned out to be great. Did not spend an excessive amount of time reviewing the basics as Ken covered them in great detail on his first pass through the material. When on the range I felt as though each exercise was performed enough times to understand what the end goal was and work to execute it. Both Ken and Paul did a great job of reviewing what the key points to each exercise was both before and after completing it.

Both Ken and Paul were excellent. Very clear in their directions and the objectives of the exercises.

Bob you truly could not have done a better job. Everything prior to the first class was as clear as could be, including the instructions for prepaying the licensing fee at the RMV…saved me another trip back which is always a huge headache. With the cancellation of Sunday’s riding portion due to the weather…I was worried it would be months before I could complete it and get my license but the flexibility you gave to Matt and I made it happen only a few days after the cancellation.

Very much appreciate the time and effort you and your staff put into this process, like I said…I am not sure there are many areas to improve upon. I look forward to taking the experienced rider course at Streetwise towards the end of the season or at the beginning of next.

You’re making the world a safer place for us riders! Thank you!
Robert M of Boston, MA 4/14/2016
The RiderCoaches were awesome! Marjorie was super cool and encouraging even when I wasn’t doing the greatest, she was always using positive reinforcement and making you feel like you were improving which DID help boost confidence/performance. They were both great in every aspect from the classroom to the course.

-Mark M of Rehoboth, MA 4/13/2016
I’ve taken the beginners course over the weekend and had a very good time. The course strives for a nice balance between theory and practice, and it think it succeeded. The ratio coaching staff/students allows for enough one-on-one interaction to pinpoint things that need to be improved during the learning process. Positive/constructive criticism makes you learn from your mistakes, and repetition allows for small corrections. Taking into account the short time, I think we all learned a lot, specially considering those of us with zero riding experience. Coaches were patient, which being a professor myself I know it is not always easy! =)

The administrative process was very smooth as well (registering, payment), which is always appreciated. Everything online and pain-free.

Best regards,

Hector T of Lowell, MA 4/12/2017
I had a great time with the course. I came into this already with some basic knowledge, but all word to mouth. I had a few friends teach me here and there, but it was nothing compared to being taught by actual instructors. I feel like learning how to ride is just the beginning. It’s nothing compared to learning by the books and being taught through exercises. I was very satisfied by this course. Classrooms are always kind of boring, but instructors always have great humor to make it engaging and fun. Riding range is definitely the best hands-on experience you can get! I really like how one of the instructors would demo the ride path before we try so we know exactly what we’re expected to do.

I don’t know where to begin. Our class got split into 2 weeks due to the bad conditions. On the first week, we had Paul and Ken. Paul may have been a little strict at times, but I respect that by all means. He could tell I had some riding experience in me due to the way I was using the brakes with two fingers, but he would constantly tell me to use 4 fingers, for safety reasons of course. He was very good at performing the demos to make sure we knew exactly what we were to do during the course. Very happy to have had Paul there to help. Ken was the bomb. I can’t stress how amazing he was. Some of his humor was very dry, but he really how to make the course enjoyable. He always knew how to give you feedback, whether you thought you were doing great, or if you were doing bad. He always had something to say, which I find to be very encouraging. On the 2nd week, I don’t believe I caught the name of one of the instructors, but he was teaching alongside Dale. They were both great as well! Very encourage, gave us a ton of feedback, and is just great at making the course enjoyable. They really knew how to make sure everyone was having a good time.

Thanks again for everything,
Andrew T of Quincy, MA 4/11/2016
Just wanted to leave you an email saying how much I enjoyed this past weekend. I learned a lot from you and Dale. You guys explained and showed everything in a way that made it fun. I will highly recommend your school to ANYONE who asks about a motorcycle class.

Thanks again
Geoff B of Wrentham, MA 4/11/2016
Thank you for a great experience with the Basic Rider’s course. Rich was encouraging and informative. We had a blast. Five stars all the way. I’ll recommend anyone I know that’s interested in riding.

Thanks again
Jacob L of Cambridge, MA 4/6/2016
I would like to start off this assessment of the program by saying bravo. You guys were just wonderful. A very stress free environment with a whole ton of information that you guys make very easy to understand. I would like to point out that I have been riding my whole life and really thought that I couldn’t learn much more than I already knew. But the way the instructors taught really made the experience for me very informative and very helpful. The major thing was the class was very interesting and fun even for already semi-experienced riders. I would like to personally thank you for the opportunity and the very well taught instructors. Russ not only was a very good instructor but he also made the class enjoyable and made it seem like a very safe environment. He was able to grasp my attention and throw in a little bit of challenges for all of us to enjoy. Russ was not only treating us as customers but he also treated us as his friends which I strongly was appreciative of. I do not feel as if the class was
too challenging from my standpoint but I do believe there is a lot to be learned especially for semi-experienced riders. I will definitely have to inform my friends of the class and I will definately suggest you guys to them in the near future. Thank you again for the opportunity and the confidence you guys instilled in me to go out and ride safer.

Thank you again,
Shawn M of Rochester, MA 4/4/2016
Thank you! Our ERC course was exceptional: The value we received (group guidance, 1:1 guidance, insight, experience and patience) makes your school the only place I’ll recommend riders go in the future (including myself!)

Greg T of Newton, MA 3/29/2016
I would say with 100% certainty you have some of the coolest and most amazing instructors I have ever seen for anything. Very patient, humorous, and instructive. Keep them around as long as you can because they use personal their own experience (and lessons they have learned the hard way) perfectly to help instruct.

Fenwick P of Medway, MA 3/28/2016
Ron & Rebecca were outstanding. Very patient, attentive, and professional.

TJ M of Jamaica Plain, MA 3/28/2016
I absolutely loved this course, and was so much happier with it than I expected to be. The coaches were fantastic – they treated everyone the same regardless of age, skill level, gender, whatever – and were incredibly attentive at all times. They taught each person as an individual, despite the class size, and this really helped them drive home the purposes of each exercise in regards to our safety and skills. It was so much fun taking this class, and I encourage anyone new to riding to take it. I really feel like the things I learned can and will save my life in the future.

As for the administrative process – Bob, you were so helpful, and thank you for that. The confirmation emails throughout the process were reassuring, and there was not a single detail left out or forgotten from registration, to riding, to licensing.

I would 100% recommend you and your school to anyone.

Thank you again!
Rainey T of Framingham, MA 3/24/2016
I recently took the basic rider course on weekend of March 12 / 13 2016. It was a very good experience. I enjoyed the instructors Rich and Russ. They made the course fun! They made everybody comfortable with the bikes. I haven’t been on a bike in twenty five years. I am looking forward to getting back on the road and being a safe rider. Thank you for the experience.

Best regards
Richard M of Bellingham, MA 3/16/2016
Finished your Basic Rider Course today. I can’t say enough good things about the layout of the material and the coaches. Alan and Rich were amazing and nothing but encouraging and helpful. It made learning everything very fun. I will definitely be recommending you guys in the future.

Thank you,
Patrick G of Bellingham, MA 3/15/2016
Just completed the course and I thought it was going to be a class where I just went thru the motions. I have been riding between dirt and street for 45 years and picked up quite a few helpful tips. Most of all both instructors were good but the guy with the beard (Ken) was absolutely great. Very hands on and most of all very personable. Though they both were very helpful again Ken went above and beyond. You should be very pleased to have a man like him working for you and that also says a lot about your business hiring a man like that. I enjoyed the course very much and I already have recommended it to 2 people.

Thanks again
Bob S of Raynham, MA 3/14/2016
Ron and Buddy were amazing. They are possibly the most helpful and encouraging instructors I have ever had for anything. I left the range feeling confident in being able to ride and to to ride safely. They were very effective communicators and were always ready to help and give extra help.

Communication is always top notch and everything was done quickly and efficiently. I couldn’t be more pleased with Streetwise. I will definitely recommend this to my friends.

Lilian T of Roxbury Crossing, MA 3/14/2016
The riding range was nothing short of great. Both of our instructors were supportive and fantastic at relaying what they’re looking for and how to properly execute whatever portion of the training was asking for. As an individual who had more off-road riding experience than on, I was amazed but how much I learned. And watching classmates who have never done more than sit on a bike feel comfortable and be able to pass the test goes to show it’s all about the riding coaches and the exercises we do. The classroom was full of useful information, while not as exciting as the range, it was kept to a great time to keep us all focused and learning.

Both the riding coaches were fantastic. Very patient and supportive but also knew how to push everyone just enough. They were well prepared and were clear on the goals and objectives as well as instructions. They showed great concern, not only for us while we were there, but once we leave the safety of the range and head to the streets. To say they go above and beyond is an understatement.

I’ve already recommended the program to several friends.

TJ H of Norwood, MA 3/14/2016
The course was great! Ron and Bud were knowledgeable, thoughtful and were able to recognize students with a bit more experience and push us a bit. I am very glad I took the course and know it will make me a safer, more efficient rider.

Dan M of Newton, MA 3/7/2016
Classroom and riding range experiences were both well-balanced and positive. Coaches were great, perfect really. Couldn’t have been better. Process was also pretty ideal, communication was clear, gear was appropriate, bikes were actually newer than I expected, all around great.

Ryan M of Rehoboth, MA 2/22/2016
I thought the class was great! It was a good mix of classroom and riding and Dale really made a huge difference. I teach technology professionals in my job and when you have passion for what you are talking about, the students can clearly see it in how you approach everything. It was clear that Dale is very passionate about riding and about making sure we all learn to ride safely. I really enjoyed the class and learned a lot of things I thought I already knew.

I went for a ride after the class on my bike and felt 100% more confident on the bike than before the class.

I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend your company and Dale to anyone who asked. It was really a great course, even with the rain. In fact, I am glad it rained as it helped understand more about handling in the bad weather.

Keep up the great work!!
Todd K of Sharon, MA 11/30/2015
I must say I was extremely satisfied with the course and would strongly reccomend it to others. The class material was informative and to the point. Rich was great in the classroom helping us focus on the primary aspects of staying safe. The range work was excellent and exactly what I had hoped for. I feel much more capable and confident in maneuvering. It was amazing how much they taught us in just 2 days.

The instructor’s were top notch. Both thorough and patient they gave us a feeling of confidence. Their experience in the field was easy to see by how well they communicated with us and worked together. They effectively kept the class moving while giving individuals help and motivation when needed. I never doubted for a second their concern for our well being or their commitment to teaching.

Your office was great The emails were prompt and I helpful.

Thanks for everything,
Kurt V of Bellingham, MA 11/22/2015
The class was highly challenging and highly fulfilling. I went from zero experience to being licensed in a weekend, and I learned how I should ride in order to be as safe as possible as I continue to learn.

George C of Stow, MA 11/22/2015
It was a fantastic experience start to finish, and Rich is a great RiderCoach. Thanks for a great course (ok, gotta say that I loved how much actual bike time there was), and I look forward to doing a refresher course and maybe the more advanced course come spring.

Matt N of Jamaica Plain, MA 11/17/2015
I thought both instructors, Bud and Dale were terrific…very professional and patient…I will recomend the course to any of my friends who I hear are thinking of riding…. I also loved the pictures that were posted on facebook…I didnt even know someone was photographing us.

Charlie S of Attleboro, MA 11/12/2015
Rich and Bud are perfect coaches. They did a great job encouraging people and what not. and the program and knowledge of the coaches were spot on and they made it very clear what they were looking for from us… overall 10/10 would encourage and recommend these coaches and course to anyone.

Paul H of Whitinsville, MA 11/9/2015
It was a blast… The RiderCoaches, Dineen and Dale, were terrific. Very good senses of humor but really stressed safety aspects. They wanted us to learn good habits for riding.

Matt C of Bellingham, MA 10/29/2015
Hi, wanted to finally respond to this to say thanks and share that we survived (and then some) our sidecar trip in France. Our lesson was great- a knowledgable instructor who made it fun but also drove home how vital the lessons and safety were. Setting up the lesson was easy – the whole experience was great.

Lauren F of Boston, MA 10/28/2015
Had a great time and learned a lot. I loved the atmosphere. The instructors want you to do well and they care so that we can be safe on the road. Really genuine people. Will be recommending this school to all my friends.

Andrew C of Dedham, MA 10/26/2015
I have taken many many educational continuing ed courses during my years, however, Rebecca and Dale were two of the best instructors – that I have come across – they absolutely know what they are talking about and even more so they are so willing to share their knowledge with you that it made the whole weekend very personally rewarding.

Alan L of Sharon, MA 10/20/2015
I just want to say the whole experience from start to finish was flawless. I appreciate how quickly I the paperwork was done. The class and the instructors were great.

Thank you again.
Carmine M of Dedham, MA 10/13/2015
I probably can’t praise this course enough. My experience was great.

The rider coaches, Susan and Bud, were wonderful teachers. When I did a curve, swerve, or other exercise that I knew was subpar, they provided immediate feedback as to what I could do better. When I felt like I preformed a skills test well, they acknowledged the good performance and were encouraging. Most of all, they, and the program, set us up to succeed.

I rode for over a decade in my youth, but that was more than 20 years ago. They both recognized my tension on the bike and helped me work on a more relaxed, flexible position as I worked through the skills training.

They were meticulous in setting up every exercise, with demos and simulated on-bike exercises, so there were never any surprises.

Finally, both on the course and in the classroom, both taught to the key components of bike operations and safety.

I’m a person who hates detail and repetition, but this course, and the rider coaches, always made glaringly clear why detail and repletion are needed, not just to complete the course, but to form a basis for good, sound riding practices.

I couldn’t be more happier with my experience, and money spent.

Thanks so much for providing well-skilled teachers for the course.

DeWayne L of Dorchester, MA 10/12/2015
Great course that exceeded my expectations. Having us jump on the motorcycles first thing on Wednesday was great. I was expecting to sit in a classroom for most of the first day! The classroom work and active discussions was very informative. Structure of course created a great learning environment and made learning the basics of motorcycling a blast!

Bob and Dale provided great instruction, reinforcement, encouragement, and feedback on skills. Communication was superb.

Paul K of Ipswich, MA 10/8/2016
I thought the course was great! To be honest, I didn’t think there would be as much riding but am so glad that there was. I’m definitely a ‘learn by doing’ type of person and the format of the course was perfect for me… I thought Dale was fantastic! She was tough but fair – just what you want in an instructor. I really felt like I had a LOT of guidance throughout the course (Rich on Saturday was good and Ken on Sunday was fantastic too!!). When I got a ‘Great Job’ or a ‘You Nailed That’ from either Dale or Ken – it really built up my confidence. I know they don’t throw accolades out willy-nilly.

… I ended up scoring the second highest road test score in my class! I was amazed and more than a little bit proud of myself. My husband is thrilled and can’t wait for me to get my own bike so we can start planning some new adventures on the road… I’m thankful for the proper instruction on how to operate a motorcycle responsibly. And I can’t wait to buy my own bike and continue my journey!

Please pass along my greatest regard to all the instructors I had, but especially to Dale and Ken. They were top-notch for sure.

Robin L of Attleboro, MA 10/6/2015
I took the weekend-long beginner course in May, which was my first-time ever riding, and last week (just 4.5 months later) I had a fantastic day going up and down Mount Washington with no issues and feeling great! I’ve been keeping my bike in NH at a family member’s house and riding every few weeks (often following my dad on his bike) on day-long or half-day long rides all over southern NH. The other day I finally rode the bike home to Boston (I’m still avoiding highways, but happy that 3-4 hour rides have become my norm because of it). I’ve already ridden just under 1,500 miles this summer.

In addition to being exactly what I needed to learn a lot in a short period of time and prepare myself to go ride out on the road and know what to keep practicing, the course was also a ton of fun. I got home each night completely excited. The pace was great, all my questions were answered, and I left with lots of info on what to keep learning as I gain more experience. I now feel confident enough to try new things when I’m ready, but also feel like I’m an aware, cautious rider. I’ve made a few dumb mistakes like dropping the bike at a stop sign on a tilted road, but haven’t made the same one twice (yet) and none of them surprised me because I feel like I was given a realistic idea of what to expect as I continue learning. A lot of important things were repeated often, in different ways (like in both the classroom and on the range), and that was helpful for remembering them.

The RiderCoaches were wonderful. I had Dale in the classroom and Bud on the range. Both were great and Bud was especially knowledgeable and pushed us to learn while also being patient. He gave me a lot of confidence I needed to try things. I still hear in my head all the helpful things Dale repeated in class.

Thanks again so much, I hope to be back next season for the experienced rider course!
Stephanie S of Jamaica Plain, MA 9/28/2015
I just took the weekend class at the Foxboro location with Rebecca. I can’t say how good Rebecca was, she really helped me understand and overcome my fear of curves at high speed. I rode my motorcycle to work again this morning but it was a whole lot different from the past month, I put into practice everything that Rebeccas mentioned about “SLPR” technique and the not only was the ride a whole lot smoother, but I was approaching and getting out of the curves much much better with a much higher exit speed.

Please convey my personal thank you to her and let her know that she has certainly helped me become a much better rider. I will put into practice everything that I learnt on every ride and hopefully one day be able to ride like her or even better maybe with her 🙂

Best Regards,
Teshtar E of E Weymouth, MA 9/28/2015
I could not be happier with your school and program! It was a great experience for a novice like me.

Overall satisfaction is a 9 out of 10. RiderCoaches wer fantastic. My class had Ken and Rich. They wer enthusiastic and helpful. I could sense that they wanted everyone to pass but only if the ability was there…safety first! Communication was great. They talked to you, not at you or down to you.

Again, the experience was fantastic.

All the best,
Kris M of Taunton, MA 9/25/2015
I took the Basic Rider Course over the past weekend in Foxboro and I wanted to reach out to you to give you my thoughts on the course.

I took the course because I thought it was going to be an easy, convenient way to get a license without the hassle of the DMV and having to borrow a bike. After participating for a couple hours on the first day, it was obvious to me that this course was much more valuable to me than that. Your instructors, Ken and Rich were great. They emphasized safety as THE top priority and there is no doubt the points that they tried to reinforce will make me a safer rider going forward. I also can’t say enough about their thorough explanation and reinforcement of techniques and the mechanics of performing various maneuvers such as turning, stopping and staying safe.

A lot of my friends ride, which is one of the reasons I decided to get a license in the first place and I have recommended your services to them and I hope they follow up and maybe take the Experienced Rider Course. I plan on taking the refresher Rider Course in the near future to try to improve on what I have already learned.

… Overall, though, your course was definitely worth every dollar spent and I have no reservations recommending it to the people that I know. Thanks.

Jack W of Dighton, MA 9/23/2015
I wanted to reach out to you and tell you how great the class was this past weekend in Foxborough. Ken and Rich were very thorough with the classroom and practical portions of the class.

I work as a police lieutenant with a local police department and over my 20+ years working have been to my fair share of motorcycle crashes. It was great to hear Ken and Rich consistently stress the importance of riding within your limits and practice the skills learned on your own motorcycle.

Thanks again, and keep up the good work.

Sean K of Westwood, MA 9/22/2015
Excellent experience yesterday with Ron. The lesson really made a big difference in restoring my riding confidence and a lot of credit needs to go to him. He is a top caliber teacher and professional. Thank you again for fitting me in and if I can ever act as a referral happy to do so.

Best regards,

Craig M of Chatham, MA 9/20/2015
I am very satisfied with the course I took last week end. I received great and useful advises and I had fun. The RiderCoach was Excellent: professional, supportive, nice (I am french so I don’t always understand all specific terms). She took the time to make sure I fully understand the exercice. She is great.
She Always respected and encouraged me. I liked the ” Great Jacques !, nice turn !” it motivated me a lot.

I will tell all my friends at MIT univeristy that they should go there !
Jacques-Henry G of Cambridge, MA 9/18/2015
I wanted to let you know that it was a great experience attending your school! Dale was an excellent instructor and made the two days a fun learning environment! Dale is passionate about riding and a shared with us a lot of valuable information!

Thanks again!
Eric V of South Walpole, MA 9/16/2015
The course was great! Dale was awesome and when I doubted myself she made me feel confident.

Everything was great and will recommend to everyone as I have already.
Melissa A of Brockton, MA 9/16/2015
It’s pretty much all thumbs up for the basic rider course. Rich was really a super coach – very encouraging, very patient and nothing but positive throughout. His love of riding shines through the whole time. Could not have been better.

The bikes all seemed to be well maintained. All the email communications were good.

Charlie L of Milton, MA 9/14/2017
I had a great experience in the class … Kenny and Whitey were great. They were informative, instructive, serious about our safety, and very patient… and just as importantly, they kept it fun.

Nora D of Milton, MA 9/9/2015
I’m more than satisfied and happy with the classroom and riding range. That helped me a lot to improve the riding skills and learn new concepts / skills we were not aware before taking the course.

The friendly atmosphere and respect Bob and Dale brought to the course encouraged everyone to better take advantage of it and helped us to easier learn the new skills.

Communication, administrative processes, personal safety concerns, licensing process, everything was impeccable and I congratulate you and your team for such accomplishment.

I certainly recommend anyone to take this course, no matter if to improve the riding skills or to get the license. It’s a MUST.

Mauro M of Mansfield, MA 9/9/2015
Everything was excellent, especially the coaches. They were outstanding… I can’t believe how much I learned in two days.

Sam B of North Andover, MA 9/8/2015
I would like to give a huge shout out to Ken & Whitey. They were both very very supportive and most of all PATIENT. I enjoyed the class so much! They were very very thorough in the process.

Berlis C of Mattapan, MA9/8/2015
This was a terrific experience. Bud and Al were very patient and attentive to the class and kept the course interesting and enjoyable. Coaches went out of their way to provide useful information, encourage students and make sure everyone understood the process.
…A Great program!

Michael A of Stoneham, MA 9/4/2015
I had an amazing time during the basic rider course. It was EXTREMELY informative in the classroom and on the range. It was a good balance of learning basic concepts from the book on day 1 then applying them and building on them on the range. I was 100% satisfied with the course! I will be coming back to take the next level of course on my personal bike to allow me to get more comfortable on my bike. I am very glad I chose Streetwise for my course!

Both Bob and Bud were fantastic. There were multiple times that, while on the range, I stopped after doing an exercise to ask a question and they took the time to explain in detail the answer to my questions. They were very picky on technique which is a VERY IMPORTANT thing and they were very detail orientated. They were patient and encouraging every step of the way.

The class was setup in the most efficient way possible. Everything was done on a schedule but not rushed. The communication was clear and concise. There were verbal and physical demonstrations along with multiple simulations on our bikes before moving them to allow for muscle memory to take hold. It was very easy to follow along and at no time did I feel lost.

The instructors were adamant about personal safety. From the smallest riding detail to making sure that the helmet was threaded and buttoned correctly Bob and Bud were on point with every little detail of riding. It really helped to drill it into our heads so we can begin with forming good habits that will take hold throughout our riding career.

The admin process was just as thorough as the rest of the class. Everything was broken down into minute details. Everything about the entire course was clear and concise, listed in a way that is impossible to misunderstand. I was also excited to receive an email the day after completing the course telling me about future riding opportunities at the school. I am looking forward to taking another course, with my own bike, to ensure that I have the proper skills on such a big machine. I have a little girl at home who loves going for rides on her grandfathers bike and I want to have ZERO doubt that I have the skill (and time) on the the bike to take her out safely. I am 100% confident that Bob and Bud can provide with those skills from the administration stage through the classroom and the range skills that we will be learning.

Adam J. F of Quincy, MA 9/4/2015
I enjoyed the course in the classroom and in the field I feel I have overcome issues I was having when I first came and confidence has without a doubt risen to the point where I can enjoy my future rides wherever they may take me. Rich was very good for me. I felt that he went above and beyond. Every ride I take weather it be to the corner store or to the cape I try to apply his instuctional techniqes wherever I go. They work very well for me. Again Thank u for the oppiunity of being a student @ Streetwise Cycle School. It was truly a pleasure.

George H of Everett, MA 9/2/2015
The class was perfect. My first time riding a motorcycle. It was a great class!! Communication was great!! Rich is a great instructor!!!

Thanks again!!
Craig B of Bellingham, MA 8/25/2015
I felt as though the ratio of class and riding time were really good and neither were rushed.

My rider coach was very experienced and attentive.

Communication was great overall and I’m happy I chose Streetwise Cycle School.

John B of Somerset, MA 8/25/2015
I thoroughly enjoyed my experience with Streetwise. Your teaching, patience, and organizational skills were as professional as I have come across. I will carry what I have learned every time I ride. I will work on my bike for awhile and be right back for more advanced training with you.

Thank you,
Jack C of Braintree, MA 8/19/2015
I would like to take this opportunity to express my extreme satisfaction regarding Streetwise Cycle. Our instructor Rich George, was fantastic. His experience, knowledge and teaching methods were exceptional and I cannot imagine anyone possibly doing a better job than he did for us!

Thank you again Bob and a special thanks to Rich for getting me started in the right direction,
Dave D of Bellingham, MA 8/18/2015
I came into the classroom with no knowledge about riding a motorcycle and came out the driving range 5 point shy of a perfect score. If that doesn’t describe how great the instructors are, I don’t know what is. Allen and Ken were great with instructions. They were very helpful answering questions and showing proper and safe motorcycle riding techniques.

The coaches worked great together. They were prepared for every exercise and communicated excellent.

I was very satisfied with my whole experience. I will definitely tell people I know about Streetwise Cycle School.

Johan N of Boston, MA 8/18/2015
Thank you for the wonderful class and a great instructor.

It was an amazing class! Very informative and educational. Our instructor provided information that will keep us safe on the road. The course and the equipment was perfect for what we were doing.

Thank you again!

Russell K of Walpole, MA 8/13/2015
I had a great experience at Streetwise. Ken was a very good instructor – gave us really good riding and safety tips. The class had the right mix of riding and classroom instruction.

Pankaj B of Newton, MA 8/3/2015
I would like to share my feedback with you and the instructors Paul and Alan. I’ve been riding more than 10 years (when I lived in Brazil) with good practice experience however this was my first motorcycle course.
About the course, I learned good and valuable skills that I hadn’t. Both Paul and Alan helped me change some bad habits, etc… They were great as a result of their motorcycle passion.

Best Regards,
Gustavo V of Boston, MA 8/3/2015
I am completely satisfied with the BRC that I took from Saturday, July 25th to Sunday, July 26th at the Hyde Park, Boston location. Your Web site provided all the information that I needed to know about how to prepare to take the course, how to dress, and what to bring. It also helped me in the permit application process, which I was able to complete in a couple of hours a few days before taking the course…

The RiderCoaches, Rich and Mike are awesome! They provided very clear expectations for each riding exercise, and Mike did flawless demonstrations of the actual riding techniques. We couldn’t have been in better hands.

It’s obvious that Streetwise Cycle School has been at this for a while. The administrative process, the information given actively via your eMails, and the passive information on your Web Site, are very well thought-out and provided all that I needed to know about taking the BRC. The follow-up eMails also provided information on how I can further improve. It’s the complete package.

Thank you for creating such an enriching environment for those of use aspiring to be motorcyclists, and having such a capable staff to carry it out. I had a wonderful time at the BRC.

Mike C of Brookline, MA 7/27/2015
Over all, I am super satisfied with the classroom and riding range. It was fun, informative, and extremely effective as someone who has never ridden a motorcycle before. The course is well set up in a manner by starting with the basics, practicing much, and building on each skill one at a time.

The coaches were both great. I felt encouraged, respected, safe, and learned a great deal!

Administrative process was great – emails were super helpful and informative. They answered all questions I had.

Jennie C of Somerville, MA 7/22/2015
I just wanted to say thank you for running this type of class. I have a little experience in riding and I thoroughly enjoyed this course. You picked 2 great instructors. Dale and Rick were a pleasure to work with and were full of knowledge. They were extremely helpful and encouraging and also taught me different ways of handling the bike like using the front brake. ( I have heard never use the front brake from others). I feel so much more comfortable using the front brake now and found it much easier to stop the bike. I really couldn’t say a bad thing about the class or instructors and over all I had 2 great days of riding.

Dave N of Foxboro, MA 7/21/2015
I was very satisfied with my experience in the classroom and on the riding range. Both reinforced key safety measures and best practices on a motorcycle.

The RiderCoaches were both great teachers. I definitely felt like they respected everyone and encouraged us all to continue to improve our skills. They were very well prepared and explained everything clearly before each exercise and recapped the important parts afterward… Safety was the top priority and they made that clear every time before we got on the motorcycles to start and exercise.

All of the communication was very clear on what to do ahead of time, directions to Streetwise, what to expect when we were there (what was expected of us) and downstream processes for getting our license.

Overall the course was awesome and I will definitely recommend this to anyone considering getting a motorcycle.

Mike L of Brighton, MA 7/21/2015
Oops forgot you guys rawk… our instructor GOD Bless him being out in that heat ..I dont know how he did it.
I commend him for having the patience and encouragement he showed us ..
ya typo sorry still having my coffee..

AMF of Hyde Park, MA 7/21/2015
It was an excellent experience and well worth the price. I found that I am not only more prepared to ride a bike, but overall I feel like I am a better driver as I now have a different perspective of the road and its hazards.

Gary was outstanding. He was firm and deliberate and absolutely dedicated to ensure the success of the class with lots of opportunities to ask questions, though truthfully there was not many question as he covered it quite thoroughly.

Great program, I am looking forward to riding and taking a refresher course.

Nicely done!
Joe M of Norfolk, MA 7/14/2015
This course was great. I felt comfortable and well informed the whole time, despite never having rode a two wheel motorcycle in my life. More than satisfied. Very impressed by the effectiveness of the whole operation.

RiderCoaches were excellent! Rich and Susan could not have been nicer or more energized about teaching the course. They brought a lot of positive energy to the instruction, which made it engaging and exciting to learn. They answered any and all inquiries thoroughly, and never made me feel unconfident or uncomfortable due to my lack of experience.

Very thorough all around.
Ty M of Hingham, MA 7/14/2015
The course was great and structured well to incrementally build skill. The coach was great and super encouraging.

Thanks again 🙂
-Alex M of Cambridge, MA 7/21/2015
I was 100% satisfied with my whole experience in both parts of the course.

Bob and Dale were great. They kept things easy going and fun, yet always focused on making sure that information and skills were being communicated in a way that allowed everything to be easily absorbed and retained. All criticism was constructive and always delivered with positive reinforcement. Their demeanor made it easy to gain confidence in riding.

Everything was clear from the first time logging on the site for info & to register to the end when I received the email about my license coming in the mail.

Jason G of Ashland, MA 7/8/2015
…Ray and I are very excited to do this together and already have friends who expressed interest in taking the course too! I can’t say enough wonderful things about your training and Dale’s training and words of encouragement… I was really having a great time and I’m looking forward to practicing and indeed being “streetwise.”

Take care and thank you again.
Leanna P of Foxboro, MA 7/7/2015
Ken is a very good instructor. In the classroom, his technique of asking a question before answering it was very effective because the question got my mind focused on the issue in advance of the discussion and his final answer. He was patient when the classroom conversation drifted off on a tangent but then he would bring us back on topic in a seemingly casual manner.

The riding range was more challenging for me. Ken was understanding and patient. He was good at identifying the subtle mistakes that led to the trouble that I had with control.

On several occasions, when I asked questions about what was necessary to pass the test, Ken reminded me that becoming a safe rider was the primary issue and that passing the test was secondary. I very much appreciate his focus.

The equipment, course, administration, etc. were all fine… I will recommend the course to my friends.

Jeff T of Concord, MA 7/6/2015
I had a really wonderful time at the class. Bud made an effort to help us relax and enjoy the process from the very beginning, and by the time we left we were all very supportive and friendly toward each other. I can honestly say I’ll miss Bud. Maybe I’ll come back for a refresher course or an advanced class and hopefully he’ll be there. I felt very lucky to learn from him.

I feel very lucky to have had Bud as a coach, truly. I was nervous coming in and I firmly believed he helped me reach my highest potential in that short amount of time. I was comfortable and cautiously confident learning from him. Going in, I was timid and I didn’t know what to expect so I almost expected a tense and unwelcoming environment, but my actual experience couldn’t be further from that.

Many things that were said sunk in with my over time and I’m still thinking about them now. The way certain things were explained were extremely helpful, especially how often Bud repeated the important parts. I felt instruction was very clear and effective. Any questions I had were encouraged and answered with openness and encouragement.

I came prepared because of the emails, and left informed and prepared. Bud went over everything in the classroom in detail, which was great (everything above in detail as well as additional information and helpful facts and level-headed advice). He came off as very objective – most interested in helping us be the best riders we can be and also very willing to share his experience and share himself as a rider with us.

Overall, such a positive experience and I thank you very much. Tell Bud I say “hi and thank you!!!”
Alex E of Somerville, MA 7/6/2015
We had Ken, he was excellent. I ended up being one of the stronger riders coming from mopeds/scooters, but he was very patient with those who needed a little more coaching than others, and still provided a lot of helpful input for me as well.

Thanks again, I have already recommended the course to a few, and will likely continue to do so in the future.
Brian S of Cambridge, MA 6/30/2015
Rider Coaches were awesome. Fun, knowledgeable and helpful.

Jessica R of North Attleboro, MA 6/30/2015
Just received my class M license in the mail yesterday! Just wanted to say thank you to you and your staff for putting together a great experience at Streetwise Cycle School. My overall satisfaction with the course was a 10/10… The classroom was great in that you took a somewhat boring time and kept us awake and participating… The rider coach I had was awesome, he made sure all of us were comfortable and in control of our bikes the entire time. I was respected and encouraged, and he made sure that we kept becoming better riders through each drill. His communication on what he expected from each of us was perfect.

Overall a perfect way to get into riding, and will be recommending to any friends getting into riding and probably even strangers that are considering getting a bike. Thanks again and good luck in the future.

Best Regards,
Daniel P of Foxboro, MA 6/30/2015
I took the ERC in Foxboro on June 28th with Ron and he did a great job. Really good guy and he was very knowledgeable and a great teacher. Thanks for a great experience, I will recommend this course to all of my buddies for sure.

James A of Westwood, MA 6/29/2015
It was great fun and learning experience and you have a great team..

Thanks and regards
Maharshi T of Marlborough, MA 6/28/2015
The class was excellent. I had limited experience in riding before attending the class. After the class I feel much more in control of the bike and have the confidence that I can operate much more safely than before taking the class.

Bud was my instructor and was amazing. Specifically, he excels in explaining very simply how to operate the bike. He doesn’t make the mistake of using terms that are unfamiliar to new riders, and doesn’t assume people have the body instinct/natural reaction that many seasoned riders might assume. As I understand the dangers that come with riding a motorcycle; I don’t believe there was a person that could have done a better job at explaining in a very clear way how to operate the bike safely and properly. Streetwise Cycle School is truly lucky to have someone with not only as much experience as Bud, but also the ability to identify the littlest tweaks to make the proper adjustments to operate safely.

Excellent class, thank you Bud.

Jon H of Wrentham, MA 6/6/2015
Just wanted to let you know about the great experience I had yesterday at the advanced class. Although I have been riding for many years I found the course quite informative. The instructors were very knowledgeable and professional. Ron and Russ had alot of personal experiences to share to help express the importance of some of the menuvers they were teaching. I wouldn’t have wanted to take that course anywhere else and have two sons 21 and 19 that I will be sending to your school. Thank you for the chance to learn some new things and refine skills I havent had to use.

Kevin M of New Bedford, MA 6/14/2015
I had a great experience in the training class. The instructors Gary And Dale were the best. They were very professional and friendly as well which put everyone at ease. I learned so much between their riding experience, classroom, and the outdoor riding course that I wouldn’t have learned or learned too late.

Finished my first week of riding and have clocked over 300 miles so far and already have used many of the skills that probably saved me and my bike.

Thanks guys,,, you made a difference!
Cliff S of N Attleboro, MA 6/12/2015
This class was my very first time on a motorcycle (or similar vehicle). In a short two days I went from struggling to keep the bike from stalling to navigating curves, shifting, and properly braking. In this short time I developed enough confidence to feel competent to continue the learning process outside of class. In short, the class is excellent.

Bud and Rich are a great team. They work very well together. Each exercise can be stressful because you’re learning something new. With their easy going encouragement they make learning fun. They were respectful, communicated effectively, and made sure everyone was safe. I don’t see how the coaches could have been better.

The administrative process was straightforward and effective. You know what to bring and what to expect.

I would recommend this course to anyone wanting to learn to ride. Thanks!

Dmitry S of Needham, MA 6/10/2015
I gained a lot of confidence riding the course. Not perfect by any means but earned basic techniques to get me on my way. It’s always good to hear what experienced riders have to say and get advice about what they were watching and their personal tricks of riding… Keep it smooth… Ride your own ride.
Bud and Rich were GREAT … Didn’t make me nervous or bad that I did something not perfect. They were very encouraging. Even got excited with me when I finally got something right … After a few tries! Even as a female, I was never treated like anything less than a rider 🙂

Lori L of Berkley, MA 6/10/2015
What a great two days I had with both Dale and Gary, it was a lot fun and very informative. They put everybody at ease when we first start the class, and were patient with those who didn’t catch on quickly. I love both of their quick wits and senses of humor. But remaining professional at all times. I will recommend this class to anyone that is thinking about learning to ride.

Garry Sampson of Milford, MA 6/9/2015
Thanks again for all of your instruction: both of you guys were fantastic teachers, and I feel so much more confident about beginning to bike than I thought I would after 2 days. I will definitely be back for the experienced rider course once I procure a bike.

Take care,
Josh Z of Newton, MA 6/8/2015
I got my learners permit 25 years ago and never completed the process for getting my license. Many of my friends ride and have always tried to get me to go back and finish. I enjoyed riding back then and I (and my friends) are glad I finally went back and completed the process. More importantly to you and me I did it right.

I am completely happy with every step of the training process. The RiderCoaches were experienced, knowledgeable, and entertaining. I would not change a thing and after I have a few miles under my belt I will be back for additional instruction.

Thanks for a fun and learning experience. I will be safer as a rider with the skills I learned under your instruction.

Peter F of Weymouth, MA 6/8/2015
I am highly satisfied. I had taken an MSF course many years ago (without continuing on a bike or getting a license) in another city/state, and while that establishment had gotten good reviews, this one was far better. The follow-ups via email were excellent (e.g., instructions on how to get to Streetwie Cycle School, how to get our learner’s permit and pre-pay, what to come prepared with, etc.). I appreciated the level of communication from your program before this weekend, and I really appreciate the follow-up level of communication after the weekend (e.g., that our licenses had been processed, etc.). The Facebook photos were also a nice touch!

Bruce was an excellent instructor, as was Susan on the range. They provided very actionable feedback after every exercise on the range. I never received a generic piece of feedback while riding, and even when an exercise went well, Bruce and Susan provided positive reinforcement followed up with additional things to consider to get even better. They helped build up the mental confidence that I feel is necessary to ride. They were both very respectful and encouraging. Their pacing was excellent and they emphasized all the right skills without ever making me feel like they only ‘taught to the test.’ They were firm and strict when necessary (e.g., “no leaning on bikes without equipment”), but also relaxed enough to make the entire weekend feel approachable and fun.

Thank you very much for an awesome experience! Bruce & Susan were excellent and two of the best instructors I’ve encountered.

Andrew N of Somerville, MA 6/8/2015
I took the class at Foxboro over the weekend with Dale and Gary as our instructors. They were awesome! I really learned a lot of things that I didn’t know. I will highly recommend this riding school to anyone looking to get into riding.

Thank you,
Chris G of Medway, MA 6/8/2015
Both Bruce and Susan were excellent on the Riding Range very understanding and showed great patience, a lot to teach over two days but they did a tremendous job at achieving it. Bruce was excellent in the classroom and only for him I probably wouldn’t have passed. Both Bruce and Susan were very Safety oriented, I hope you pass on my comments to them.
Your part of the administrative was also excellent very accommodating to me regarding my cancelation the previous week, and very prompt with your Emailing.

Denis M of Boston, MA 6/8/2015
I took the Basic Safety class in Foxboro on May 16-17. Extremely satisfied with every aspect of the class (instructors, email notices, registration, etc.). Looking now into taking an advanced class to gain more road confidence.

Thanks very much.
-Patrick K of Plainville, MA 6/7/2015
Thank you so much for the opportunity. I haven’t had this much fun in a long time, and I’m glad to have finally taken the rider course after many years of always wanting to ride.

Starting at 7am was the best choice. I liked how we started first thing on the bike – I’m a teacher, and I’ve learned that sometimes just “doing” it first is better than being lectured about it and then going out…

Grenville and Alan were amazing. Super chill, and really informative. I appreciated how they critiqued even the smallest details. After all, these are our lives and the lives of others on the road… They went through all the exercises at a great pace, making sure everyone did the exercise correctly, not matter how many or few times we could execute. I had many random questions at random times during the riding, and they always seemed eager to answer them. What I loved most was how much love they demonstrated for riding…

I can’t wait to get my own bike and start practicing on my own so I can eventually take more of your classes. Thank you so much!

Roy R of Somerville, MA 5/18/2015
My feedback is limited because I thought the entire course was incredibly well done. I only wish to emphasize that the RiderCoaches were absolutely fantastic. They were supportive and encouraging; stern when they needed to be, but always professional; consistently safe; and well organized throughout the day. Most importantly, they did a great job in helping us learn how to ride.

I’ll definitely recommend the course to anyone who’s interested.

Mark K of Cambridge, MA 4/14/2015
Can I just say thank you so much. I had such a great time. I learned so much in two days… The range was awesome. I had no idea what I was doing before that, I would watch videos on YouTube on how to start riding but actually doing was great. I felt very respected by the instructors, Buddy was great… Grenville and Rich … They were all fantastic.

I felt like they showed us how to manage ourselves when it comes to actually being on a bike in the real world. If we made a mistake they corrected us and told how how to do it better or fix our mistakes. Overall, I think they did a great job. I enjoyed every minute of class. They made it fun, easy to understand because we were all new riders.

Thank you for teaching me. I will definitely recommend your class to any of my friends who want to learn.
Shane T of Boston, MA 4/6/2015
I was hesitant to take the course but it was totally worth it. The rider coaches, Steve and Rich were awesome and really seemed to care about us and they were very passionate about riding in general. The instructions were clear and simple and all of the emails were great and clear as well. Overall I’d give it a very high rating and definitely recommend to others.

Garrett B of Attleboro, MA 4/2/2015
Thank you. Just wanted to say the instructors were excellent And those two mesh perfectly together. Had a great time. Telling my mother right now to go along with everyone else.

Jay H of Weymouth, MA 3/31/2015
Very satisfied with the overall course. The exercises are relevant and useful, as a new rider I came away with exactly what I wanted- basic maneuvering skills and a good feel for riding a bike.

Paula and Bud were awesome! I felt encouraged every step of the way, Bud was especially friendly and gave me a lead on a used bike I might be interested in. He is very knowledgable and gave me some great advice on learning to ride. Paula is also wonderful, she clearly takes safe riding very seriously and I could tell that she wanted us all to come away from the course with the best habits possible…

Andie H of Cambridge, MA 3/31/2015
For me, the overall course was terrific. The materials were clear and well written (kudos to the MSF) and Dale did a great job in the classroom and on the range. She was enthusiastic, thoughtful, knowledgeable, encouraging, and witty. She managed both the classroom and her time quite well.

On the range I found the combination of Steve and Dale to be a strong team. They worked together well, and the instruction and coaching flowed quite smoothly, without any hitches in instruction time. I personally found Steve to be particularly helpful – he very clearly pointed out areas I needed to pay extra attention to.

And a very sincere and special thank you to you – you worked diligently to clear ice from the range Sunday morning to enable us to ride safely and stay on schedule. That showed great care and concern. Plus you did a great job keeping us informed before and since (‘dress for skiing’) — all your prep messages were clear and helpful…

… a superb experience for me and I will not hesitate to recommend you and Streetwise to any appropriate potential students.

Michael T of Sharon, MA 3/30/2015
I was more than happy with the class. Dale did an excellent job helping everyone get on a bike and teaching the basic riding skills one needs to enter public roadways to practice their riding skills. I am one that had spent some time on a bike before but never had real experience. I learned a ton that will allow me to ride in a safer manor than I would have if i did not take the class. Thank you guys at Streetwise very much. I will be recommending this class to everyone who has a interest in riding.

-Bob H of Blackstone, MA 3/30/2015
I did the class portion of the BRC last weekend with Rich, and the range on Monday and Tuesday with Gale and Rich. First, the instructors were great! They were knowledgeable, patient and did a good job teaching the skills. I came to class already having my motorcycle license, which I got 25 years ago. I never had any formal training, rode for five years, but then I never got on a motorcycle for 20 years. I thought the class would be a good idea before getting back into riding. The were many skills I learned for the first time, and I learned how to ride the right way.

… I would suggest this class and Streetwise to anyone who is a new rider, or someone like myself who hasn’t ridden for a long time, before getting on the streets and riding in traffic.

Rich G of Watertown, MA 3/28/2015
The class was excellent. The coaches (Dale and Rich) were outstanding. They really wanted you to learn the material and each had a great, positive, and encouraging attitude.

George C of Wrentham, MA 3/25/2015
Thank you so much for the wonderful two day session. Not only this session was super helpful, it was very fun.

Kind regards,
Ruben B of Boston, MA 3/15/2015
I would like to express the awesome experience I had at Streetwise Cycle School. As a certified auto technician, I have taken lots of learning courses in the field, and I am truly happy to say that the best instructors I have ever dealt with are the ones at Streetwise Cycle School. The classroom was never boring but on the other hand very interesting. We were asked frequently if we had any input. All the students had good questions and shared their input and experiences. Preparation for the quiz was excellent. Now to make it more interesting the teaching in the field (outside) was also awesome. The instructors were very knowledgeable. They had lots of patience and experience with teaching students. It was all done with respect. It was fun! … no regrets…. even thinking of going back to an experienced course with my own bike, and taking my wife with her bike as well. Oh, by the way, the bikes supplied for the course are in great shape and fun to learn on. Communication skills in classroom, out in the course and through e-mail was very clear and professional. Worth all the money spent – great investment. Thank you for letting me be part of your training expertise and understanding my needs. You guys are the best.

Yours truly,
Anibal P of Springfield, MA 12/9/2014
I received my license in the mail yesterday and it was great to see the M under the endorsements!

Gary and Mike did a great job of teaching, being engaged, and keeping a smile on their faces with the crappy weather we had last weekend. Not once did they seem like they weren’t enjoying teaching which made learning fun as well.

Your process from sign-up to licensing was easy for me to follow, direct and to the point. I felt that you placed the responsibility on me to be prepared for both the classroom and course and I liked that. Riding a motorcycle should be about being prepared not pampered.

Thanks for creating this opportunity to gain confidence on the bike.

Thanks again Bob!
Dan W of Watertown, MA 12/11/2014
The classroom lessons were very thorough and well presented.

Gary and Mike were wonderful examples of respectful riders, concerned about our safety during and after the course. They were enjoyable to learn from. They were very professional and thoughtful, making the learning fun and complete.

Thank you for providing this service to the riding community… I learned a lot.

Karen P of Norfolk, MA 12/9/2014
I took the basic rider course and loved it. Gary and Mike were excellent coaches and are very experienced riders. They are passionate about biking and helping more people become (safe) motorcyclists. Even with a lot of dirt biking experience, I learned a lot and received very helpful feedback on the range. This is an excellent course to take as you get to use their bikes, learn from highly experienced riders, and get your license without having to go to the RMV. Everyone in my class gained a lot of confidence and knowledge – this is a very worthwhile and valuable class. Thank you Gary and Mike!

It’s very apparent that they all love what they do and care about the service they provide!

Philip L of Allston, MA 12/8/2014
Bob, I had an absolutely fantastic experience this past weekend at the school location in Foxboro in the hands of Dale L’Esperance… Dale clearly, easily demonstrated her mastery of the subject matter and made every effort to help the class be successful every step of the way. She was a true caring professional and was never condescending or intimidating. She made everyone feel at ease and comfortable. Kudos to you for finding such a fantastic staff member!

Ken M of Dorchester, MA 11/18/2013
I had a great time at the Basic Rider Course. Both classroom and riding range exercises were organized and executed in a perfect way to allow everyone to learn the important skills necessary for starting to riding a bike. I would recommend this course anytime.

The RiderCoaches did an exceptional job in explaining techniques and important details about handling a motorcycle. Also leading of classroom sessions was done in an interactive manner so everyone was involved which made the written test a breeze.

Best regards,
Marc H of Waltham, MA 11/17/2013
The class was great. Ron, especially, was efficient, helpful and very informative. Ed was also very helpful during the Saturday session with tips and information to improve my riding skills. Thanks for offering the class.

Daniel T of Waltham, MA 11/17/2013
Life Changing … The riding coaches were amazing and super organized … Perfect.

Bobby S of Mattapan, MA 11/15/2013
I had an excellent experience and will be recommending to my brother and friends. Bud Hurley was a very good coach, encouraging knowledgeable, easygoing and a pleasure to learn from and with.

Eli G of Cambridge, MA 11/12/2013
It was awesome from start to finish. Relaxed and encouraging atmosphere maximized the learning experience.

The RiderCoaches were Excellent. I was never made to feel that I was a bad rider or a bad student… I received constructive encouragement… Very engaging.

A first-rate experience providing me with valuable life-time lessons in a comfortable environment. I have already recommended you to two other people who are considering getting a license.

Caroline S of Foxborough, MA 11/6/2013
That was one awesome class and it was fun.

Rohith H of Newton, MA 11/5/2013
Everything was very professional, efficient and enjoyable.

Thank you for a great experience.
Bill K of Wellesley, MA 11/5/2013
I had a blast last week with Dale & Alan

Tim N of West Roxbury, MA 10/30/2013
Just wanted to let you know I just placed a yelp review. Suzan and Alan were great instructors. I was so confident that the day we finished I drove out to the Berkshires and bought a KLR 650 after having never been on a bike before the Saturday class. I have since put about 1300 miles on it and I look forward to taking the advanced course in the spring.

Patrick B of Jamaica Plain, MA 10/28/2013
Hey, guys and girls, I finally purchased a bike 2010 electra glide. I put it on the road in mid August and have not got off!! I should get to 2000 miles before the cold sets in. I can’t wait to get back out in the spring

Thanks again
Leo K of Medfield, MA 10/24/2013
Just wanted to say how much I enjoyed taking your basic course with Marjorie and Mike. They were super-knowledgable and really fun. I had a really great experience and will be back for expert training.

Thanks again!
David M of Newton, MA 10/16/2013
I had a great experience taking the class and the instructors were great. I’d recommend your school to anyone.

-Leo Y of Medford, MA 10/16/2013
Thank you for the course. I really had a fantastic time and it was money well spent. Marjorie and Mikey were superb teachers.

-Mark N of Boston, MA 10/14/2013
Ken was fantastic! I truly felt like he has a passion for both motorcycles AND teaching. I was scared and not sure I had the skills or hand/eye coordination to actually ride a motorcycle. Those first times I started the motorcycle on my own and rode off were literally some of the best moments I can remember in recent history. It was a dream come true of mine to learn to ride – even if I’m still a beginner – I have hope that I can keep getting better and Ken was instrumental in that process. Congratulations on a great RiderCoach!

I felt absolutely supported and encouraged. Ken was really good at letting us know we could go at the pace that worked for us (I tend to learn slower in practice – quicker with books). A few times the exercises were challenging and I said “I can’t do that” and his response was always “That’s ok, do the best you can” and sure enough with that kind of encouragement I managed to improve! It helped me realize I’m on a learning curve with motorcycles. I can say.. “I can’t do that..yet”

I could tell Ken was very committed to helping us learn – seemed very invested in our experience and how he could help. He always asked us if we had questions and concerns after each exercise.

Thank you- great weekend class! Will definitely recommend. Also hats off to Ken! What a fantastic, patient, and all around excellent teacher. He didn’t have the best weather conditions and managed to teach us all excellent skills . I feel confident as a beginner on a motorcycle now – that’s priceless!

-Deirdra D of South Boston, MA 10/7/2013
Ken was absolutely EXCELLENT. He correctly insisted on all points and milestones and gave us a lot from his experience. He is a very good instructor.

Oded K of Brookline, MA 10/6/2013
I had the privilege of meeting two fine gentlemen yesterday while attending your ERC class in Foxboro yesterday … Bud and Tom. I had reservations of going to such a class due to previous experiences of similar types of in the past. My apprehension was based on the arrogant, know it all instructor types from these previous experience while obtaining other safety / credential type classes and seminars. I’m in the engineering transport field and heavy rigging so I have attended my fair share of these types of things. Within the first 10 minutes my apprehensions we’re put to rest and was not only pleased with Bud and Tom personally, but also the details of the course and the professionalism they exuded in covering it. I’ve been riding motorcycles for nearly 30 years. Mostly dirt bikes and lately street. Never licensed and have been riding on a permit for the last 3 years, the course itself was exactly what I needed to make me feel more confident in things that I was doing correctly and very helpful for things that I was not and should be.

Thank you for being so dedicated to this. The communication was fantastic right up to the notification I received this morning about my permit being successfully submitted for processing. I have already recommended this class to two close friends who have been riding for years as a refresher and I will continue to spread the word.

With great appreciation,
Carl B of Ashland, MA 10/6/2013
I just wanted to say thanks and share my appreciation for the school. Overall, the course was great. I liked the fact that there was a lot of time on the bikes in the range. Gary and Dale were great instructors, and I enjoyed working with them.

Thanks again!
John T of Attleboro, MA 10/4/2013
Thank you for providing these services. I appreciate having someplace fun and safe to go to improve on riding skills… Both the Classroom and Riding Range experience were excellent. I find the class time not only helps as a refresher but also helps the students get to know one another a bit. The Rider Coaches were outstanding… They were upbeat, friendly, and knowledgeable.

Thank you again,
~ Princess C-B of South Boston, MA 10/3/2013
Thank you Dineen, Alan & Bob. This was a life changing experience for me.

Jeff B of South Attleboro, MA 10/3/2013
Thanks so much. I actually got my license on Sat. I loved the riding and appreciated how supportive you and the other instructors were. Can’t wait to get a bike.

Amy C of Needham, MA 9/30/2013
Great course. Dale and Mike were awesome instructors.

Mitch C of Milton, MA 9/30/2013
I was extremely satisfied with the overall experience, and I certainly learned alot more than I expected.

The RiderCoaches were excellent. I was fortunate to get Dale for both days. She was very helpful both in the class and on the range.

Craig C of North Attleborough, MA 9/23/2013
Dale is a great instructor that loves motorcycles. This combination gives us a fun and very informative class…

I was very satisfied with the class and will recommend anyone seeking to learn more about motorcycle riding in the future.

Best regards,
Adam C of Quincy, MA 9/19/2013
Thanks a bunch! I loved the class and the instructors were awesome!

Jason L of Blackstone, MA 9/16/2013
Thanks a lot Bob. I had a great experience with you and your team, A++

Mauri C of Everett, MA 9/11/2013
I honestly had a great experience. I don’t think I would of learned as much as I did in such short of a time if my instructor, Dale, wasn’t so understanding and clear and passionate about riding. In the class, she would go over the book then use her own life experiences with why we ride the way we do and what techniques to use. While on the course, she took the time to take us aside, one by one if needed, for a little extra coaching and clearly explained what we were going wrong and how to correct it. I was more than satisfied with having her as an instructor. She was very approachable and understanding. Normally people who teach anything, get annoyed and frustrated with students if they are having a hard time understanding something or ask questions because the students are not as knowledgeable as the instructor, but I did not feel that way once with Dale.

Can’t say enough good things about her. She was AWESOME!!

Corine M of Quincy, MA 9/9/2013
I could not be more satisfied with the course. Dale is the best; very professional, easy to understand, experienced, funny, always worry about our safety and questions, making sure we understand everything before we got into the range, we all loved her.

Thank you,
Fernando S of Framingham, MA 9/9/2013
I have to say I really enjoyed how personable and friendly the instructors were. Always had positive feedback and when they had to correct you they did it in a very kind and constructive way. I enjoyed the range more than the classroom, but I am sure that is to be expected. 🙂

Thank you for accommodating me.
Shan C of Boston, MA 8/28/2013
All the riding coaches are AWESOME and different in their own ways. They all teach different and you can learn a different technique from each of them. I spent one on one time with Dale and Todd and they were very understanding and took their time to teach me exactly what I needed help in.

Michele B-A 8/27/2013
I have to say the Dale made my whole experience. She was such an excellent instructor. Very easy to get along with. She explained everything perfectly. And showed us how to do everything first before we had a go. I felt completely comfortable and confident with her as my instructor. She not only instructed how to just complete the exercise, but also best practices and tips for the street and more advanced riding. I also felt I learned more “Classrom Knowledge” from Dale and her experiences and tips and tricks than I did in the actual classroom. I was extremely happy to have her as an instructor and I would recommend her fully.

… I was extremely impressed with the course. Not only do I feel prepared to enter the real world on a motorcycle, but above all else it was just a ton of fun!!! The license at the end was a bonus, but the riding range time itself was a really enjoyable.

Jack W of Quincy, MA 8/20/2013
Todd is an awesome teacher, you should hire 10 more people just like him. He’s very approachable, always willing to answer your questions and he is very clear in his responses. Well worth the money spent, I’d recommend Streetwise to anyone, especially with RiderCoaches like Todd teaching the classes.

Chaz H 10/19/2013
I have to tell you how impressed I was with and how much I took away from my class this past weekend. Todd was absolutely excellent. I haven’t been on a motorcycle in probably 25 years and have never been a regular rider. The material, pace at which it was presented and the relaxed atmosphere made it great for all of us in the class, novice thru experienced. I not only learned valuable riding skills and tactics, I have already applied them to my daily driving. In summary, invaluable class, outstanding instructor and worth every penny. I’ll be back for the advanced riding class. Oh yeah, we were lucky enough to be taking the class at the same time of a Demo weekend at MOMs so the free burgers and dogs were an added bonus!

Tom 8/19/2013
I loved the course. The instructor, Suzan, was very professional, knowledgeable and extremely patient. That is all the makings of great educator…

thanks for everything
Christina of Dedham, MA 8/14/2013

Ps My sons will be next.
As an engineer, I have taken countless boring training courses and seminars over the years. Your course was very good.. I learned quite a bit in retrospect ..And best of all it was FUN !!

Thanks again,
Keith B of Bellingham, MA 8/14/2013
You have a great team out there. They are tough masters – but that is what is required, but , excellent teachers. Susan and Alan are both great.

Jaudet B Cambridge, MA 8/13/2013
I definitely feel I made the right decision in choosing Streetwise. The course strikes an optimal balance between classroom and riding range. The content is well chosen and the focus on interactive teaching ensures that participants stay involved and focused over the course of two days.

I couldn’t have wished for more competent instructors: Demi and Mike managed time well to keep a high pace while ensuring deep understanding of the subject matter by all participants. With their knowledge and riding experience they were able to address any question even beyond the course content. Most importantly, the instructors created an positive atmosphere, build a good team spirit in the group and enabled participants to feel encouraged to speak up. Their feedback on the riding range was an optimal balance of positive cheer and constructive critique that was instrumental in facilitating the groups’ progress in riding skills. Coaching a randomly assembled group of people in complex theoretical and practical skills over the course of two days is a challenge – Demi has demonstrated exceptional leadership skills that I wish I would see more of in my own profession. Demi and Mike were an optimal team on the range and created a safe environment for the riders with clear instructions and immediate response to potentially hazardous situations. Both managed optimally to focus on each rider personally so that it felt like 1:1 lessons with friends rather than an anonymous group exercise.

The administrative process was optimal. Directions were clear, the fast follow up exceeded my expectations. I will definitely recommend Streetwise to my friends and will take advantage of future training opportunities.

Thanks to all of you again,
Melanie K of South Boston, MA 8/6/2013
My husband and I both went through the course and it was AMAZING! Our coaches were Fantastic, the classroom AND the course was well organized, prepared and we have done nothing but BRAG about your school! Thanks for a TERRIFIC experience!

Earlene R of Douglas, MA 7/29/2013

My overall satisfaction was great, both in the classroom and the driving range. The rider coaches were awesome. Very professional, very official, well prepared, encouraging without question, communicated very well, and safety seemed to be #1 …

Totally satisfied… The whole experience went way better than I could’ve ever predicted. I came in feeling anxious and a little apprehensive about the safe use and operation of a motorcycle, but as we went along, the instructors were really!! good at ensuring total safety and comfort, not to mention best practices for riding, as they saw it, but also as the state sees it.

If I had to train again, I’d have the same instructors if that were my choice.

Now to buy a motorcycle. 🙂 Very satisfied and empowered by the experience. I’m excited to ride and get better, while maintaining safety and observing good riding rules for myself.

Thanks Bob,
Glenn O of Somerville, MA 7/29/2013
I had a phenomenal experience with the Streetwise Cycle School and I will certainly be recommending it to my friends. The RiderCoaches were great in every aspect. I felt like all the coaches had an interest in teaching us and helping us pass. I was more than satisfied with the administrative aspects and appreciate the flexibility with putting me in the Foxboro class.

All around great experience.

Thank you!
Alex D of Boston, MA 7/28/2013
Great class this past Monday and Tuesday. I enjoyed it more than I expected. Thanks for the great pictures!

Driving Range was great. Rich was really awesome. I felt like I was learning a ton of material, and both instructors made me very comfortable. They kept it fun as well…

You run a great organization with great people. I definitely feel I can reach out to you as a resource and for additional training.

Frank P of Canton, MA 7/25/2013
Ken was AMAZING. He set up all the cones without us even noticing he did. Also impressive that he addressed each one of us by name. His encouragement and feedback was highly appreciative and motivating, too. Whitey was good, too. I think he is the ‘authentic guy’ you need … Good role model from a ‘tough rider’.

Pre-course emails were clear and straight to the point without too much info. I very much appreciated the VERY quick follow-through re submission to RMV and the respective status update. At the end, we are all eager to get our license asap and get out on the road… So overall, very satisfied.

Keep up the professional work!

Fabian H of Cambridge, MA 7/23/2013
Thanks for providing both my husband and me with such a great experience this weekend…

I was completely satisfied with this course. It was hard work, but I’m incredibly glad that I’ve taken this course. I can’t imagine going out on the road and trying to learn everything without professional guidance.

The RiderCoaches were great. Ken and Whitey were a good team – a blend of humor, skill, and direct feedback.

Thanks again!
-Kim D of Brighton, MA 7/22/2013
I had a great experience with my training. I enjoyed the class work and the instructors were professional and courteous from my perspective. I will recommend you and your school to all my friends.

Eric K of North Grafton, MA 7/22/2013
I would highly recommend this class to anyone wanting to get their motorcycle license. The instructors did an outstanding job teaching the fundamentals and necessary skills to stay safe but enjoy riding. Both instructors had their own unique way of explaining and demonstrating each lesson, so we were sure to understand. Gary and Dale were very patient and gave us a valuable learning experience.

Geraldine L of Blackstone, MA 7/20/2013
I wanted you to know how happy I am with all aspects of my experience with Street Wise Cycle School…

The riding range instruction was excellent… the instruction eased us from the basics of mounting, clutch feel, and balance seamlessly into the more complex skills of swerving, weaving (WHEEEEEEE!!!), and debris crossing, all the while reinforcing the skills previously learned…

Which brings me to the Riding Coaches. I can’t say enough about how great Gary and Dale were. In the classroom Gary made sure that we had a good understanding of the materials, and thoroughly reviewed each unit. Out on the range, both Gary and Dale were outstanding. After their explanation and demonstration of each exercise I felt comfortable with what was expected. They gave great feedback both when we did very well and when we did less well. While it was obvious their focus was on rider safety, they made sure that we were all comfortable with what we were doing, and were encouraging us along the way. Their relaxed style not only helped to ease any jitters, but it also inspired confidence throughout the course. And of course they made sure we were having fun.

I will long remember my experience with Street Wise Cycle School with a smile upon my face. Keep up the great job!
— Judd G of Douglas, MA 7/20/2013
I had a phenomenal time at the class last weekend. I was extremely satisfied with both the classroom and riding portion of the class. Todd was extremely informative, and was always great when dealing with questions. He went at a very good pace, ensuring the class had ample time to practice each exercise in the riding portion. He was well prepared, and made the entire class exciting and informative.

The reminder emails prior to the class were very helpful, and I immensely appreciate the email updating me on the licensing process. I will be sure to recommend Streetwise Cycle School to others looking to learn how to ride a motorcycle.

Thank you.
– Andrew B of Mansfield, MA 7/18/2013
I took the class last Saturday and Sunday with Gary and Dale. They were excellent coaches. They were patient, encouraging and enthusiastic about teaching us.

Once I was finished I purchased my first bike, a Honda cbr and I immediately felt confident and felt I possessed the knowledge to become an expert rider with practice.

I have since driven 250 miles this week and have had no drama whatsoever. I would highly recommend your school to anyone and I would especially recommend Gary and Dale. They were awesome teachers in every way.

I would rate the overall experience a 10 including the administrative stuff like the license issuing.

Jonathan l 7/17/2013
I would also like to say that the pairing of Gary and Dale as our class’ training instructors was a wonderful experience. It was my first time ever being on motorcycle this past weekend and Gary and Dale helped me not only learn how to ride, but provided an extensive amount of knowledge, and made the environment humorous, comfortable and enjoyable.

I very much enjoyed my experience through Streetwise Cycle School and have already recommended the class to 3 friends due to positive impact it had on me.

Thanks again, and have a wonderful rest of your day!
~Taylor F of Norwood, MA 7/17/2013
I had a great time at the class and it was extremely helpful. Paul was the best! Can’t wait to get out on the open road.

Thanks again,
Thomas C 7/17/2013
Great class last weekend. Ron and Todd did an excellent job.

Jack F of Wretham, MA 7/9/2013
I had a great time with Streetwise. The classroom had a great feel to it and the breaks were set at perfect times for everyone to use the bathrooms and get fresh air to stay awake. Starting on time the way that the instructor’s did was excellent. The video that you guys use is extremely useful for all the beginners out there. The riding coaches and instructors were perfect on the range. They valued safety above all else. I was very encouraged by them … They were above all some of the most professional people that I have gotten to learn from… Overall i would rate this class with an A+.

David R Jr of Mansfield, MA 7/5/2013
The Rider Coaches were awesome… They were both very informative, friendly, and patient. As a woman it was really awesome to have one as one of my coaches — she’s really phenomenal and made me feel confident that I could keep up with the guys.

Thanks for everything!

Amber B of Uxbridge, MA 7/2/2013
The class was excellent and both Todd and Steve were so great as instructors! They did a fantastic job yet kept it fun 🙂

Would highly recommend the program to anyone 🙂
Trisha K of Plainville, MA 7/2/2013
I think that Street wise Cycle School is an amazing place to learn how to ride a motorcycle. The environment is very safe and welcoming and I am so happy to have been a student at this school.

The classroom was a fun place to learn and even though we weren’t on the bikes, I still learned a lot and never got bored. The videos were a big help and I loved the amount of communication and participation that went on in the room.The riding range was absolutely amazing and a great place to ride. The area was very open and easy to ride on.

I loved my coaches and how they taught the class. They were very nice and specific with telling the students what to do in order to become a better rider. I felt very encouraged by them and they always had a positive attitude even if someone didn’t understand what to do in the beginning of the lesson. Communication was clear and understood by them and they were very well rehearsed with what to teach us. Personal safety was a huge factor in this class and that made me feel very comfortable and safe while attending this class.

I would definitely recommend this school to anyone wishing to learn how to ride a motorcycle and get their license.

Alicia I of Centerville, MA 7/1/2013
The course was outstanding, the instructors (Todd and Steve) were professional and knowledgeable. I learned a lot of great information.

Tim W of Worcester, MA 7/1/2013
Overall I would rate the experience and the school as EXCELLENT. I found the course progression to be methodical enough to grasp each skill before went onto the next one…

Rider Coaches were excellent. Dale is very skilled and uses her personality and humor to great advantage to make all the students feel at ease. But her message is dead serious. Alan was excellent and on day 2 Bob kept things smooth and gave quality and consistent feedback. They all respected the students and were supportive of the students, especially the weaker students who were having more difficulty. Communication was excellent. Safety was stressed throughout.

I expect to return for the experienced rider course in the near future after a log some real miles on my motorcycle.

All the best,
Alan C of Jamaica Plain, MA 6/26/2013
I had a great experience at Streetwise Cycle School. Both classroom and field instructions were very professional, and the staff were extra friendly. I have no hesitations recommending the school to any of my acquaintances who may be interested. Thanks for your time and efforts to keep us safe on the road.

Yakov K of Brookline, MA 6/26/2013
Thanks Bob, Mike and Mike for a great experience. You guys were great, and the course was definitely well structured and I thought it was exactly what I needed.

Thanks again
Mel H of South Boston, MA 6/25/2013
Zach and I found the classroom and Riding Range Great! We both are hands on learners. We enjoyed the length of time in classroom then outside to apply the information.

Both our coaches were awesome. Really knew their stuff! They both had positive attitudes. Being a nervous person, their encouragement and praising really boosted my confidence. Zach already really having a backround riding a bike (thought class might be boring) LOVED being on the range with our coaches because they gave him things to work on. And I think an eye opener that you can always improve as a rider.

Thank you for all the help we really enjoyed out class!
Caroline E and Zachary W of Wrentham, MA 6/25/2013
I had a great weekend with Streetwise. You guys have a kickass program! Congrats and I wish you the best

Happy (and safe) riding!
-Roberto M of Cambridge, MA 6/24/2013
I had a great experience with your program. The instructors were very professional & friendly. I would highly recommend your program to friends.

Annmarie C of Roslindale, MA 6/24/2013
Just wanted to say thanks again for an absolutely awesome class and one of the best weekends I’ve had in a long time. Aside from the Groupon class I took with you it was my first time ever on a bike and am now incredibly looking forward to riding.

I don’t have a single bit of feedback on what to change – I liked every aspect the class. Your knowledge about riding is incredible and I was tremendously impressed with your dedication to safety procedure. I will 100% recommend your class to anyone I can.

Dan L of Quincy, MA 6/23/2013
The instructors are top notch! Their knowledge and encouragement was well received. Dale and Rich were clear in their directions and follow up on what could be improved. They were approachable and 100% professional. I would absolutely recommend Streetwise Cycle School to anyone wishing to learn the art of riding a motorcycle. The experience has made me much more aware of potential issues when driving any vehicle.

Debbie H of North Attleboro, MA 6/23/2013
I am writing this short email to express my complete satisfaction and appreciation for the two instructors whose Basic Rider Safety class I attended this weekend. Gary and Todd are top notch at what they do! I was taken back at how caring and patient they were to each and every student. Taking the time that they did making sure we understood ALL the material and excercises will make our class great Riders. Thanks again for all the great work. Kudos to Gary and Todd!!!!

James L of Woonsocket, RI 6/23/2013
Rider coaches were excellent. They were prepared, communicated effectively and showed concern for safety. You could tell that they loved riding. I definitely felt respected and encouraged. It was great to get positive feedback when I made an improvement.

Jeff A of Scituate, MA 6/18/2013
I maintain my license in NJ. I had done a class 6 years ago and never got a bike or rode between that time and now. I got a bike a couple months ago and vowed to redo the class. I was up in Boston for the weekend and decided to do the class. I am so glad I chose Streetwise. Your instructors for the Sat/Sunday morning class were great teachers/coaches/mentors. Please extend another big thank you to Ken and Gary again.

Thanks for the great class and the great learning environment,

Adam S of Boston, MA 6/18/2013
I wanted to let you know that I was very pleased with the course and instructors. I had little experience street riding, and the first thing I did after finishing the course was take a ride and applied what I was taught. What a difference! I have more confidence, but yet am more safety conscious. I will certainly recommend Streetwise.

Again, thanks.
Steve G of South Weymouth, MA 6/17/2013
Just would like to say thanks so much. I had a great time this weekend and it encouraged me to get out there and get a motorcycle and further the skills I learned on Saturday and Sunday with Ken and Gary. They were both awesome teachers!! So much knowledge, super friendly, clear about instructions and willing to go over things more than once if someone didn’t understand.

Overall I am very satisfied with the course. I left with more knowledge than I thought I would and am now very excited, motivated and confident with moving on to purchasing a motorcycle for myself and to continue learning. Classroom experience was great and the knowlege provided with the back up of the videos was very helpful in transitioning to the range. The riding range, while hard at first, provided a good pace of learning, and helped me to improve with each exercise.

Thanks again,
Marietta A of Dedham, MA 6/17/2013
I had a wonderful experience with Marjorie and Rich, they were really perfect and it was great to learn so many great things from them. Thanks also for your outstanding support.

Thanks again!
Antonio C of East Boston, MA 6/16/2013
Thank you so much for the great experience! I came in having literally no idea how to ride and left hoping to get my first bike and practice what I learned. This is really something I would recommend for anyone even thinking about learning to ride.

The riding coaches were amazing. We had Dale and Mike — they were both encouraging and patient while still being strict about how to approach riding safely. I felt their advice was perfect for my level of experience. They came prepared and were obviously both very knowledgable about coaching riding.

Again, thank you so much for everything it’s been such a great experience.

All the best,
Dave H of Brighton, MA 6/13/2013
I just wanted to let you know what a great time I had and how impressed I was with your instructors, Dineen and Gary. They did a great job and are true professionals. Shortly after the class, I purchased my first bike and am picking it up on Thursday. I am confident that what I learned in the class will be of great help to me out on the road. Also, I found the email updates that you sent to be very helpful in preparing for the class. Thank you and keep up the good work!

Colm C of Walpole, MA 6/11/2013
I just wanted to start off by saying I really enjoyed the Basic Rider Course and I learned a lot of good techniques and developed good base skills that may very well save my life in the future…

I had Dale and Mike for coaches. Both made learning really fun and easy. Their personal stories and any incidents they had been in or crashes they avoided with the skills they taught us made the course seem more important and was not just a way to get my license. The two of them created a great atmosphere for learning with jokes and stories while still maintaining the seriousness of safety on the range and when we get out on the road. I could not have asked for better coaches than the two of them… I really enjoyed this course and took a lot away from it. I am already recommending this course to friends who want to learn to ride a motorcycle and I will continue to do so in the future.

Thanks for everything,
Keith R of Wrentham, MA 6/11/2013
We had Demi as our instructor. She is great. Loved taking the class with her.

I will recommend this course to my friends.

– Shin N 6/11/13
This entire experience has been great. You and your team were excellent!

William P of Walpole, MA 6/5/2013
Thanks, Bob!!
I have to take a minute to thank you and your staff. My time in sales influenced my perception of the motorcycle world and a school that would enable one to be a potential customer to dim at best. I paid my tuition and pressed on as I wanted to learn and get my license. Much to my surprise I found the most professional staff and operation. I learned a lot about motorcycles and the safety required to operate one. I gained the confidence not only to ride comfortably, but also approach any ride or purchase with knowledge about how to be safe and enjoy the ride.

Rich and Marjorie were professional, knowledgeable, and knew what it took to communicate that to all of us in a POSITIVE non condescending way. The class was FUN!!.

Rest assured I will be back, I am going to purchase a bike soon and after some street time I will be in to take it to the next level.

Best Regards,
Leo K of Medfield, MA 6/5/2013
It was amazing how far the students went over a two day period, from learning to ride a motorcycle to passing a road test. The bikes were all in very good condition. We got verbal instruction and then demonstrations on every facet of riding and the instructors were great. Breaks were taken a appropriate times and the pace of learning was appropriate for beginners…

The coaches were experienced riders and wonderful teachers. They were patient, friendly and helpful. Their advise and coaching was always instructive and timely. Not only did we receive instruction, but practical advice on the safe operation of the bikes and how to avoid other dangers on the road, be that motor vehicle operators, and the nuances of riding, e.g. striping on the road which becomes slick, tar which melts, etc. I was very encouraged by the instructions, they were true coaches and they made the experience fun and enjoyable. Each of the instructors was well prepared, the materials they used were clearly ‘time-tested’. The coaches communicated very clearly, and accepted questions and comments from students which made our limited training time very effective.

Great program, I will be recommending it to others. Thanks.

Thomas E of North Kingstown, RI 6/5/2013
I really enjoyed taking the program you offered today at your Foxboro location. I went from never riding a motorcycle, atv, or dirt bike to driving around my brand new 2012 Hyosung 650GTR all evening.

I will deffinetly be referring anyone I know to your program.

Zachary B of Foxboro, MA 6/4/2013
I was overall very pleased with my experience with Streetwise. Marjory, Mike, and Bruce were great instructors. We learned a lot, but they also kept it fun and relaxed at the same time.

Thanks again,
Lee T of Brookline, MA 5/29/2013
I really enjoyed the class and the instructors. You have a great program. Keep up the good work and I will recomend others to use your school.

Thanks again,
George T of Taunton, MA 5/29/2013
I took your course of the weekend and it was great. Ken, our instructor, was really the driving force. He made us all feel comfortable, relaxed, but serious about the material. That made it easy to absorb and it was a good environment to ask questions, ask for help, etc.

Boris P of Brookline, MA 5/29/2013
I am writing to thank you for the excellent course … I took and passed the MSF class this weekend in Foxboro. Dale and Gary were such good teachers, I feel like I have what is needed to get back to riding after nearly twenty years off. Please extend my appreciation to them for their excellence.

Thanks again for an excellent riding class.

Best regards,
Fred G of Providence, RI 5/29/2013
Very satisfied. Coaches were extremely patient and made sure everyone understood the concepts explained both in the video and the booklet. Going over the questions definitely helped reviewing safety measures. The exercises in the range were all very helpful and actually fun to do.

Coaches were always very enthusiastic (even in crappy weather), which was immense in making sure that we kept our spirits up. It was clear that they knew what they were doing and that they have been teaching this course for a long time. Excellent communication and concern for students’ safety. Made sure all questions and concerns were answered before/after exercises.

Thanks for everything Bob, and great job with Streetwise. I’ll definitely come back for more courses once I get some miles on the road.

Brian L of Brookline, MA 5/29/2013
I attended the rider course this past weekend and couldn’t be more pleased with the help I got from the two instructors, they were so much help in getting me prepared to take the final written test and riding test, those two guys work great together in identifying the students deficiencies and helping them to over come them. I plan on sending my grandson to Streetwise next summer when he is old enough to be licensed to ride and have recommended your school to numerous friends.

Thanks again
Don L of South Boston, MA 5/23/2013
Thank you! I loved the class and have recommended to many friends already

Kimberly S 5/21/2013
I just completed the two day Boston class this past weekend. I am extremely satisfied with my experience! Bud and Ken were so patient, encouraging and knowledgeable. They were able to identify where I was making mistakes and offer suggestions as to how to fix them.

Bud was especially helpful with building my confidence. He could tell I was a bit nervous, and he just kept reminding me to not let my nerves get the best of me.

Ken was really good at using real life examples in his explanations.

The course itself was done at a good pace and the breaks were scheduled at the right times.

I liked getting all the e-mails reminding me about the course and with additional information and how to prepare.

All in all, I would absolutely recommend this course to friends and family. I have some girlfriends that are hoping to get their licenses by the middle of the summer so I’ll be sending them your way!

Thanks so much.
-Amy K of Winchester, MA 5/21/2013
Just a word to say that I really enjoyed the training on motorcycle safety. The instructers were great!!! I learned a lot that has helped me with my riding. I would recommend your school to anyone that is looking to take the safety course.

Billy T of Wrentham, MA 5/20/2013
Ron and Alan are great instructors…(you are lucky to have them) & we had a great group. Enjoyed the week-end.

Katie F of Quincy, MA 5/20/2013
Just wanted to take a minute to thank you and Todd for helping me to obtain my motorcycle license this past weekend.

I found your class to be extremely well run and informative. You guys took your time and were not only very knowledgeable, but patient. I feel very comfortable having gone through your school. Not just because of the things that you taught but because I believe if you thought I was not capable of driving with a license you would have not allowed me to pass this class and would have me taking further steps to become a better driver and ultimately pass and receive my license.

The classroom was well run. The course was not easy but not so difficult as to intimidate me. You and Todd were very good instructors whom I thought were great teachers and very down to earth guys that I felt very comfortable with. You both came very prepared and ready to hit the road. The way you explained then demonstrated everything you taught us was was very helpful which made the learning experience that much better and easier! I also would like to say your communications out of the class was great. I had some questions and some problems on my end which you immediately got back to me on, on more than one occasion and have helped me resolve.

Overall your organization is an exceptionally well run business that I would feel very comfortable recommending to my friends and anyone else looking to get a great education in the field of riding motorcycles!

Bill O 5/20/2013
Thank you, Bob – really well-run program you have going out there.

Matt D of South Boston, MA 5/16/2013
Bob, I had a great time this weekend learning to ride with Alan & Mike. It was evident that they are very experienced and knowledgeable riders. The course was a lot of fun and I feel much better prepared to hit the road now. The administrative information beforehand was most helpful, there were no last minute surprises while in the course. Spelling out the RMV’s permit and license process made for a very smooth process.

Thanks again,
-Drew B of Medford, MA 5/14/2013
I was very satisfied with the course in classroom and on the range, I have been riding for a little while before I took the class. And I learned alot of new things and techniques.

I had Dale and Mike, They were great! They were very good about making sure they knew we COULD do it, and if we were doing something wrong they were good about telling and showing us how to fix it.

I think it was very well done and will recommend your course to a couple friends who are planning on taking the course…

Victoria H of Lowell, MA 5/14/2013
I am very satisfied with the course. I learned a lot about properly riding a motorcycle. I’ve had a motorcycle before and thought I knew how to ride it and be comfortable but this class taught me things I never knew and now feel so comfortable on a bike.

The RiderCoaches were excellent. They made the class enjoyable and taught very professional and well. There was plenty of communication and showed concern for our personal safety.

… I highly recommend it to anyone and will inform my friends of this course.

Thank you.
Justin R of Brimfield, MA 5/13/2013
I was very satisfied with the course I was more comfortable on the range than in the class because I haven’t been in a class in years Alan and Mike where great at explaining everything I have absolutely no complaints and I thank all of you for making my riding skills better than what they were.

James of Stoughtom, MA 5/13/2013
I was extremely satisfied with the whole package! I wanted to learn everything the right way before I could develop bad habits and Dineen and Gary taught me everything I was hoping to learn and more. I got a 98 on the written test and a great score on the riding eval. Dineen was our coach and was very informative, willing to answer any questions from the group, always had constructive criticism which was so helpful, funny, and very encouraging. The class was fun and very helpful.

Both Denine and Gary communicated extremely well and were wonderful coaches. They both definitely enforced the safety rules and always knew what each person in the group was doing at all times.

I was very satisfied with the administrative info. especially the opportunity to study from the book online. The sample test was very, very helpful as well. I like having as much infomation as possible on any new and unknown that I have to do and the emails and info included were actually perfect and exactly what I needed. It made me so much more comfortable in attending the class, what to bring and what to expect.

Thank you for a wonderful experience and I have already told others who are getting into riding they HAVE to take the course.

And one more thing, DINEEN was a GREAT TEACHER!!!! We didn’t have as much time with Gary but he was wonderful too!

Mary S of Plainville, MA 5/13/2013
The range was GREAT. We were in the back range – very quiet and private, tons of space, no distractions. Perfect venue.

Rider Coaches: I’d give both Ken and Demi top marks. I thought Ken in particular was superb. He was strict and serious but also friendly and enthusiastic. He seemed to really enjoy instructing us, and repeatedly reminded us to have fun and relax as well. Demi was a very good instructor too. She gave me excellent pointers a number of times. I could tell she was paying attention, and not checking her watch for quitting time. Both Ken and Demi were respectful and clearly vigilant about our safety.

Administrative: I was very pleased with the course sign-up process, confirmation emails, and attention paid to keeping everything on schedule. The emphasis on the website and in confirmation emails about showing up on time and with the right gear made me plan ahead and take it seriously. I was pleased to see when I arrived for the course that it wasn’t just lip-service – that people were expected to show up on time and prepared. Ken put it very well – this is your first chance to show us you’re serious about riding, being prepared and being safe.

Thanks for a very helpful and instructive course – very professionally run and well-worth the money.

Matt D of South Boston 5/13/2013
My husband, son and myself were in the May 4th & 5th class at the Foxboro location and were all extremely satisfied with both the classroom & riding range.

I am 61 years old and although I was anxious to take this course I had no riding experience and was not sure what to expect. Let me just say as soon as Dale walked into the classroom I knew it was going to be a great 2 days. AND IT WAS!! She is an excellent instructor and really cares about the students. Both she and Gary were fantastic on the riding range as well. Safety was #1 at all times. They would explain, demonstrate, then have us do the exercise. If someone (like me) did something wrong they took the time to make sure we understood just exactly what we did wrong and how to correct our mistakes. I learned so much from them and enjoyed the class immensely. The 2 days literally flew by.

We were very satisfied with the administrative end as well. The signing up process was a snap and we all received confirmation/informative emails. Just so you know our licenses arrived today!!

The three of us are telling everyone we know how awesome your school is. It is definitely worth taking. In fact one of my husband’s friends would like to know if you have gift certificates; he would like to get one for his son’s birthday.

We had an absolutely fantastic time!
Cheri P of Plainville, MA 5/10/2013
I was very satisfied with the course I took … both of you guys were great… I have nothing but positive things to say about the whole experience…

Mimir R of Arlington, MA 5/9/2013
I thought it was fantastic … The riding range was great, by the end of it I was feeling really confident that I could ride a motorcycle…

The RiderCoaches were wonderful, the both of them. I think they’re in a position of power and could very easily be jerks but they were both very instructive, helpful, and encouraging.

I really can’t say enough about the course. I left feeling like it was money well spent and that I’d actually probably return for another course once I get my bike. Thanks again!

Luke P 5/8/2013
The riding section started off at a very basic level but then picked up quickly to basic maneuvering techniques. It was well thought out and well executed. The coaches were well organized and made an effort to answer students questions. They also were positive when giving corrections on riding techniques. I didn’t feel at any time as though they were criticizing my ability. They were just correcting simple mistakes in a positive manor where as some coaches may display annoyance or anger at students for mistakes… The RiderCoaches were fabulous.

Overall the course was a very positive experience and I enjoyed working with the instructors (Paula and Steve).

Josh B of Brookline, MA 5/7/2013
I just wanted to write and let you know that my experience with Streetwise was wonderful. It was easy to find classes that worked for me. I also had an easy time with the sign up process. Communications were clear and helpful in regards to the class and what was expected of us.

The instructor Dale was great. She was very knowledgeable and helpful in so many ways. I have already recommended this class to others.

Thanks so much.
Terry M of Norwood, MA 5/5/2013
Thank you so much for your time, patience and encouragement. In two days, you lead my transformation from timid, nervous and insecure to a more confident, safe and capable rider.

The approach to both the classroom and riding range experience were excellent. The pre-work allowed the ability to apply theory to reality. The riding area provided a safe environment to learn and gain confidence and you progressed through the skills. Starting at a walk to learning clutch control to swerving and riding over objects was an amazing transformation. It was done naturally and comfortably, never forced. Fantastic experience.

Given I was quite nervous at the start, Bob’s approach provided calm, strong and clear direction. He was always available for further clarification and incredibly knowledgable. Bob was extremely well prepared. Communication, guidance, and encouragement were excellent. Personal safety was clearly the number 1 priority. Bob consistently made sure we were safe with the bikes and prepared for emergencies. His thoughtful approach provided for a safe learning environment.

Communications were clear, prompt and thorough. Expectations were clearly articulated throughout. The overall experience was outstanding.

Susan S of Mattapoisett, MA 5/3/2013
Thank you, Bob! It was a great experience and we are really happy with the course, your patience and teaching skills. Thank you again for making the time around our schedules.

Ned and Susan S of Mattapoisett, MA 5/3/2013
Dale was a great instructor. Kept it fun but was very imformative and always helpful. Both RiderCoaches were excellent. They stay on you with what you were doing wrong until you improved at the excercise. Dale was very well spoken and always explained things clearly to ensure that everyone uderstood.

I was very pleased with the course and feel good about having gone through the class. I would highly recommend your organization and class to anyone who looking to ride a motorcycle

E R of Cambridge, MA 5/2/2013
I really enjoyed my experience with Streetwise. Bob, you really run a great course and have some great teachers. Its amazing that in really a little over 24 hours you can take people from never having been on a motorcycle to passing a road test…

Dale was awesome. Her strength as a coach is out on in the field. In the field she was positive yet really motivating. She always seemed to be very positive and help calm me when I was nervous yet at the same time put a little fire in me to listen to her constructive feedback. She has talent for in field coaching.

Alan was great too. He has a funny and calm demeanor and clearly loves riding as he wouldn’t stop doing the demos.

Thanks again!
Todd L of Boston, MA 5/1/203
… I was carrying my new helmet on the train so everyone knew I rode a motorcycle and asked how hard it was to get the license so I told them that it would have been a lot harder and more scary if I hadn’t gone to Streetwise! 🙂

Cassandra R of E Boston, MA 5/1/2013
I went for a ride yesterday on my 06 sv650s and it was an amazing experience!!! I am very excited and happy that I finally joined the motorcycle community. Best of luck with your motorcycle school and please hire more guys like Alan and Steve they both were very professional and funny.

Take care,
– Michal M of Lynn, MA 4/3/2013
Alan and Mike were wonderful, very patient and very knowledgable. Alan especially is a gifted teacher.

Feroze S of South Boston, MA 4/23/2013
Just want to thank you again I really enjoyed the class I learned a lot and enjoyed the instructors

Stephen D of Quincy, MA 4/22/2013
Thank you so much for the great weekend, I had a blast and met a whole bunch of awesome people. Also, tell Bob and family I say thank you for helping me with my parental pick-up crisis.

Thank You!
Myriam B of Dover, MA 4/21/2013
I just wanted to sed you some feedback on the Streetwise Cycle School Basic Rider Course I attented last month.

The classroom experience was done very professionally. The Rider Coach was extremely knowledgeable and not only taught the course material well but was willing to answer all questions without hesitation. The information provided in the classroom far exceeded my expecations. There was a good mix of lecture, video and discussion.

The instruction on the riding range was done perfectly. The rider coaches were very exact and professional. If you made mistakes they immediately made it known to you so you could make the correction. Their critisism was greatly appreciated. I feel I’m a much better rider because of it.

Overall the course was amazing and I would recommended the Streetwise Cycle School to others. I’ve already recommended it to several friends who are now looking into possibly taking the course.

After completing the course I got my motorcycle licence. I bought a bike from M.O.M. South a couple weeks later. Couldn’t be happier!

Joe H of Attleboro, MA 4/19/2013
I would like to thank Streetwise Cycle School for giving me the confidence, ability and skills to perform the best I can on my motorcycle. My instructor was great and I would highly recommend Streetwise Cycle School of Foxboro.

Scott R W of Attleborough, MA 4/18/2013
The class was great. The inside class was very informative and provided me with some pointers that I am definitely going to use from now on when I go for a ride.

The outside class was perfect. The coaches were phenomenal, they completely understood where I was coming from and I never felt like they were talking down to me. I felt respected and highly encouraged by them. They had the answer to all my questions. Not only were they able to answer questions that I had in regards to the handbook but they were able to answer questions that were not in the book. They had the experience in and out of the class to relate to me completely. They communicated in a way that everyone in the class was able to understand. They made sure that safety was the number one concern on the range.

The administrative processes were right on point. I knew what I needed to bring to class and how I had to come dressed. On top of that, you guys were able to accommodate me in a class, with little notice, when I accidentally signed up for a group closed class.

Overall, I give you guys “two thumbs up”. I felt well taken care of throughout all my interactions/processes before, during and after the class. I will definitely recommend you guys in the future.

Ivan J Q of Roslindale, MA 4/17/2013
The rider coaches were great and I would recommend Demi and Bud to anyone. I learned a lot and they are both very helpful, friendly, patient and knowledgeable.

I was satisfied with the whole experience and thought everything went great!

Dave C of Ashburnham, MA 4/17/2013
I am very satisfied, at the classroom the coach answered every question we had about the rider handbook and at the range we had nothing but a good time, it was fun!

Ken and Mike White had a lot of experience, they made me feel confident about my riding skills

Thank you Bob, taking the class was a great experience!!
Victor A of East Boston, MA 4/17/2013
on the road with my 883 and feel far more confident because of the training she provided.

Robert M of Foxboro, MA 4/17/2013
The Course was perfect. I felt challenged to work on necessary skills. The flow of the material on the range seemed effortless and logical. I feel better prepared for the riding season.

Marjorie and Dale are an amazing team of coaches. They gave clear precise instructions and demos to match. Their instruction during the skill exercises were instrumental in creating and or reinforcing a skill. They were both instructional and supportive in their teaching.

Jodi of W Roxbury, MA 4/15/2013
Bob, after two days of learning motorcycle skills and practicing them, I have finally passed the exam today.

I am so grateful to you and to the Streetwise Cycle School coach team. Demi was just brilliant, teaching us everything carefully and with patience. I’ll recommend your school to all my friends interested in learning how to ride well.

Yashar K of Dorchester, MA 4/14/2013
I had such a great experience. Since this was my first time riding on the motorcycle I feel confident that I have learned information which I need to ride safe. The range was set up perfectly for beginners. The classroom portion was filled with information that was clear to understand.

Todd and Mike were both great!

Danica W of Brockton, MA 4/12/2013
Overall satisfaction is extremely pleased. The classroom was a good experience and prepared us to get to know the bike before we actually got on the course. I felt very comfortable when I arrived on the course and met my bike. The course itself was well taught. Starting off slow and progressing slightly harder as we got better, yet at the same time giving us the one on one if we needed it.

The rider coaches were great! Susan was well versed on instructing and making sure we knew exactly what we were doing. She was constantly re-enforcing the important things and always asking us questions so we made sure to remember. I felt very respected by the coaches. Even though all of us riders were at different levels. .. we were all treated the same. There was not one time where I felt that I could not do something nor understand something.

The administrative processes were fantastic, making sure I brought everything I needed. The best part though. … when I completed the course. .I still got emails with tips, when I could expect my license to arrive, etc. Quality school! I plan on taking the experienced course next year after I get riding hours under my belt.

Michael of North Easton, MA 4/9/2013
Just did riding (refresher course). Enjoyed it soooo much, more than the first time… I am recruiting 3 coworkers to take the course this summer!

The RiderCoaches were EXCELLENT!! I can’t remember the name of our Satuday 7 a.m class rider coach but he was great explained everything very clearly, answered all of our questions, had a sense of humor. Day 2 Bob – you already know you’re awesome!

Anju T of Brockton, MA 4/9/2013
I wanted to let you know that I thoroughly enjoyed the class Sat and Sunday morning… While the instructors each have very different styles I believe they complement each other well… Alan’s personality sets you at ease which makes it easier to learn,and Dale is an exceptional instructor who obviously cares a great deal about what she is doing. I feel fortunate to have had her as an instructor. I have been riding on a permit for a long time and thought I would have nothing to learn I was dead wrong.

Jim D of Norwood, MA 4/7/2013
Bud did a great job especially around the 10 hrs of riding. He was clear in his directions and very good in giving input and encouragement to us as we rode… I look forward to practicing what I have been shown.

Bob C of Dedham, MA 4/5/2013
RiderCoaches? Loved ’em. As a woman, I was relieved to have Dale as an instructor. Men, in my experience, sometimes make unconscious comments about women riding motorcycles. However, after meeting Dale and three other men involved with program, I feel confident in all of you to be aware and I thank you for it. Excellent. I also really appreciated how patient Dale was with our second language speakers. As a person who had lived in a foreign country for two years, I fully understand the desire to be able to participate in things, understand what’s happening but, at the same time, not have the best grasp of the language. Dale was extremely patient with some of the class participants and without “giving them answers” was able to explain important points in ways they could understand so they could successfully pass the course.

As riding coaches all three, Dale, Steve and Al were great. The coaching I received from them was helpful and clear and will help to make me a better rider. At one point, when we where all having a hard time with the U-turn Dale walked us through it (while we were riding it) and I saw people (myself included) go from horribly missing it, to nailing the turns. Excellent.

I appreciate that Steve and Al always had a comment for me after I finished an exercise. Even when they would stop me to ask “how did that feel” it encouraged me to consciously think about what I was doing right which would allow me to repeat that action again next time.

Shannon K of Milford, MA 4/4/2013
Just writing to thank you and Bud for last weekend’s course! I had a great time, learned a lot and come Monday morning I was actually hungry for more but depressed to realize the course was over! ..

Communication, paperwork, the classroom and range experience, were all great. It’s nice that it’s spread out in two consecutive days and not in two or three separate days like in other courses but the sun can be tiring after a few hours..! It was great to get pictures of our riding too – my compliments to the photographer who made us look so cool even though we are a bunch of beginners…

Alejandro V of Cambridge, MA 4/2/2013
LUV!!! I felt completely safe despite the fact I was extremely nervous. By the end of day two I was confident that with some more practice I will be hitting the road this season. The environment was condusive to learning and the bikes were a perfect size for my short stature.

The RiderCoaches were Professional yet fun. Safety was paramount, period!

Thoroughly enjoyed the class!!!
Kim T of Milford, MA 4/1/2013
I’m satisfied as someone could be. It was really great experience. The class made you think of situations where as not being a rider, I was not aware of it. And the riding practice was simply fun. My only regret is that it took way too long for me to do the class. Should have done it years ago.

The RiderCoaches were excellent: knowledgeable and passionate about motorcycle and very welcoming to the motorcycle world. The class and instructions (while riding) were very clear (even to me who speaks English as second language). I believe everyone there felt very safe. I certainly did.

Everything was clear and the communication was effective and timely. Literally no surprises, or misunderstanding… Overall I enjoyed it and thought the material given and the practice was great.

Thank you,
-Flavio F of Roxbury, MA 4/1/2013
I had a great experience at the motorcycle course this past weekend. It was challenging and exhilarating! I am thankful to have passed. I would like to express how great our instructors were, you should definately feel proud to have them, both. Tom and Ron’s kindness and encouragement made the class unforgettable!

Thank you, Bob.
– Tom M of Norton, MA 3/27/2013
The course was awesome! Thank you so much for everything.

Janine M of Allston, MA 3/27/2013
I am very satisfied with the classroom and riding range. It was professional and everyone was very friendly and helpful. Things ran on time and the main objective was safety and learning. The Rider Coaches (Ken and Alan) were wonderful and gave good feedback and were very respectful. They were prepared and were very concerned for each participants personal safety. The administrative processes were very specific and efficient. Very little time was spent on administrative things and we were able to just focus on learning. The reminder emails and the emails following the class were great!

Overall it was a great course and I would definitely recommend it to others.

El E of Malden, MA 3/26/2013
I enjoyed the course very much! The content was good, the pace was good, there was a good mix of reading/videos/instruction/practice, etc. The instructor was also kind, engaging, you could tell this was something he has passion for and is very helpful. Besides being extremely windy on Saturday and my hands freezing, which is not fault of the course, I enjoyed myself! I appreciate(d) the guidance/opinions on what bikes are appropriate for novice riders and continued support after course completion.

Mackenzie L of Holland, MA 3/26/2013
First of all thank you and your team, especially Bud for the course. It was a great way to learn about riding motorcycles.

Overall, I was extremely satisfied with the course. It did a great job of teaching how to use the motorcycle, how to be safe, and how to have fun. The classroom was well done and the use of the video along with the book is a great way to prepare for the test at the end. The range was great as well. The small group of six was perfect to get to practice all the skills multiple times and have the ability for individualized instruction.

Bud was a great rider coach. You could tell that he was very experienced and that he cared that we understood what we were doing and that we could do it. He was very respectful and encouraging, communicated all the drills/skills well and demonstrated them well. He did a good job looing out for our safety, making sure everyone had proper attire, knew what they were doing, etc.

All communications, e-mials, directions were great. The two e-mails right before the course were very useful to remember what to bring and to begin reading up on the materials. Licensing process was explained well. (Looking forward to getting mine)

Thank you,
Michael R of Boston, MA 3/26/2013
The information provided in the class room and in the range were great considering that it’s not something you would learn just by riding and really taught me the fundamentals of riding a motorcycle.

The RiderCoaches were very knowledgeable and encouraging. I definitely felt respected and the RiderCoaches did a great job in boosting my morale and confidence considering that for many students this might be their first time riding a motorcycle. Although it’s a group course the RiderCoaches are very attentive to each individuals weaknesses and strengths to provide adequate coaching. Safety was always number 1 on their list and they taught us not only great riding tips but safety tips.

Expect the referrals to come your way especially seeing as I myself was referred to streetwise from previous students!

Aldy B of Hyde Park, MA 3/21/2013
Thank you much Bob! I definitely recommend this course to all my friends who wants to ride in the future. Not just because the quality of the riding course but also your customer services!

Hongyu K of Dorchester, MA 3/21/2013
Bob, I couldn’t be more pleased with the whole experience I had with Streetwise. You were great to accommodate my odd scheduling needs, even with the weather issues this week. The whole thing worked great for me. I had four different riding instructors since I was at Hyde Park and Foxboro. Every one of them was outstanding, informative, safe, encouraging and professional. Honestly, I don’t know exactly what I was expecting but the whole experience exceeded what I had imagined. I had never been on a motorcycle before Saturday and I gained a lot of confidence from the course. I can’t wait to get a bike and start riding.

I talked with another school first and they weren’t as helpful. I’m glad I talked to you before signing up. I’ll recommend Streetwise to everyone I talk to.

Thanks again.
-Glen O of Hanover, MA 3/19/2013
Susan and Ken were a great team. They were patient, encouraging, and fair.

Chuck S of Randolph, MA 3/19/2013
I interact with a lot of people on a daily basis and I value interpersonal skills when I see them executed flawlessly. Riding, learning new skills and breaking old habits can be frustrating and really does reduce everyone in the class to the same level. Both Dale and Todd were phenomenal instructing, coaching and politely pointing out my flaws on the course. When I answered a question wrong in the class Todd never responded with a demeaning remark but always, with grace, explained the proper answer. Dale was so great on the course laughing and poking fun at some of my bad habits that I had picked up along the way. I really owe them and you a lot of gratitude.

As a result of attending the school I purchased a Shoei full face helmet and a bright yellow vest to wear over my black leather jacket. I had my bike out yesterday prior to the snow and was practicing my SLPR cornering and my emergency stopping…

Please thank both Dale and Todd for me.

With respect for your school and team,
Bill G of Medfield, MA 3/19/2013
I completed the Basic Rider Skills course this week and I am pleased to hear that I have been issued my license… My range instructors, Mike and Tom, were both helpful and encouraging. They made the exercises clear and were patient when needed. I think the fact that all of the students in our range group passed is a testament to their expertise. Likewise I would say the classroom time was well spent and that the lectures and videos adequately prepared us for the test. I passed with a 98% so you guys were obviously very helpful…

I was on the whole enormously pleased with the course and enjoyed my experience very much. I will gladly recommend you if I have the chance.

Dan D of Brookline, MA 3/19/2013
I am very imprested at how professional your people are. Both Dale and Todd were very helpful, patient and professional.

All aspects of the experience from meeting and talking with you at the motorcycle show to your correspondence preparing us for the school and the school experience was first class. I will certainly call if I have any questions.

Thank You,
Dick S of Pawtucket, RI 3/19/2013
Over the weekend I took the Basic Rider Course at Foxboro and just wanted to say thank you for an awesome experience. I had never ridden a motorcycle before. One time, I attempted to learn on a friend’s motorcycle with his “coaching.” That experience didn’t count, as I was unable to stay upright for more than a few feet – the whole thing lasted about two minutes and traumatized me so that I avoided motorcycles for a long time after. That is, until I learned about Streetwise Cycle School.

I arrived early for the first class with a mix of nervous energy, and a great deal of doubt in my ability to learn this scary thing. But I was immediately set at ease by Dineen’s friendly greeting. She introducing herself as an “awesome” instructor!

As it turns out, she REALLY is an awesome instructor! Actually, both Dineen and Gary were fantastic coaches. They were competent, clear and presented the information in a non-threatening way. Putting our safety first, they also made sure we were having fun! They enhanced the class material by relaying their own real life experiences. It was quite clear that both instructors cared about each individual student. Despite the challenge of bitter cold temperatures both days, which could hinder concentration and performance, the coaches maintained a consistent upbeat attitude and energy level as well as a sense of humor.

I really learned a lot in the two-day class and have gained enough confidence to very cautiously get some riding experience on my own…

As an adult I’ve taken quite a few classes from so called professional schools and colleges, in various subjects. I must say this was one of the best. The course is well designed and the instructors/coaches are excellent. They truly cared about teaching us to be competent and safe riders.

Many thanks to Dineen and Gary for an exceptional experience. I highly recommend them and Streetwise Cycle School. Now I need to go warm up!

Mike T of North Easton, MA 3/18/2013
I had an amazing time today and learned so much! It was a lot of fun! Dale and Demi were really great and I really built a lot of confidence in that first class with their help, and guidance.

Thanks so much!
Cherryl H of South Boston 11/17/2012
In a word, amazing. Ron and Dale were great!!

I have never ridden before and they did a great job preparing me for the next phase of riding. True professionals.

I would highly recommend anyone thinking about riding to take the course. My confidence soared as we went from basic controls to hitting 130 degree turns. Great weekend with good people and instructors who have a passion for motorcycling!!

Thank you for this invaluable service!!
Mike D of Milford, MA 11/13/2012
I was very satisfied with the both the class and the riding range. I would highly recommend the school to anyone looking to learn how to ride. I have high praise for both of my riding coaches Dale and Ron. I can not say enough about their professionalism both in the classroom, as well as the riding range. They ensured our safety and went to the extra mile in communicating with the riders.

I have enjoyed my experience with Streetwise and look forward to receiving additional training opportunities.

Michele and Rob E of Stoughton, MA 11/14/2012
I can’t thank Ken and Allen enough for their gentle, effective teaching over the past 2 days. I have to say, before I arrived yesterday I was more nervous about getting on a motorcycle than I have been about anything else in my 50 years. By the first time we turned on the bikes I knew we were in safe and knowledgeable hands. Both days of the course were fun and exhilarating. And while I am clear that this is a beginning in my motorcycle learning curve, I feel confident getting on a bike and riding.

I also took the course because I am moving to Austin and getting a Vespa. I have also come to terms with the idea that a motorbike may be in my future as well.

So thank you for the school and thanks again to Ken and Allen for their great work with us. Finally, they took a band of misfits and helped us connect with each other along the way. In 2 days, with so much to learn, not an easy feat.

Lev B of Winchester, MA 11/11/2012
Prior to this course my only riding experience was riding a friend’s bike very briefly when I was 17 years old, I am 59 now. In other words I was very new to riding when I signed up for this course. This course was perfect for me. It took us from the basics of safety, checking our bikes, learning where the controls are, starting and balancing a motor cycle, simulated traffic drills emergency stopping, cornering, swerving to avoid road hazards, and turning in tight quarters. The instructors, Dale and Alan, are very organized, competent, supportive, and safety conscious. All drills are carefully explained and thoroughly demonstrated prior to the students performing them. Critiques are ‘constructively’ administered when necessary (it was actually “necessary” for me more than a couple of times).

This course helped me secure my motorcycle license without scheduling a typical road test. The instructors administer a road test on site, which by the end of the weekend everyone in our class was more than capable of passing. You must obtain a permit from Mass DOT as well in order to complete the states requirements for a motorcycle license.

Bottom line is…throughout the weekend instructors made it clear to us that your life depends on your thought process and skills in handling a motorcycle. It gave us the tools to obtain them. I think that anyone interested in riding a motorcycle should take this course it will make you a more conscious and safer driver overall (and its fun).

P.S, I shopped for and purchased a great bike (Harley Soft-tail a 2005 but looks and rides like new) and I’m having a fabulous time riding, learning, and seeing countryside from a different perspective.

Joe S of Walpole, MA 11/4/2012
I had a great experience at Streetwise Cycle School. The classroom was good and didn’t go any longer than necessary. Those classes can get boring in a hurry, but that was not the case here. I thought the riding range was excellent. They covered so many skills and techniques that I didn’t think they could in a two day class, so i was very impressed.

I really liked how the class was so detailed and went over so many different exercises that aren’t even on any road tests. It just shows how much more this class teaches riders.

The coaches were absolutely fantastic. Ken is an extremely approachable guy and great at encouraging the timid. Dale was great at getting people to stop second guessing themselves and just do it. I think the two of them make a great combo as far as intructor teams would go. Really impressive. They were extremely well preparred and were very detailed with there instruction, so there was never any questions on what our expectations were. Safety was something that they discussed constantly, and was without a doubt their first priority.

…I can not say enough about what a great class it was. I really think the instructors Ken, and Dale were truly one of the major reasons that class was so great. They are great with people, excellent at explaining how things work and their expectations and they just come off as people you would like to remain friends with. Instructors make or brake a class, so they were great.

Thank You,
Blake R of Lakeville, MA 10/30/2012
I was really thrilled with the training program. I felt it was very professional and thorough, including all correspondence before, during and also, a follow up email. I would also like to thank you for the flexibility you offered to accomodate my schedule. I truly felt like I spent a day at 6 flags. I knew absolutely nothing about motorcycles, no idea where the gas went, clueless about maintenance, and less about operating one. Your school totally delivered everything you promised.

The instructors were experienced and informative, also entertaining, ever watchful. It amazed me how they observed and knew everything you did properly, and what you needed to (and how) to improve on, even what you did wrong. I learned so much in such a short, but intense 2 day course. Thank you for offering such a great class, making it so convenient, a fun experience, and especially the service of the road test, and having the license sent right to us, avoiding a loooong day at the registry. All in all, I will recommend you every day I can’t say enough about what a wonderful experience, and how satisfied I am. Also, I really love Dale. She is quite an asset to your school.

Karen C of Stoughton, MA 10/30/2012
Marjorie and Mike have been wonderful with us, I could not have hoped for better coaching. I believe that the training course doesn’t only make me a better motorcycle rider, but also a better driver in general. It’s excellent value for the money, much better than I was expecting it to be and will highly recommend it.

Thanks again,
Ribal B of Boston, MA 10/29/2012
I have been very pleased with the class I took this weekend. The instructors, Marjorie and Mike have been so helpful, accompanying all of us whether total beginners like me or those with some experience with the same attention. I think the method used, going through the learning curve step by step is very effective, gradual and adapted for a perfect learning experience. I will refer your program to friends who are looking to learn safe motorcycle riding. Please, thank Marjorie and Mike again for me (& all the others in the group i am sure would concur).

Jean-Claude B of Jamaica Plain, MA 10/28/2012
I took the class on the 21-22nd of October. I have been riding on a permit for years and finally decided to get my license!! I learned alot from Dineen–she was an excellant teacher!! I would highly recommend her to anyone taking this course!

Thank you,

Matt C of Bellingham, MA 10/24/2012
I am extremely satisfied by my overall experience at Streetwise. The instructor was experienced, knowledgable, friendly. There were many motorcycles to choose from… Both Allen and Dale were both very friendly, respectful, prepared, and caring. They were excellent communicators and show genuine care towards their students. It is also very clear that they are passionate about riding motorcycles. This really lift the mood of the class. Also both coaches are very good at stressing what is important and insisting on practicing the crucial skills necessary for riding. This allows us to know what to really pay attention and work hard on. Both coaches showed concern for our personal safety, and really make sure to teach us all the safety information we need to know.

Dale was especially passionate and knowledgable. She really cared about the personal growth of her students, and is alway supportive of her students. At the same time, she is very strict and demanding when doing drills. This shows that she really wants to make sure that we learn the skills necessary to ride safely. I’m very happy to have had Dale as an instructor, and cannot imagine having a better motorcycle instructor.

Howard K of Boston, MA 10/24/2012
I was very happy with the course, the instructors didn’t waste any time in the classroom and emphasized any and all important points which was very helpful. The riding range was a great experience, the exercises were really fun. The instruction and feedback I got after each exercise was very constructive and supportive, never sarcastic or judgmental. The instructors also were very organized and there was little to no time wasted waiting around for them to set up. They were very pleasant to be around and lightened the semi-serious nature of the dangerous activity which I was initially nervous about. Despite the semi-formal relaxed tone of the riding range instruction, the instructors made the safety of the students their first priority.

Chase O of N Attleboro, MA 10/16/2012
Thanks Bob! I had a lot of fun in the class and I noticed an immediate improvement in my riding. It was a great class and I learned a lot! Thanks again.

Nick D of North Attleborough, MA 10/16/2012
I personally loved the course. I thought the amount of time dedicated to the classroom and the range were perfect. I learned a lot and it was great to be around riders with a passion for riding and overall safety. The “open forum” nature made everyone feel that they could ask questions without feeling singled out or dumb and the support in the group made it feasible for everyone at any level to pass the course.

My overall experience in the classroom was positive. I needed to absorb the information and I felt that the combination of video material as well as the booklet really cemented that for me.

The range experience was also great in terms of providing habitual systems for starting and stopping the bikes, safety procedures and general bike/road operational wherewithal.

As far as the coaches, I thought you all were fantastic. Enthusiastic, knowledgeable, experienced, approachable and very encouraging especially to new riders. I felt safety was of utmost importance, I felt the skills were aptly demonstrated, I felt everybody was respected and professional and respected the students.

I would recommend the course to anyone that is thinking about getting a license, someone with a new bike,or even as an activity to do over a couple of days just for interest.

Thanx again, a very positive experience overall.
Steve B of Somerville, MA 10/10/2012
I have to say that I am very pleased with the way the two days of training went this past weekend in Foxboro… Ken and Suzan are both exceptional. They are patient, professional, and encouraging while making sure their students are clear on the requirements both in terms of proper riding, and safe riding. Aside for the constant rain on day 2, which made for challenging conditions, the weekend couldn’t have gone better for me.

I’m planning on buying my first bike in late winter/early spring, and after a few months of riding, plan to come back next year for the advanced course. Thank you for providing this terrfic instruction that will be so important to me as I start riding again for the first time in over 30 years.

Best Regards,
Joe F of Somerville, MA 10/2/2012
I’ve been meaning to write to thank you and Streetwise for a great weekend. You have a great instructor in Ken, and I know everyone really enjoyed the course. The instructors, and Ken in particular, did a great job with the entire 12 person class on Saturday, and Ken made for an exciting and challenging Sunday when we were widdled down to four remaining riders.

I thoroughly enjoyed the course, and will certainly recommend it to any friends interested in getting their license.

Jeff S of Wrentham, MA 10/2/2012
The beginner rider class this weekend was awesome ken did a great job teaching all the technique and I was very pleased with what I learned.

Loreto G of Franklin, MA 10/1/2012
My experience in the classroom and on the riding range was enjoyable and knowledgeable. The RiderCoaches (Susan and Tom) were engaging and patient with everyone in the class. I felt very much respected and encouraged by them. The preparation of the classroom time was very effective when learning important riding skills and rules of the road. The discussions and interactions were very helpful to understand the material that was provided. Safety on the riding range was constantly reinforced and negligence was not tolerated.

I have never experienced such professionalism in a course as I did at Streetwise Cycle School. The staff is extremely organized and willing to put forth the extra effort in preparing you for riding a motorcycle. The information that is provided before, during and after the course will help to further my knowledge for basic motorcycle riding skills. I am looking forward to applying these skills once purchasing a motorcycle of my own.

Very Respectfully,
Bill G of Charlestown, MA 9/30/2012
Please accept my sincere thanks to you and your staff on providing an outstanding program in Foxboro this past week. As a retired Police Chief I know firsthand how important it is to be a safe driver of any vehicle but most importantly on a Motorcycle. Your staff and school has provided great instruction on all aspects of motorcycle operation and safety. I believe your training should be mandatory to obtain a motorcycle license in Massachusetts. I found your staff to be very knowledgeable and safety conscious in their instruction. The entire process from the very beginning of enrolling straight through receiving my certificate and license to be efficient, effective and professional. I highly recommend this program to all who plan on operating a motorcycle.

Again, thank you and be safe,
Stephen W of Franklin, MA 9/26/2012
I thought the class was a great mix of classroom instruction and plenty of riding- going into it I was concerned there would be limited time on the bikes. I was amazed at everyone’s confidence and skill by the end of the two days- we went from never having touched a motorcycle to doing tight figure eight’s, quick stops, etc. that I never would have imagined we’d be capable of in such a short amount of time.
… this was the best father’s day gift my wife could have gotten me, everything went off without a hitch, started on time, made effective use of time, etc. Weather was dialed in perfectly too which I know we can’t predict, but made it all that much more fun

David F of Sharon, MA 9/24/2012
I was absolutely happy with my experience, and went on the recommendation of other friends who have passed the course. Of course, having all four-and five star reviews on Yelp were a reinforcing factor as well.

The overall presentation of the class, the care of the instructors, and the material were all great… Every instructor I had was fantastic. My principle riding coach was Suzan, who was absolutely fantastic and it was quite evident that she and every riding coach I encountered in the two days there generally cared and want you to succeed. I also liked that different instructors taught on different days – I had Suzan and Alan, but secondary teachers switched – this is great, as you get to experience different takes and perspectives.

The emails beforehand, the step by step instruction on how to obtain your license, and the material itself were all quite straightforward and very helpful.

Anyone who is considering riding a motorcycle I would gladly and without a second doubt send them to your school!

Best regards,
Phil S of Belmont, MA 9/23/2012
The course itself was absolutely amazing! Suzan was animated and so interesting. I’m not a morning person and was struggling with the hours (I work evening and nites so early morning is not best for me). But she was so great, I hung on her every word!! Ken and Suzan were our instructors! THE VERY VERY BEST… I can’t wait to get my bike and just practice on my own.

The RiderCoaches were the most supportive and un-intimadating instructors ever. I absolutely felt respected and encouraged by them. I wanted to quit on Sunday at 11:00a.m. I blew through an exercise (meaning, I went over the cones, around the cones, anywhere but where I was suppose to be. I was so frustrated, so discouraged at this point… I was feeling panic and I told this to Suzan. She listened to me, and then asked me to do the exercise once more, I did and I was fine, but then we had a break. At the break, she called me over to her car and we talked and she just was so supportive and encouraging. She convinced me I was doing fine and that I was too hard on myself and gave more some more really great advice. I was so much better after that. Obviously, I got my license and I did not finish last in the class – as a matter of fact, I finished 6th out of 9 so I felt pretty good after that. Also, Ken was so sweet! – lots and lots of feedback. Very supportive and I felt like that he just wanted to see us all succeed – so he just kept encouraging, smiling and giving great feedback. These two were such a great team! You need to keep them together. Thanks to both of them. I wanted to get my license for over 30 years, and this was so important to me – so Ken and Suzan helped me to accomplish this goal. Awesome program Bob! great staff!!

It has been 4 days since the course and I have my license. So I have ABSOLUTELY NO COMPLAINTS. Everything was really smooth and went so well.

Thank you.
Lynn P of West Roxbury, MA 9/13/2012
Bud was a great teacher in the classroom and on the range. He was supportive, but yet firm when you really needed it. He was with us all the way.

Dale was also great on the range (her and Bud made a great team). She was always smiling and supportive out there, but yet stressed the important rules of riding. They both made it fun to learn and made the class a family.

My girlfriend gave this to me as a bday present and I can’t thank her enough.

Mike J of Roxbury Crossing, MA 9/12/2012
I was highly satisfied by both the CLASSROOM and RIDING RANGE.

In the classroom, I felt Suzan really knew the material and how to communicate it in a way that emphasized the value of the knowledge take away. We were learning things not to memorize facts for a test but to understand the things that could make riding safer and more comfortable…

The Riding Range part was also invaluable. I am a natural athlete, good with machines, am an excellent bicycle rider and have driven a standard shift, but when I first walked on the the range and looked at those motorcycles I thought to myself “can I even do this?”. 20 minutes later I was riding. Suzan and Ken provided smooth, natural guidance in a way that was not intimidating, even though some of the skills could have be extremely so… The rider coaches were simply incredible. They absolutely encouraged everyone and never showed anything but respect and concern for our safety, they felt like more than coaches, like friends who knew how to help us learn these critical skills.

The administrative aspect have so far been also great. The communications were timely, concise and easy to understand. Looking at the schedule, finding my slot and signing up, super smooth and easy. Hard to improve on.

To sum up, I will absolute say positive things about and recommend Streetwise. The same way that a former student did to me. I also also seriously considering advanced courses since I am not fooling myself about my current skill level. Just because I passed the basic course doesn’t mean I can’t learn more.

Dino L of Brookline, MA 9/11/2012
The RiderCoaches (Ken and Susan) were awesome! They were supportive of us and patient with us, and at the same time kept everyone inline (there’s always a tendency for people to try to push the limits, esp if they’re motorcyclists!) But I think they did a fantastic job.

Osman A of Boston, MA 9/10/2012
Everything is excellent. You guys rock. I appreciate your timeliness and the communication in writing the emails.

Praveen K of Malden, MA 9/10/2012
Kenny and Demi were phenomenal instructors… Soooooo Professional… they play GOOD Guy Bad Gay awesomely… a great team… no joke… for my self I had not riden in over 30 years since a bad accident back in the late 70 ties… it took a bit getting use too again (trust Me)… yet with Ken’s awesome encouragement I am riding once again… (YOU HAVE A REAL JEWEL THERE) The man is a keeper … God bless you guys … it was a trip I will never forget… you do have my blessing and I am sooooo sure the blessing of all your students that pass thru your AWESOME COURSE. I will encourage any body who I know that rides or intends too, to take your course.

Tom W of Roslindale, MA 9/7/2012
I am very glad to have been apart of the Basic Riders course. Dale was an awesome instructor. She went through everything classroom wise that we needed to know. She answered any questions we had, and helped us when on the Range even boosting morale and praising us for doing a good job. Just like my time in the military, if we didn’t get something at first or couldn’t do something while riding because me as a beginner and zero experience of riding a motorcycle or driving a manual. She would have us do it over and over again in the allotted time we had to actually get it which was very key to passing the class and getting my license. She was an awesome coach, even going into explaining to us what we did wrong and why and how to fix the problem and when took her corrective advise we usually did it better and better than we did the first go around. I loved it and I was glad a buddy of mine recommended it to me and my parents. I’ve heard nothing but good things about Streetwise Cycle School and I now know why. It was a fun and awesome experience and I appreciate the chance of taking your course, and want to thank both you and my coach Dale on an awesome job well done. It was just Awesome.

Justin R of Canton, MA 9/6/2012
Hi Bob, Great class , both verbal and ride time. You and your assistant are very knowledgeable. I thought you both explained things very well. I have told other to take the class, and may do it again myself.

Thank You
David H of Upton, MA 9/5/2012
I must say that I enjoyed my experience at Streetwise. I came with no knowledge of motorcycles or motorcycle safety. In addition, I had a lot of trepidation and fear. Bud and Mike really put me at ease and made me feel I could place confidence in their instruction. Their personal experiences and professional knowledge was beyond approach. They also made the classes fun and enjoyable. Most importantly, I know I came out of there with the information to make a safe rider (much more so than if I had trained or practice myself). The money I invested was money well spent.

Thank you.
Lysander J of Mattapan, MA 9/4/2012
I am currently taking the last day of your weekend class on 9/2/12 with my father. We absolutely love it and the instructor ken is great. Nicest guy… I will definantely be letting more people interested in riding to take you class. I thoroughly enjoyed it and the instructors both Ken and Demi were very helpful.

Thanks again
Tom W of Hyde Park, MA 9/2/2012
Both teachers did a GREAT job. They were very well prepared. They emphasized the correct techniques and performed all the corresponding practical exercises without taking any shortcuts.

The theory part was also delivered very well. The book and the videos are good. Excellent course!

Oz S of Newton, MA 8/29/2012
I enjoyed the course very much. The instructors covered the materials thoroughly in the classroom and also shared some of their own personal experiences. The riding portion of the instruction was handled very well and I believe each of the students was given the necessary time and instruction to enable each to become a safe rider.

Joan O of Norwell, MA 8/29/2012
I am so thoroughly pleased with Streetwise Cycle School!!!!!!!! I learned so much from well-prepared, patient, encouraging, enthusiastic, competent encouraging (oh I said that twice) knowledgeable, and personable instructors. I have been on the “back” for years, always wanted to be a rider, but didn’t have the self-confidence nor courage. Dale and Bud cured me of all my doubts and hesitations.

Two days after completing the course, I bought my first Harley Sportster. I completed the course on August 14th and bought my bike on the 21st. Today is August 27th, I went on my first SOLO ride and did almost 100 miles! I did the trails of Blue HIlls and the coast of Cohasset. I have yet to conquer the highway, but drove over the Fore River Bridge, which is quite an accomplishment if you know the area! (It’s under construction).

…Anyone thinking of becoming a safe rider, confident or nervous, should definitely take this course. It changed my life! I AM IN CONTROL!!!!!!!! And loving every minute of it!

Thank you thank you thank you!
Jolene L of North Weymouth, MA 8/27/2012
I had a great experience. I was extremely satisfied with the course overall. The riding range portion was particularly helpful, and I’m glad so much time was spent out there.

The RiderCoaches were Great! They gave me the confidence to ride, while instilling the proper level of cautiousness in me. I don’t know that I’d be willing to even ride regularly if I hadn’t had them teaching me! They pushed me to perform better, without being mean about it. They clearly knew what they were doing and the course went smoothly.

-Melissa N of Brighton, MA 8/13/2012
Great experience. Learned lot of things both classroom and riding and it was fun (obviously more fun riding :). Susan and Paul were excellent!

Guevara N of Brookline, MA 8/20/2012
I’m very satisfied and I actually told Dale that I would recommend the course to my brothers (if and when they choose to learn to ride) and friends. The CLASSROOM was very good. Dale did a good job presenting the information and relating to the video. The RIDING RANGE was excellent plenty of room and not concerns about running into my classmates.

Overall I’m very satisfied and very happy that I took the course. After some time riding my own bike I’m thinking of taking Experienced Rider Course.

Anibal T of Taunton, MA 8/20/2012
Thank you Bob your school was an awesome experience. Both Dale and Bud were great!!
Trung T of Quincy, MA 8/15/2012
I was extremely satisfied with Streetwise Cycle School from my very first inquiry. Bob got back to me immediately answering all my questions via email and by phone; he picked up on me accidently choosing the Boston location when Foxboro was closer for me.

The directions for what I needed to do to prepare, what to bring and wear for the course were excellent.

The riding coaches, Bob and Dale were outstanding. They got their point across accurately; I felt completely confident taking instructions from them.

I’m looking forward to taking advance courses with Streetwise.

Thank you,
Philip L of East Walpole, MA 8/14/2012
Bob–you have a great program there. The curriculum is good, the evaluation is rigorous, and the teachers are fantastic (esp. Dale). More comments below.

Kem S of Dover, MA 8/10/2012
Hi Bob, The course again was great. A lot of information was gained by the classroom part and questions were answered and explained well. Bud and Dale and you too, were excellent in making everyone comfortable on the bike. All instructors are great in showing what we were expected to know and do. And if anyone had a problem, they didn’t hesitate to step in and show the correct way. Everything was prepared and laid out for us to succeed in our performance. Thank you for all your help and encouragement. Now I must practice, practice and hopefully constantly improve.

Mary C of Wrentham, MA 8/9/2012
Loved the course, very helpful. Coaches were great. Supportive, friendly, knowledgeable. Got good information and tips. Administrative process was easy. Good communication before, during and after course.

Michael G of E Walpole, MA 8/8/2012
I was completely satisfied with both sessions I took, the basic and the advanced. I must say that on Sunday 7-29-2012 I almost put my bike into a wall but thanks to the teachings of my Streetwise class I was able to use what I learned to get out of it. The rider coaches were all extremely professional, courteous and considerate. They were all encouraging and very well prepared. Overall my two experiences were worth all my time and money starting from the point of registration to the completion of the course.

Claire F of Bellingham, MA 8/1/2012
I just completed the basic rider training program with Dineen and Ken. Both riding coaches were absolutely phenomenal. They both were very patient with me, as I had no previous riding experience, and had never even driven a standard car before. When I would get down on myself for failing an exercise miserably, Dineen would give me little pep talks which really helped get my confidence up to where it should have been. Ken was an amazing instructor, and made everyone feel more relaxed while providing a safe learning environment. Ultimately everything about this riding program was wonderful… Dineen and Ken both truly made this a fantastic experience for me.

Thanks for everything!
-Stephanie K of Worcester, MA 7/24/2012
The class was just great by the way. My biggest fear going into it was getting some jerk instructors but Ken and Dineen were just the best. I couldn’t have hoped for any better instructors. I learned so much this weekend and I am very thankful I took the course.

Thanks again,
Dave W of Franklin, MA 7/23/2012
I just want to thank you for the enjoyable weekend attending your Basic Rider Course. Being a senior citizen, grandfather, and never ridden a motorcycle before the class, I was a little apprehensive about taking the course. Right from the start, the coaches made you feel at ease with their teaching and coaching methods. The curriculum was very straight forward and very well organized. I felt enough time was spent on both the driving and the classroom time.

The whole process from registration to course completion was a very ease. All questions were answered either on the well organized web site, by e-mail, or by the coaches at the class.

I would definitely recommend this course for any one, of any age to attend. I challenge other senior citizens out there to sign up, and have an enjoyable weekend.

Thanks again to you Bob, and the coaches that made this an enjoyable experience.
Alan L of Stoughton, MA 7/20/2012
I have already posted on YELP and Google Maps, but wanted to thank you again for a wonderful experience. I truly wasn’t sure I would be able to learn to ride – but wanted to try. As a 48 year old woman, a “Church Lady”, and an overly cautious person who tends to be low on the risk ladder, I was definitely tentative about my ability to actually acquire the knowledge and skills to be able to ride. For a Vespa owner I know it is a bit overly cautious to do the full BRC, but I felt it would help me be a safer rider. Now, after learning to ride on a 250 cc bike, I am not sure the Vespa will cut it anymore. Thank you for sharing the joys of motorcycle riding and giving me such a solid training and supportive learning environment. Dineen and Whitey were so patient and encouraging, and as a woman it meant so much to have a female teacher as a role model (and inspiration). My friends teased me about this being my mid-life crisis, but I am calling it my mid-life empowerment. There is no way I am going on the back of the bike ever again – from now on I want to be the driver and not the passenger. Driving is way more fun!

I am also encouraging my sons to take the course – though neither has expressed an interest in learning to ride, I think it would be a terrific experience, life skill, and safety opportunity.

Rebecca S of Needham, MA 7/20/2012
I took the class this past weekend, Whitey and Dineen were the instructors. I thought they were both very nice and helpful. I was shocked to see people that have never ridden or even been around a bike doing figure 8s after a very short time. I have already told a couple of my friends about the course and how they should take it. I have been riding for a couple years already but was still taught things that will help me on the road.

Matt W of Scituate, MA 7/18/2012
The coaches were amazing, well prepared, experienced and stayed on schedule. I was very satisfied overall and would highly recommend this class to others.

Thanks again!
Sarah U of Somerville, MA 7/18/2012
I was very satisfied with my experience both on the range and in the classroom.

My rider coaches were Mike and Dineen. They were AWESOME! They were well prepared, great at communicating, and complimented each other extremely well.

The administrative process and information transfer was concise and effective.

Thank you for a great experience,
Jared P of Chestnut Hill, MA 7/17/2012
The course was great. All the instructors were incredible, it was a great experience and I appreciate it.

Robert H of East Walpole, MA 7/16/2012
My overall satisfaction is high… The rider coaches were absolutely outstanding. Bob was professional, through & through. Not only was he an excellent coach vocally, he executed every maneuver with near perfection. He was a calming presence, both on the course and in the classroom. Dale was a riot. She instantly put everyone at ease by being herself. She was able to tune her encouragement & teaching to each rider personally, no matter how different the bike or the rider’s personality. Her riding experience was evident in the way she taught. Bob and Dale were a positively deadly combination, in a very good way!

All in all, a great day. Super hot (in the 90’s & humid). Teachers came to teach. Riders came to ride. MOM’s surprised us with some free water. Everyone left in much better riding shape than when they arrived. This is a course worth taking. Thank you Bob & Dale (and MOM’s for the water!)…

-Matt T of Hanson, MA 7/15/2012
I was very satisfied with my experience both in the classroom and on the riding range. The classroom instruction was direct and effective, and I felt very prepared for the written examination. The instruction we received on the range was engaging, clear, supportive, and prioritized participant safety. I deeply appreciated your flexibility and all of the time and effort you put into accommodating our specific needs. My wife, in particular, was very happy to have been able to do her training on both a motorcycle and a scooter. I also appreciated Dale’s concern for our well-being, openness to questions, positive attitude, and encouragement.

Stephen L of Dorchester, MA 7/5/2012
I like to thank you and your dedicated instructors, Dale and Kerry for the excellent and valuable riding instructions given us both at the riding range and classroom.

My son, his wife and in particular myself we all had a wonderful time learning and practicing the necessary skills to ride motorcycles safely last weekend at your class. To us, it was a wonderful and meaningful bonding experience what we could share. I used to ride smaller motorcycles (Honda 50-90cc) since high school age but it has been many years after I came to the US that I have not been on a motorcycle. As a result, you can imagine the fun I had last weekend when slowly I re-familiarized myself with riding a bigger motorcycle with the correct technics. To me, as you must have noticed, the biggest challenges were to feel comfortable accelerating safely through a curve and to shift my body weight to maneuver the figure 8 U turns. I am sure with more practice applying the technics you taught I will become more skillful at these maneuvers. My hope right now is to be able to buy a bike I like and to practice regularly. New England is such a beautiful place with so many picturesque country roads you can cruise around safely. I am really looking forward to enjoying these riding experiences with my own bike some day soon.

I was also very impressed how your instructions allowed novices like my son and daughter in law to pick up the basic riding skills the first day and then to practice with confidence all the challenging maneuvers the next day to pass the riding tests. Since both of them will be spending a year in Vietnam where the major mean of transportation is motorcycles, it comforts me tremendously that they learned from your course lots of necessary maneuvers to ride a motorcycle safely.

Once again, thank you and when the opportunities come up, I will definitely recommend friends who are interested at learning how to ride to sign up a course at your school. Myself, depending on how much riding I will be getting, I will also be interested at taking a refresher rider course or an advanced rider course with your school.

Happy July 4th!
Uy T L of Bedford, MA 7/3/2012
I was extremely satisfied with both the classroom and course experience. Paul was a terrific classroom instructor and made the class fun and interesting. Paul and Ken were great instructors on the course. I could tell they really cared about helping us to become the safest and best riders we can be. It was impressive how well they worked together and really never missed a beat in terms of the demonstrations, etc. Very professional guys.

I would definitely recommend Street Wise Cycle School to friends who want to learn to ride.

Ben C of Boston, MA 6/26/2012
I was very impressed with both classroom and range instruction. It was all very thorough and helpful.

Paul and Ken were very, very good. I was really impressed. Both of them were very attentive to each student and provided a lot of 1:1 coaching. They were clear at all times with their instruction. Safety is definitely their #1 concern and it was apparent. Paul and Ken are extremely impressive teachers.

I was really happy that I signed up and took the course. I cannot imagine another school can do it better.

Tina L of Roslindale, MA 6/20/2012
I thought the whole experience was great as well as the instructors and classes. I would not hesitate to recommend the program to anyone. Many thanks to you and staff

Richard S Medfield, MA 6/26/2012
I was very pleased and impressed with the course, class and process of the riding school. BUD and RICK were very knowledgeable, professional and thorough. They were highly attentive, committed and seemed very concerned about my well being and learning success. They were polite and courteous throughout the entire program. I was pleased with the experience and thought the course/class was well planned and executed.

I will recommend your program to any one I can and will mention my positive feed back to Joe who owns MOM in Foxborough.

Please give my thanks to Bud and Rick

Joseph M of Norfolk, MA 6/20/2012
I had just taken the course this weekend @ the new MOM’s location and being a new rider the course was really great for me. I did learn alot out of the classroom and I really appreciate all the time out on the course. I felt that the instructors were very good because they had kept the class moving at all times. From mounting and dismounting to understand the next practice that we were going to work on. Very very informative for me. Dale had let us know that she was actually new to being an instructor but she seems to be well seasoned in the course and very upbeat. Ron was also a great instructor as well. Before each task he would demonstrate what the course was about so we could see how the course was laid out and where we needed to be at all times… I felt that the whole setup went very smooth and had given this class ample amount of riding time. Being that it was my first time ever sitting on a bike, the course had made it a very safe and exciting time for me. I really appreciate the time the instructors took for the class and I want to thank the Instructors for a wonderful experience I had.

Thanks again for a great experience
Rob B of Norwood, MA 6/20/2012
Overall I am extremely satisfied with my experience at Streetwise. The classroom component was the perfect balance between a serious conversation about safety and an informal Q&A. The instructors were honest and frank about issues of risk and safety, and that’s really the best way to talk about those topics. On the riding range, I had a great deal of fun!

Our instructor was named Ken. He was very friendly and approachable, and always ready with a word of encouragement. He was stern when people made mistakes concerning safety, which was good. At all times I felt well informed and prepared to attempt the exercise at hand, mostly due to his good explanations and demonstrations.

Essentially, the entire process went as smoothly as it could, and I feel that it was an incredibly worthwhile way to spend a weekend.

Thanks so much!
Tom H of Brighton, MA 6/15/2012
I just wanted to take the time to say how great the class was Monday and Tuesday with Bud and Rick. I was pretty nervous coming into the class as I had never driven a motorcycle or even a dirt bike and had no idea how to drive a manual transmission. But after just the beginning of the first day I felt much more comfortable and at ease as the instructors were very knowledgeable and patient with everyone starting out with different skill levels. I was extremely impressed with the class and felt like it went at the perfect pace… me with each drill… I really learned a lot and feel like I have the knowledge to safely start riding on my own. I can’t say enough about the instructors… they kept the classroom time interesting and going at a smooth pace and were extremely helpful in the way in which the riding time was done… by discussing the drill and then watching a demonstration made me feel so much more comfortable, even when the drill was a little intimidating.

Thanks so much, I have two brothers that are interested in riding and will certainly be sending them to Streetwise, even though it isn’t even the closest school to us!

Jen H of Upton, MA 6/13/2012
My wife and I were very satisfied with the class. The level of instruction was top-notch. It was obvious the Dineen cared about our safety not only on the course, but going forward as new motorcycle riders. She added real-world knowledge that will come in handy in the future.

Dale did excellent demonstrations and coached us well also. She also had great knowledge, and helped many of us with problems we were encountering.

The classroom information and the range information was great. As nearly all new motorcyclists, the information was spot-on for our skill level, and got us all up to speed on riding a motorcycle safely at a quick pace.

I would gladly recommend your school to any friends or family I know looking to ride!

Thanks again for running a great professional school and a tight ship!
Anthony R of Franklin, MA 6/12/2012
Thank you for a top notch rider course. The riding range experience was critical, instructive and most of all fun! Bob and Whitey used a technique I’d like to dub as laid-back tough love. In doing that they were able to reign in a class of newbies with the utmost safety and yet provide a nurturing environment for us to grow. They are truly master instructors.

Yuval B of Boston, MA 6/12/2012
My wife and I took the BRC with Bud and Rick just yesterday… and wanted to let you know just how very pleased we both are. Both instructors were phenomenal. Serious when it was needed, jovial and happy the rest of the time. I don’t think Bud has more than one facial expression, a smile. The course itself was informative and easy to follow… When all is said an done, it was a deal at twice the price, you can’t put a dollar figure on the info and experience gained through the course and put forth by two very informative and well spoken (Bud does not candy coat anything) individuals with a wealth of knowledge, from filling the tank to battery maintenance. Of course all the important stuff too.

Thank you for your time,
David and Megan T of Chestnut Hill, MA 6/6/2012
Just wanted to let you know that the class was great. I have nothing but high praise for all the instructors that helped us. We had Rick as the main teacher and Bud and another gentleman helping out. I had no experience before this class and I feel confidant in my riding skills, well ok, maybe not truly confident, but with some riding experience under my belt, I will be. It gave me the skills that I will need going further.

As far as the class was concerned, the material was gone over in a timely manner and it prepared us for the written exam. As long as you were paying attention in class, no one should fail the written portion. The skills portion was also given in a way that is conducive to learning. The instructors would verbally give us instructions, then a demo, followed by constructive criticism for each student. I found the comments they gave me very helpful. I truly felt that they wanted all of us to learn the skills necessary for us to have the confidence to pass the practical test.

All in all it was a great experience and I can not wait to get out there and start riding.

Claire P of Walpole, MA 6/6/2012
You had the dream team of coaches at this class. I learned a lot and it was fun. They made two rain soaked days worth it. I was impressed with their personalities and their knowledge. I have been to many hands on type training’s in my life for many things but this was my first in the motorcycle world and it your trainers were the best by far.

Thanks again
V M of Wrentham, MA 6/5/2012
I had a great experience with the course, so thank you. I came into the course not knowing a thing about riding a motorcycle. After leaving this class, I’m 100x more confident in my ability to safely ride a motorcycle. I was afraid that most people in the classroom would at least know how to turn it on & even called someone right before the class to tell me how so I wouldn’t look stupid, but the step by step process with each step & repitition was termendous help. Anyone coming in w/o any knowledge will have no problem.

Paul & Demi were very helpful with every question we had for them. They explained everything thoroughly.

Thank you for offering this course! Everyone was professional & great!
Amy C of Chestnut Hill, MA 6/5/2012
Thanks so much for an excellent weekend course! You and your team did an outstanding job and I’d be pleased to recommend your school to anyone. The instructors clearly had a passion for riding and they were very professional and fun. All the best; please pass along my thanks to all of the others.

Rishi B of Watertown, MA 6/4/2012
Overall I felt the class was very informative and provided us with all the safety instructions I could need. Demi and Paul were so encouraging to everyone. It was obvious that they are experienced riders by their ability to give us clear and positive feedback. Great instructors.

Thanks for you help. The class was great!
Justin S of Boston, MA 6/4/2012
Thank you all for the support. I never thought that I can learn riding a motorcycle one day. Because of your teaching and the way introduce me to the bike without fear and with confidence, I can ride . You give me basic and professional technique to ride a motorcycle. Thank you to my teachers on the terrain

Hicham H of Revere, MA 6/2/2012
Had a great time wtih my family during the training. Sessions were excellent and I believe I will be a better operator as a result of the training your team provided.

Kevin B of Haverhill, MA 5/30/2012
Loved both classroom and riding range experiences. Highly satisfied…WONDERFUL. I could not love Mike, Bud, and Susan more than I do! They’re all fun, easy going but informative and helpful people. They made me feel confident and gave me the BEST well-worded advice, and kept everyone safe. I felt respected as a person, which as a teenager who is often looked down upon and stereotyped because of my age, I greatly appreciate. I was welcomed by the instructors and by the other class members as a peer and not looked down upon as a pest (which happens more often than anyone would believe). They were honest and kind- reminding us to be on time, bring proper gear, and guiding us to become good riders. All three instructors spoke loudly so we all could hear, and made sure to cover all the instructions in the pamphlet. I felt safe, encouraged, and excited!

Thank you so very much for helping me gain the confidence and skills I need to become a good rider. I appreciate the honesty and advice of all the instructors and I greatly appreciate how fun they made it! Even at 7am! I could not thank you enough for the whole experience. I will be recommending Streetwise to all my friends and anyone who plans on learning to ride. Stay awesome Streetwise!

-Katie W of Needham, MA 5/30/2012
I enjoyed the course and got a lot out of it. Ron, Mike and Dale did a great job getting the concepts across without making it a burden or tedious.

Take care!!!
John B of 5/30/2012
Thanks Bob for a very safe and informative experience. I, along with everyone else in the class that I could see, really enjoyed those two days. I am thinking that after a year and 1000 miles under my belt (I have a feeling that 1000 isn’t going to be hard to get to), I’ll might well want to take the experienced riders course.

Thanks for getting my licensing under way as well.
Bruce M Jamaica Plain, MA 5/30/2012
Really terrific experience. I was an absolute basket case the first day… But I toughed it out with the help of Mike and Bud, and by the second day was cornering with aplomb. I have a long way to go, but I no longer consider myself a menace to public safety. I would definitely recommend this course to anyone – if you guys could teach me, I think you could teach anyone.

Lisa P of W Roxbury, MA 5/30/2012
The basic course was really well done starting with ground zero experience – which is most everyone. Program is very well designed and progresses with exercises building skill development. It’s amazing taking people without any motorcycle experience and 1.5 days later they’re weaving thru your riding range. People would be crazy not to start with your course before they get on the road.

A lot of the info with experienced rider course was an extension of day 2 of basic rider course. I enjoyed the riding range skill development with both slow and faster speed cornering and knowledge from class notes etc. To safely get thru Braintree split traffic during rush hour takes knowledge and confidence – can’t imagine taking this on without your classes.

Thanks again,
Jim B of Yarmouth Port, MA 5/30/2012

I’ve been riding for 24 years about 80% off road. This class opened my eyes to a lot of things I was doing wrong. I got a lot out of this experience and am going recommend this class to friends. I just bought a 2012 Suzuki Dr650 se and feel more confident on the pavement.
Again Thank You.
Erik D of Marshfield, MA 5/21/2012
Overall 10 out of 10. I learned a lot and I had tons of fun.

Thanks so much!
Keon H of Mattapan, MA 5/21/2012
The coaches were great They all seemed to have a feel for the class as a whole and moved on accordingly. They made me feel safe, comfortable, encouraged and reminded me that I was having fun (I actually was…most of the time). It was Dale’s first time at your facility and I appreciated her letting us know. She was a good coach and I felt her upmost priority was the safety of all the riders. Bud was awesome. He took extra time to help me.

Ginger F of Franklin, MA 5/16/2012
I thought the school was excellent. The instructors were very patient, encouraging and informative… I would highly recommend this class to my friends.

David W of Quincy, MA 5/16/2012
Dale, Rick and Bud were spectacular!! I felt they had the riding experience and ability to impart the knowledge necessary to inexperienced riders in order to make them safe and qualified riders. Their infinite patience [with my unending questions because I was so nervous/anxious about actually getting on and riding the bike,] and ability to teach me the skills I needed was exemplary! They were amazing coaches. Bud was BEYOND a fantastic teacher, always putting the drills in plain simple terms – sometimes the verbage in the book left me with lots of confusion – and knowing just the right techniques to teach a “terrified learner” how to operate. All 3 were so positive and encourage, making me feel confident that I could do this!

Melanie S of Millis, MA 5/16/2012
Thank you and your staff for a great experience this past weekend. Ken and Dale were great instructors and communicators, that provided an effective level of positive reinforcement and constructive criticism when needed in a very professional way.

As a person who had never been on a bike before, I was very nervous. Dale went out of her way to make an uneasy rider feel very comfortable on the bike, and helped me understand that I could, and was in fact riding a motorcycle!

I’ll be sure to recommend Streetwise to my family and friends!

Thanks Again,
Cindy T of Belmont, MA 5/16/2012
I felt like the instructors were encouraging and didn’t allow anyone to feel dumb, yet proded for participation from everyone. Obviously we were all at different levels and each person had different skills that eluded them. The instructors managed to give person to person information but without sacrificing time with the group as a whole.

For instructors I had Ed, Mike, you and the newer women instructor (name I forgot, but she was great). I thought each riding coach was excellent, engaging, informatative, no one made you feel stupid. I know it is hard to teach a group of beginners (no matter what the subject), throw in the fact that it is a lesson using a heavy bike and a chance for danger and it makes it even harder. I thought the coaches all did an excellent job

Tish of Waltham, MA 5/15/2012
Excellent coaches. Friendly, encouraging, knowledgable. They seem to enjoy their coaching roles, and that helps the students feel at ease.
Dan J of Whitman, MA 5/12/2012
I was very happy I signed up for this training. I found that all the coaches, Bud, Bob and Rick, did an excellent job.

The training course was super, both the riding and the classroom content was outstanding.

Thank you for your time and the excellent training!!!!!!!

Silvio A of Foxboro, MA 5/10/2012
I had such a great time learning and really enjoyed the class. I had been riding on my permit for the past year and was so glad I took your class. It was very helpful and I realized how much I didn’t know about road safety and riding.

Tim S of East Longmeadow, MA 5/9/2012
I was impressed with Bob & Dale regarding the patience, encouragement, commmunication,knowledge, respect and the emphasis on safety. The class & riding instruction were both well prepared yet informal enough to allow everyone to have fun. I know for me I had a lot of fun learnong & talking with the other people about bikes/riding, etc.

Fred L 5/7/2012
The instructors were awesome. Paul and Susan were great. They each brought some really awesome teaching qualities. I really loved Paul’s style of teaching in the classroom and Susan’s style of teaching out in the course.

Susan was very encouraging and provided me with some great tips. Paul really pushed me and knit picked at everything I did wrong making sure that I did things the right way. I learned a ton. Please send them both my thanks.

Katherine of Hanover, MA 5/7/2012
It was fantastic!! …you have a great team, Bob!! Glad to have been a part of it!

Heather C of Stoughton, MA 5/4/2012
I was VERY satisfied with the course. Instructors were great. Very patient, very helpful.

Chris H of Milford, MA 4/28/2012
I thought the course was fantastic. I do not have enough time for all of the great things I have to say about it. The course was well structured; the steps were broken down into manageable pieces, and while there was enough time to learn each skill, you never got bored. It was just so well though out…

Sue and Marjorie were super! I couldn’t have asked for better coaches. They were intelligent, well spoken, knowledgeable, passionate and encouraging. Even with the torrential rain on Sunday, they stayed in high spirits and motivated the whole class to keep with it.

Maddy M of Allston, MA 4/26/2012
Thanks again for all the help, patience & understanding. You have a really good team of instructors, Paul & Ken were patient with me when i first started out on the range, Paul was working with me more, and i appreciated his patience most of all my first 2 days….Bud spoke to me & tried to help calm my nerves & let me know that not everyone gets it right away, which really did help during the class portion but Suzan nailed the deal for me…made a seeming fearful & painful start become a enjoyable, safe & fun. I’m already recommending Streetwise & Suzan to people, =)

Leslie O of Roxbury, MA 4/25/2012
Honestly, this class opportunity was amazing. The entire weekend was a major lesson in “Feel the fear and do it anyway” for me. I had no idea how challenging this was going to be for me – it was way further outside my comfort zone than I could have imagined! But I was encouraged by the instructors – as well as my classmates – and while I did not pass the road test on Sunday, I did not give up – and part of that came from the encouragement I received from Mike and Suzan over the length of the weekend. I was able to meet with Suzan privately this morning and have one-on-one instruction that I found not only helpful but inspiring. I was able to pass the road test this morning.

Thank you for confirming that an old(er) dog can learn new tricks!
Chris M of Chelmsford, MA 4/25/2012
Overall felt course was run very well. Enjoyed emphasis on putting in as much riding time and personally liked riding 1st then classroom as it was not only more fun but made cover over the equipment more relevant.

Instruction on riding range was great. Instructors were friendly and professional. Demo run by instructor on the course to show what we’re supposed to do also helpful.

Rick E of Cambridge, MA 4/24/2012
Thanks sooo much, I’m recommending my friends to your school, great instruction and staff!
Flip S of Brighton, MA 4/18/2012
Both the classroom and the range sessions were run extremely professionally; they were encouraging, informative, and fun. Our instructors, Whitey and Bud worked exceptionally well together, and the ongoing instruction and corrections given were done in a caring, non-judgemental, and very supportive way. I could not have asked for better Rider Coaches, I believe! I teach for a living, and was very impressed with the way all of the instruction was given. All of the communications, whether written, or verbal were timely, and top notch.

I just received my Motorcycle license in the mail, and know that I will be a far, far, safer rider, thanks to my instructors, and your course.

Chaaaz of Boston, MA 4/17/2012
The riding coaches were excellent. They were both demanding and encouraging. I highly recommend Streetwise to other beginners like me.

Robert B of Weston, MA 4/17/2012
Thank you! I was extremely satisfied with the course, the instructors were great and I felt like I learned a lot. The range was great and I would definitely recommend this to a friend.

-N. R of Oxford, MA 4/16/2012
The course was excellent. My RiderCoaches were Paul and Ken, and they were both phenomenal. Couldn’t be happier.

Carson D of Boston, MA 4/16/2012
Great experience and the coaches were excellent – really, they had great tips and instructions.

Thanks and again your guys really made the difference, I went out today and used at least 4 things I was taught yesterday and I am 42 and have been riding from age 12. Good stuff

Joe P of Hanover, MA 4/16/2012
The class was amazing, such a good time… great knowledge. All the instructors were so friendly and passionate about their jobs!!

Greg V of S Boston, MA 4/16/2012
Your staff did a terrific job this weekend at the BRC I attended. Ken and Susan’s performance was particularly noteworthy.

As a career soldier/infantryman, I know “good training,” and your staff was professional and wasted no time with their instruction.

Much appreciated-it is a great introduction to motorcycle riding, and I am glad I did it.

Rob S of Belmont, MA 4/16/2012
I wanted to take the time to thank you for the wonderful experience I had taking the learn to ride course. I have been on the back of a bike for quite some time now and I have wanted for years to ride my own but just found one excuse after another not to. I finally decided it was time and researched courses. I chose Streetwise because it had a location close enough for me to get to work quickly. It’s difficult to get two days off in a row in my industry. It ended up being more than just a convenient place to take it. I was so nervous going in to this and I hate feeling unsure or unprepared for anything I take on. ( I can be a bit highstrung sometimes) From the the very start of this process I felt more at ease with your company. The immediate response to my requested dates, the informative emails, and the study materials provided ahead of time eased my nerves. I was impressed with your communication and I felt confident going in that I knew what to expect and had everything I needed. My only concern was my
own ability to operate a motorcycle safely which of course made me nervous all over again. That’s where your instructors came in. They were calm and patient with all of us, encouraged questions, offered help and guidance at every turn. They made us all feel more at ease in the classroom, broke the ice and had us all engaged and involved in the learning process. They followed the course as written in the book and on their range cards but were also more than willing to answer all our questions about their own riding experiences as well. When we got out to the bikes they provided clear instruction and guidance and made sure everyone was comfortable before we began any riding. Throughout the riding they had helpful tips and coaching for every activity and gave all their feedback in a positive manner. I felt like my mistakes were part of the learning process rather than just doing it wrong because with every criticism they provided a way to improve, a new way to look at it, and a tip to try to do it better the next time around. Thank you for providing such a positive experience. I have, and will continue to recommend your course to everyone, and I see a lot of people. I went into work on Tuesday evening and told everyone I talked to how excited I was about riding my own bike and how much fun the course was. I was even more impressed when I received the follow up emails assuring the license was processed and the tips for what to practice on my own. I am currently looking for my first bike and I look forward to taking one of the advanced courses in the future when I am comfortable enough to ride on an actual street. Thank you again! You run a great business and I wish you continued success.

Jenn N of Attleboro, MA 4/13/2012
The class was great ,very helpfull and informative ,and in my case age group well balanced. The instructors were very good easy to get along with. They were very concerned with your ability, didn’t push beyond your ability and safety. I think the class should be required to get license.The availibility and locations of the classes were good.I highly recomend the class for any age and gender.

Thanks streetwise
from Dan H of Blackstone, MA 4/11/2012
Bud is an amazingcoach in terms of making you feel excited and confident in your ability to ride. Rick has an awesome eye for what you’re doing right and wrong. They make a tremendous team.

-Rob H of Worcester, MA 4/11/2012
I just took your class this past Mon & Tues. I’m 60 yrs. and never rode before. The class was as thorough as two days would allow and the instructors, Bud and Rick were great. They went over and over parts of the course that some of us needed a bit of extra help on. They also made sure time and time again we wore the required gear and conducted ourselves in the safest manner possible. All and all a great introduction into the skills needed to ride and ride safely.

John M of Walpole, MA 4/11/2012
I thought the course was great, classroom and range were both fun (the range is arguably more fun). Paul and Suzan were awesome instructors, can’t say enough good things about them. Between the website and the e-mails I received prior to the course, I had all the information I needed to make the proper preparations before I showed up.

Matt L of Dedham, MA 4/10/2012
Streetwise Cycle School was a tremendous learning experience for me… My first experience, but I give it A+++, 5 STARS, 2 THUMBS UP! VEROOOOOOOOM, I’m out of here!

MR. M 4/10/2012
I want to take this opportunity to tell you what I told both Whitey & Bud on Sunday. Their andragogy skills were excellent – i.e their techniques for teaching adults. Soft voices, encouragement, try again, & praise. I appreciated it.

Anyway, thanks, it was a good weekend.
Bill A of Roslindale, MA 4/10/2012
I just wanted to thank you for running such a quality program. I now have the confidence to enjoy riding and I can’t believe it took only 2 days. Thank you
Jason J of Foxboro, MA 4/10/2012
I thought you two did an excellent job. I’m very glad I took the class and would recommend it to others.

After work today I finally took my bike out for the first time after owning it almost two weeks. Fortunately in my neighborhood I have plenty of good streets to ride in with next to no traffic. Planned on going out for 15-20 minutes. Ended up riding almost 1 and a half hours until I started to lose sunlight. I had an absolute blast. Didn’t stall once either which I was quite proud of.

I’m really happy with my choice of bike too. The EX500 seems a perfect fit for me. I found it handled much easier at slow speed maneuvers than the bike in class.

Thanks for the great teaching job.

-Justin W of North Attleboro, MA 4/2/2012
I’m completely satisfied with what I learned in the classroom and on the riding course! I’ve been telling everyone about Streetwise and how informative and valuable the course is for novice riders like myself.

My favorite part was being on the rider course with the coaches, they were patient and extremely helpful to everyone. I really liked the way they took the time to explain, in detail, what we were going to do and how to do it correctly! I noticed if anyone didn’t perform a task well, they were very professional about their critique of the individual and would further explain how to perform the task, eventually, we all performed it correctly. The coaches were prepared from beginning to end and everyone understood them without a problem. The rider coaches were very serious about the safety of us all and they let us know it. Really cool group of guys!

… Bob, I really enjoyed myself during the 2 day course! I recommend Streetwise to everyone that is interested in taking the rider course class.

My sincerest thanks to you and the rider coaches!
Steve O of N Attleborough, MA 3/28/2012
I wanted to thank you and your staff for a solid experience. I was not sure what to expect, but was pleasantly surprised by the perfect mixture of seriousness about motorcycle safety and the joy of riding. Ken and Susan were great instructors – they were immediately respected by the group. They provided an effective level of positive reinforcement and constructive criticism when needed. Also, I appreciated the consistent statements that risk management is a continual process – lasting the life of a rider.

As a motor scooter rider who has been “forced” by the RMV to obtain a motorcycle license (even though I don’t intend on buying a motorcycle), I still found the 2-day class quite educational…

Again, I had a very positive experience with the Streetwise Cycle School. I’ll be sure to recommend your organization to family and friends. Also, I’ll be sure to post this on Yelp.

-Kristen M of Boston, MA 3/28/2012
Thank you… You have an incredible program it was a blast and I learned everything.

Ryan M of Foxborough, MA 3/28/2012
I just want to say “Thank You” and let you know that you are doing an AWSOME job there at Streetwise. I learned so much that has helped to give me the confidence I need to be a safe rider. I have already found myself in a couple of situations that probably could have ended badly if not for what I learned there. I have nothing but positive things to say about the course, it was a lot of fun and very informative. Tell Ken that I thank him as well and keep up the good work. You guys are great. Again thank you so much! Take care and be safe.

Dave P of Milford, MA 3/21/2012
Thanks Bob for a wonder learning experience at your school. I just posted on google maps my review about this under the name Sidney. Overall the program was great, the instructors (Ron and Paula) were professional and understanding. All the students were able to learn at their own pace. I’ll be sure to suggest your school to my friends who are planning to get their motorcycle lessons soon.

Best regards,
Siu T of Charlestown, MA 3/20/2012
Hi – the whole experience was awesome and I will highly recommend your school to anyone interested.

I was in Mike and Susan’s morning class and they were great. One exercise already saved my bacon. I live on the West Roxbury Pkwy with lots of rotaries and have twice already had to come to a stop while in a curve. Without the class I wouldn’t have known what to do.

Please pass along my thanks.
Eric M of Roslindale, MA 3/20/2012
The course was excellent. It provided enough information that made me feel more comfortable and safe on the road. Taught me the basic mechanics of the bike and how to apply those mechanics to safe riding. The course was awesome, my money was well spent.

Thank you!
Corey S of Dorchester, MA 3/20/2012
Thank you …I look forward to sending my daughter next spring to your course. My son had a great experience taking this course.

Mrs. PJ M of 3/20/2012
Amazing class!! The RiderCoaches did a fantastic job. I feel the class was well worth every penny… I look forward to taking the advance classes. I can’t stop talking about my great experience with Streetwise. Keep up the great teaching!

Thank you
David 3/19/2012
I really enjoyed taken the course and learned a lot from it and have confidence. The instructors were very professional and informative. Giving tips as needed and answering questions that was asked. I would personally recommend streetwise cycle… Thanks again for making it an enjoyable experience and giving me the confidence to ride.

Sincerely ,
Linda T of Randolph, MA 3/19/2012
Overall your riding school was a very positive experience for me.
The riding coaches were very professional, knowledgeable and approachable. They seemed to enjoy their work very much and were enthusiastic about sharing their passion for riding with us.
I am glad you took advantage of some late November good weather by staying open later than the other driving schools. Thank you for helping me to get my license before my vacation date so I can do some riding in Tucson.

Keep up the good work!
John M. 12/6/2011
Demi and Rich were wonderful instructors. I wish I could take them home with me and use them as personal rider coaches! …Rich was great and made the riding part enjoyable. He made a point to give lots of individual time to each rider at each lesson. It was clear he enjoyed being there and it made me feel comfortable to have him around… Demi was superb in the class and on the bikes… I felt confident in Demi’s skills as a trainer and would recommend her to anyone. She was not just going through the motions but spent a lot of personal time with us and made us work hard! … I would recommend your school to anyone and would be happy to talk or email with anyone who wants to discuss your program.

David C. 12/6/2011

Thank-you so much. Going from never riding a motorcycle to looking at what bike to buy I have to thank yourself, Susan, Ken, and Mike. Great program and staff.

Thanks again,
Steve L 12/6/2011
Hey guys,
I Just wanna thank you all again for having the patience and time to teach me the basic skills of riding.

You guys are awesome!!! <3

Thanks again!! =))

Yours Truly,
Thuy L. 12/5/2011
I was very satisfied with both the classroom and the riding range portion of the course. The classroom portion was made so fun and was very informative. I found that the things learned in the classroom were very necessary for the riding range and applicable to the bike riding process. I found the acronyms very helpful!

The coaches were fantastic. I feel like their personalities balanced each other out and you had all different types of advice and encouragement. I felt they genuinely cared about the safety of the riders and emphasized the importance of how the skills being learned could save your life in the future. They all communicated very clearly what was expected and made sure you understood. I admire and appreciate their patience! I also appreciated the advice given on buying bikes and which bike would be right for me. I found the instructors very knowledgeable and enthusiastic.

Mackenzie 12/6/11

I would like to thank you for a great learning experience!!! Coaches Suzan, Ken, Rich and Tara………thank you for your patience and sharing your knowledge! Please know all your time is greatly appreciated. The course was informative, fun and far from boring. A great weekend with great people. Julia, Janette, Rob, John and the others that joined us on Sunday, thank you for a memorable time!! Be safe and never ride faster than your guardian angels can fly!!! 🙂

Robin 11/27/11

I want to thank you, Demi, Rich and Ken for the great weekend. I learned so much in a short period of time and that was due to your phenomenal team.

Thanks again for all!
Regine 11/22/11

Thanks, Bob. Please tell Bud and Tara that they made last weekend two of the most enjoyable, fun days that I have hade in years.

All the best,
Peter 11/16/11

Just want to thank you and the instructors (Whitey and Ken) for the excellent job that you guys did over the weekend.

The course was run at a very comfortable pace. We all had opportunities to gradually improve our motorcycling skills over the course of the day. It was done in a safe environment. Ken and Whitey were very supportive and encouraging.

The emails that you sent were great. The directions were perfect. I knew I was coming to the right place to learn when I could drive to the remote warehouse based on your simple and clear instructions.

It was fun learning and I hope to continue learning, now that I have my license.:)

Saumya 11/7/11

The best thing about your class is that you explain everything in detail and then show by example. I usually learn better by viewing than by reading so this worked great for me. Everyone had a chance to ask questions and feel comfortable. The hand signals used by both instructors were clear and understandable even when something happened unexpectedly. To me that was very important in the safety side of training. The classroom was clear and kept at an easy pace not too slow as to put you to sleep but not too fast as to miss important info. The riding range was open and boundaries were well marked.

The riding coaches were encouraging and informative. Explaining how to improve the next time thru the course and at each new skill. I felt going in a little intimidated and I was glad to see a woman coach as well as a man. There was nothing to feel intimidated about but they do run a tight safe program.

Being a complete beginner was nerve racking but both Bob and Susan made this experience fun and safe. Both of you were patient with my many mistakes. Your confidence building through out the experience was greatly needed and appreciated.

Thanks for all your help,
Liz 10/26/11

I think the structure of the entire course supported us being comfortable, actively learning, and safe the whole time. I’ve never had such a positive experience, and I’ve done a fair amount of cram a lot of info into a short amount of time trainings. I feel confident and ready to ride, and with a positive outlook on continuing to improve my skills. I also feel confident in all of the other students in the class-and I don’t feel that way about most other drivers on the road!! You do a great job preparing us for the real world.

Jen 10/26/11

Overall, I was very pleased with the course in the classroom as well as in the range. The instructors Demi and Bud did a GREAT job teaching in the classroom and in the range. I like the way the classroom was set up with the books and classroom tapes and talked about and answered the questions. Also, I liked how Demi and Bud explained each question in the book and tips on becoming a good but even better rider. On the range, I liked how we did each excercise and if we did something wrong or was unclear with an exercise, I liked how Demi and Bud explained the exercise and what you did wrong and gave very helpful tips on how making better progress. Overall, I was very happy with both of their performances as instructors and I would definetly recommend streetwisecycleschool to other people in taking the course and going for their license.

Thank you Bob!
Jerry 10/5/11

I really enjoyed taking classes at this school and I appreciate the dedication shown in the staff to execute proper safety procedures. 🙂

Nikeala 10/4/11

I was very happy with the course and I really liked my motorcycle (I had the nighthawk).

All RiderCoaches were great. I think I have to be especially thankful to Suzan since she was very encouraging. Towards the end I was really nervous and her humor helped a lot. Everything was really easy.

Thanks again (and thanks also to Demi and Suzan!)
Ladislav 10/3/11

I want to tell you I think you’re doing a great job. I took the groupon intro class this past summer which you taught and have to say it was the most fun I have had in a long time. That class is what peaked my interest in taking the rider course these past 2 days and obtaining my liscense. My only regret was that I was unable to take the course sooner due to my job. Susan the instructor nailed the class. She was fired up, passionate and very knowledgeable. Her energy was contagious. There is not a doubt in my mind I will be a safe and solid rider due to her efforts.

From the administrative side, I wish more businesses I dealt with daily were as efficient in communication as yourself. The email updates reminders confirmations etc. are great. You provide a ton of info both on the course as well as riding in general. Both of which are very appreciated. In my line of work we call it “making it idiot proof” and in my mind you have done just that.

Congrats to you, Susan and Streetwise. Thank you for sharing the knowledge and spirit of riding, and helping me find a new passion. I have recommended your school to a few interested buddies as I now need guys to ride with.

Timothy 9/28/11

The motorcycle beginners course was money well spend to learn the proper way to handle a motorcycle instead of learning myself through trial and error which could cause an accident. Instructor Suzan was excellent at teaching the course, patient with her students who were struggling, and pleasant to be around and not intimidating when approached with any questions. I would highly recommend this school for future motorcycle enthusiast who wants to get their beginners license and enjoy safe riding taught by Suzan and others from this school.

Once again, Thank You,
Daniel 9/28/11

Ken and Whitey were were fantastically prepared, respectful, and encouraging with utmost concern for my personal safety.

Benjamin 9/26/11

I took the class with Ken and Whitey this past weekend. Just wanted to drop you a note and let you know that I thought the class was well done, that Ken and Whitey did a great job helping everyone in the class. The guy who I was convinced that would not pass, they coached and got up and riding well enough to pass the class. And for the couple of us who’d spent a bit of time riding, they helped us refine some of the key basics we all need.

All in all, excellent class with excellent instructors. I will absolutely recommend this class to others.
jerrod 9/26/11

I have nothing but good things to say about the course. The instructors were great – clear and encouraging. Everything from registration etc. to the classes themselves was very well-organized. It was completely enjoyable. I will say I think it was particularly nice to have women instructors. I think that made it less potentially intimidating – although I’m sure your male instructors are great too.

Eliza 9/21/11

The class was terrific last weekend. I was a little anxious when my husband suggested we take this course and learn to ride. As a 41 year old woman who never rode a motorcycle I was half expecting to hear all the reasons I shouldn’t be learning to ride at this stage in my life but that was not the case. Susan and Demi were very encouraging and answered all our questions. I thought the mix of classroom and range time was a good mix of learning. My husband and I had a lot of fun this past weekend and I really wasn’t expecting it to be as much fun as it was.

I will definitely recommend you in the future if people want to learn to ride with a safe and informative group of instructors.

Cassandra 9/20/11

The rider coaches were great. They were very encouraging and had good tips every time around. I felt safe and well-looked after

Amelia 9/13/11

Hi Bob,
Thanks so much again for all your help – I really enjoyed taking the course with you as the instructor and I am really happy that I passed the course!!!

I was very satisfied with both the classroom and riding range. In the classroom, Ken did a great job in keeping us interested and getting us prepared for the written evaluation.

On the Riding Range, I really liked having you as the instructor because I felt you were able to explain things very clearly. I especially liked how you would describe exactly what you were doing as you were demonstrating the exercises (e.g. ‘squeeze the clutch here’, ‘don’t use brakes’, ‘go into 2nd gear here’, etc), which made it very easy for me to follow along and understand what I needed to do at each step of the exercise. I also liked how you provided feedback about what I was doing wrong, and how to do it correctly; you were able to break it down in such a way that I immediately understood what I was doing wrong and what I needed to do to correct it. Your professional and calm, easy-going demeanor also went a long way in helping me to stay relaxed and calm throughout, even when I was making mistakes.

I was very satisfied with the administrative processes and communications. Signing up for the course was a very easy and painless process. The communications (via email) were very thorough and helpful in letting me know what was expected, what to expect, what to bring, how to prepare, etc. I love the convenience of being able to get the motorcycle endorsement through the school. The confirmation emails regarding course registration as well as the motorcycle license being ‘issued’ also allowed me to have peace of mind knowing what the status was and not having to wonder about whether everything was all set.

The instructors that I have seen or met seem very personable and approachable, and the atmosphere of the school is very welcoming. I really like that the students are encouraged to stay in touch with the instructors and ask questions even after they have completed the course.

I like that you, as the owner, are so hands-on and approachable. And thank you again for taking the time to respond to me over the phone and setting me up with taking the course again with you as the instructor. I really appreciate how forthright you were when you advised me that I would probably benefit more from practicing my balance, cornering, etc on a bicycle than taking private one-on-one lessons. I had spent the past 2 weeks practicing tight turns and cornering on a bicycle and I think it really paid off!! I felt so much more comfortable on the motorcycle this time around, and I actually really enjoyed doing the exercises that I had problems with the last time (weaving between cones; the figure 8 in the box; the s-weave).

Once again, thank you so much for all your help, Bob, I really appreciate it!!!
Jay 9/7/11

Thank you for an amazing introductory cycling experience! As someone who would like to pursue an “M-Class” license with very little riding experience, this was a wonderful opportunity to learn the basics, get the feel of riding, and gain initial confidence! Moving to the next level for myself IS a possibility!!

The riding course, equipment, exercises, and focus on safety were perfect. The instructor personality and technique was supreme!

I am most impressed with the administrative process, as I registered for my class at the last minute. The web site is comprehensive, covering complete details on any question that may come to mind!

Many thanks!
Cindy 9/4/11

I am loving riding and am still trying to refine the techniques you’ve shown me. I must reiterate what a stellar experience I had at you school!

Susan- All the pep talks you gave me were invaluable. I cannot recommend you enough as an instructor, you did an amazing job and I am so thankful you were there to help me along. Best wishes, DM

Again thank you very much for everything you did.
DM 8/30/11

I am so impressed by the amount of work the instructors put into getting you too ride smoothly. I am differently going back for a refresher course. I had fun passed all my finals and met new friends.

Thank you guys for a awesome experience
Moore 8/29/11

Thank you so much for doing what you do. I had an amazing experience as long and tiring as the day was. Starting of as nervous as I was and never even sitting on a motorcycle Mike and Demi were amazing and patience to spare. I was one of those ppl that kept saying “i cant do this” and Mike kept at me in the most positive attitude and Demi kept feeding me my improvements that ultimately led to me passing.

Again thank you all so much for everything. I will truly recommend you to anyone and everyone.

Sarada 8/23/11

Very satisfied with the course. in both the range and classroom. Bob was very kind and patient. Very pleased with the experience, Lots of space at the facility and a nice selection of bikes. Unlike another school I attended there was more choice in helmets and bikes. Bob seemed to explain each task better with more effective feedback.

Bob was outstanding. His experience showed. He put people at ease, witch seemed to make people more confident and better drivers. I will recommend him and Streetwise to my co-workers and friends. He communicated each task very clearly. His concern for safety really impressed me. One student had to be cut because he was just too dangerous on the bike to himself and others. Bob had to make this tough decision and was able to explain the situation in a very kind way where there were no hard feelings with the student or the class. Few instructors can handle this situation as effectively.

Administratively it is a great class as well. Bob always replied to my e-mails quickly and sent very good learning tools before, during and after training. Streetwise is leaps and bound better then the last place I went. I was lucky to get one late e-mail at the last place. Expectations were very clear. Lots or riding space. Course is also slightly cheaper then most schools in the area for this time of year.
Jake 8/21/11

I took the two hour introductory class yesterday, and I did not think I would be riding a bike by the end of the two hours, but I was. Amazing. I had alot of fun and riding on the “range” was an experience. I am so glad I took the introdutory class because I know now without a doubt that I want to take the two day class, and more importantly I know where I want to take it. The experience I had at Streetwise was a wonderful one. The ridercoaches, that would be you Bob, was great. I thought you had alot of patience and made learning to ride at a basic level easy to understand. Especially for someone like me who never drove a standard before. I am excited to move on to the next phase, I only hope I have Bob again as the instructor. I felt that the expectations were realistic and that I was treated with respect. I never felt like I couldn’t do it. I felt Bob was very encouraging to all of us, and explained the mechanics of riding in a way that even I could understand. The administrative part of the class could not have been less painless. It was simple to sign up for, in fact this latest email to sign up for the discount on the two day class proves my point. simple. I am glad groupon had a special and I ended up at Streetwise. I look forward to beginning my next class soon.

Gayle 8/19/11

Bob, thanks so much for the great experience at Streetwise. Bud and Sue were absolute professionals, knew the material and communicated it clearly.

Thanks again. Great program.
Dean 8/19/11

This was my second time around at Streetwise and again, as before, it was an enlightening experience. Ken and Susan were fantastic. They were thorough, they were knowledgeable, and they were professional. I did the refresher course, I was able to build my confidence, which was my objective.

Thanks for having me.
Karen 8/18/11

My RiderCoaches were awesome. In addition to helping me learn the motorcycle and its wily ways, they also helped me out when I bit off more than I could chew. Also, safety wise they were always on the ball, never let anything slip. Cannot say enough good things about them.

Thanks again for a great time,
DM 8/18/11

Your class exceeded my expectations; the even calm pace you and your instructors used to teach us made the whole class very enjoyable. The amount of confidence and knowledge I’ve gained will always be embedded (I hope) in my brain each time I ride. I am excited to purchase my first bike.

Thank you,
Linda 8/15/11

Many thanks for a great course and a great learning experience last week end. The instructors were terrific and very professional. I shall recommend this course.

Best regards
Didier 8/11/11

Thanks again for the course! You and Bud both did a great job conducting the classroom section as well as the outdoor riding. It was very well organized and conducted very well. Both you and Bud provided important information and did a great job of assiting each rider to their specific needs. Feedback was given in a positive and encouraging way. Safety was a major concern and was addressed appropriately, but the riders were still able to enjoy themselves and have fun.

Thanks again and great job on conducting the course,
Ryan 8/11/11

I think everything about the course was great. I enjoyed the classroom because of the interactions with the instructor. It wasn’t a lecture or a do it yourself class. Most times it did not feel like a class instead it felt like a conversation. I enjoyed the riding range since it was my very first time riding. I also enjoyed getting better little by little, and having time to practice on my own while riding to the line. There was freedom in the range to learn and execute, but the instructors always gave great suggestions that helped a lot.

The Rider Coaches were excellent. They were both encouraging and always felt like they truly cared. They made me feel good with their compliments and never made me feel bad with their suggestions and critics. Communicated perfectly and I always knew what I had to do next or what they wanted me to improve.

Bob thank you for everything, I enjoyed the class and now can finally say I have a motorcycle license and that I’ve ridden before. You reminded me of a nice football coach I once had, since you had that look. But once again thank you very much, I cant wait to buy my first motorcycle whether it is next year or the year after that after I graduate college.

Lenny 8/10/11

I thought the class was great. It was a great introduction to riding. I think my instructors did a great job explaining bike safety and riding.

Ken and Whitey make a great team. 2 styles, ages and backgrounds compliment each other.

Thank you for all you did for me and to get me on the road to fun and excitement.

Jack 8/5/11

I had a blast and would recommend your school anytime. Your staff are brilliant.

Dave 8/2/11

Thanks so much! All four of the instructors I had (including you) were just amazing! Patient, encouraging, knowledgeable, and fun. I can’t wait to ride on two wheels 🙂

Jennifer 8/2/11

I wanted to let you know how great I thought the school was…I’ve got just over 800 miles of riding in the last month and half on my ducati monster. I have to tell you that I love the thing. It’s a chore for me to stop riding.

I heard nothing but great things prior to taking the course. And I have to tell you that both you, the other instructors, and the course far exceeded everything that I heard and expected. Keep up the good work and ride safe.

Thank you again,
Sarad 7/21/11

Ken and Mike were my rider coaches. I definitely think Ken and Mike handled the class with respect and encouragement, but they were also quick to point out something that affect your safety or the safety of others. As a 62 year old, I also have some problems, such as hearing loss, absent mindedness, and a little slower mental and physical co-ordination that come with the aging process than a younger student might not have. I don’t consider my problems “disabling,” but I do recognize that I will have to be more cautious on a bike than a younger person thanks to your course and rider coaches.

Thanks for a great course.
Jack 7/19/11

I thought the course was absolutely awesome. I wouldn’t have thought it possible to learn so much in just two days. Overall I was very satisfied with how the course was instructed, and the amount of “hands-on” riding experience.

I found the RiderCoaches to be extremely respectful at all times. You guys were patient and supportive throughout the two day course. I felt that I was encouraged by the staff every step of the way. In fact, you were so encouraging and enthusiastic about the course and riding in general that I felt confident enough to ride my newly purchased bike from New York to Massachussetts. I would not have even dreamed about doing something like that prior to taking the course.

The pre-course instructions, expectations, and communications were precise, and extremely easy to understand. The communications were absolutely flawless in this regard and could not in my opinion be improved on. I also found the website to be very easy to follow, with the schedule kept up to date, and the booking process itself was quick and simple. The flexibility of the staff to accomodate last minute bookings was very much appreciated. Absolutely outstanding service.

I know that there are other “schools” out there, but I would have no hesitation at all in recommending “Streetwise” to any potential course participant.

Ray 7/13/11

My son and I signed up for your class because I hadn’t ridden in over 30 years and my son had never ridden at all.

I admit I was a little tentative about taking this type of course at 56 years of age, and my son was concerned he might feel intimidated by those who have riding experience. However, the first minute of the first day, we were introduced to a very systematic and organized approach to motorcycle riding that was very efficiently taught by two obviously very competent instructors who were in total control.

The course is designed so those who have some riding skill blend in well with novices, and all learn the proper fundamentals and riding techniques. The course was directed in a very easygoing teaching technique that allows you to learn and have fun, and not be intimidated by the motorcycle, the course or the classroom.

My son and I are very happy with the course and have strongly recommended it to others.

Thank you for a very valuable and enjoyable learning experience.
Larry and Patrick 7/13/11

The RiderCoach was great! Very informative, answered all questions clearly and gave us a demo of every “exercise” he wanted us to do. He was respectful to both men and women. He was definitely encouraging.

Vanessa 7/7/11

I took the course this past weekend. Ken and Tara did a PHENOMENAL job. All my classmates were well trained and are super excited to start riding.

Natty 6/27/11

This was an excellent experience. You were all very patient and informative. I feel very confident and in control on the motorcycle, I plan to take a lot of time practicing my skills before taking to the roads on a regular basis.

Tim 6/20/11

We wanted to thank you for this past weekend. You did an awesome job teaching and providing such a warm and inviting atmosphere. We will pass along the awesome experience we had in your school to our other friends.

Diem 6/20/11
I graduated from your class on Sunday, May 22. I want to provide some feedback.

My overall satisfaction with the course was “extremely, fully satisfied”. The level of organization was outstanding, and the course was certainly comprehensive. As I reflect back, it is difficult to find any flaws in your program. As an investment specialist, my career is built on evaluating businesses and finding ways to improve them. I think Streetwise stands up to some of the best I’ve evaluated, and you run it in a perfect manner.

Your program, of course, begins and ends with the RiderCoaches. My course was led by Ken and Ed. Seriously, I think you’d be hard pressed to find two better people for instructors. They were awesome.

I’ll be recommending the school to everyone!
Chris 6/6/11

You guys are all so nice! Ken and Mike were great at the in-class room instruction and Ed and you (Bob) were great coaches on the range! I don’t think there was one negative comment, only positive re-inforcement. You created one of the nicest learning environments I’ve ever experienced (there have been a few – I’m nearly 25 and still in school)!

You guys had bikes and instructions ready for us before we could get all our gear on! The demos while the engines are off prior to riding the exercise help. Hand signals are excellent.

You put together a fantastic program!
Johanna 5/23/11

Thanks for your help, and thanks for the great course! It was a lot of fun, I learned a great deal, and all of the instructors were great.

Brian 5/23/11
You have an amazing course here. Even if it didn’t provide the benefits of the license (which you make a breeze), insurance discount, etc. this is something I would do simply because of the amount of fun I had. Thank you for taking something I expected to be boring and painful (like drivers ed), and making it fun and enjoyable. I hope to come back in the future!

Tom 5/17/11
I was thoroughly satisfied with this course. I had not been on a bike since 1992, and really was impressed with this course. My instructors were excellent. They demonstrated everything to the “t”. They always answered any questions, and stressed “safety”. After I got home on Sunday, I swung by my brothers to talk about the course. ( he was supposed to take it with me). I went over everything with him, the little things they teach really helped me alot. I feel so much more comfortable on a bike ..I wont be hesitant to make my purchase. The classroom part was good as well. The explanations, and safety stressed was great. I will definately recommend your program to anyone interested in learning to ride.

Thanks again.
Richard 5/16/11
The coaches were wonderful: supportive, respectful, encouraging, knowledgeable, talented, and FUN.

Sarah 5/9/11
I was very impressed with the overall experience. The riding coaches were very encouraging and knowledgable. I thought Demi and Mike were a good team, Demi was serious, sincere and gave honest feedback. I especially liked Mike who also gave great feedback on our riding and he reminded us to smile.. :o) I will highly recommend Street Wise to anyone who is interested in riding. I have to say that it was alot harder than I aniticipated although, after completing the course I am much more confident and even more excited to apply the knowledge I’ve gained while riding my own bike.

Kim 5/9/11
Everything was fantastic overall. The whole process from start to finish helped make the experience very enjoyable. The design of the course, building our understanding of the motorcycle piece by piece made it much easier to take in and understand.
The instructors (Mike and Demi) definitely made the class environment very comfortable, it was like everyone knew each other already (which made me feel less nervous attempting the exercises and also made me feel more comfortable communicating with the other students what they felt worked better or worse for them during the exercises).

Thanks again for a great experience!
Anthony 5/9/11
I was very happy to be riding so fast it really gets you going and wanting to learn more its a very effective learning method on my book, practice firs theory later and constant repetition… Excellent job!!!

Argenis 5/9/11
Thanks for everything, it was one of the most useful classes I ever took

Bill 5/4/11

Honestly, I really only did the course because I thought it would be the easiest route to getting a license, insurance discounts, etc. I didn’t expect to actually enjoy it. But I enjoyed it! The instructors were really great. They were instructive, funny, supportive, efficient, respectful, etc. They managed the different personalities in our group very well. Really helpful having all the demos.

Alex 5/2/11

Thanks for a great experience and valuable training. The instructors were great! I never knew how much there is to learn about riding a motorcycle.

Dawson 5/2/11

To be honest, I was very surprised on how informative the class actually was. I expected the class to be a bit more ‘elementary’. I was happy to find that there was not a single bit of information in the class that I did not find useful. I strongly recommend this class to any one who is even considering riding a motorcycle. I am much more confident now that I have taken this course, and I also feel as though I respect the dangers of riding a motorcycle more than I would had I not taken this course. I also feel that riding a motorcycle will make me a safer car driver as well. I appreciate the knowledge that you and your staff has provided me. I will be sure to recommend the course and more specifically STREETWISE to anyone and everyone I know that rides or wants to ride a motorcycle.

Thanks again,
Dave 4/11/11
All in all I thought it was a great course, well worth the time and money to take it. I would definitely recommend this course to anyone I know who wants to learn how to ride. The RiderCoaches were GREAT, I felt very safe with them and very confident. I got great feedback, and though I didn’t always take it in (like 3 vs. 4 fingers on the brakes!) not once did anyone get annoyed! They just kept reminding me. We all had fun and learned a lot.

Debi 4/6/11
I recently purchased my first motorcycle and was helped out by a friend who is very knowledgeable about the matter. He insisted that I should participate in your program due to many friends of his who have said wonderful things about the place. I then received a gift certificate from another friend who had also said great things about you guys. So coming to the program I expected to learn a lot and enjoy every minute of it. The program exceeded my expectations and I was completely satisfied with the way I was taught and respected. I am definitely “returning the favor” and I will personally purchase gift certificate to my friends who are new to the motorcycle world… I felt welcome to the facility and very respected… My coaches were very professional, friendly and good teachers.

I wanted to thank you for what you guys have been doing. You are not only helping us being better Motorcyclist but you are saving many lives who would not be here if they did not have the proper knowleadge of riding a motorcycle. I am very cautious now when I’m crossing an intersection, even when I have the right of way. Also, taking sharp curves is easier since I know now what the safer process is.

My sincere compliments,
Cleryson 4/6/11
I was highly satisfied with the class. The instructors, the setting and the content. Overall I found everything to be exceptional… Your staff went above and beyond… I found the class, the approach and the style to be outstanding. Don’t change anything.

You delivered to me the most information and experience that I could ask for at a more than reasonable price. Your instructors are great, and you are the best. Thank you for preparing me.

Leo 4/6/11
The course was excellent. All of the riders maintained a positive attitude. Everyone was looking to learn and encouraged each other to do well. The instructors play a large part and I think made those attitudes possible because instructors were so encouraging that the riders knew it. There is clearly patience exhibited by all instructors for riders of all ability levels.

Chris 4/4/11
I was very satisfied with the course. I learned a lot about the proper way to ride and how to control a bike in many situations.

Dan 4/4/11
The school and course were great. Exactly what I was looking for. Having never ridden or even been on a motorcycle I was a little intimidated by the whole thing. My early going was not too smooth and after the first 15 minutes of walking the bike I was not sure it as for me. The rider coaches were great. They were encouraging, knowledgeable, and great to be around. They matched their instruction and feedback to each individual rider’s strengths and weaknesses…

The course was well structured, the instructors very prepared for any questions, and they truly wanted to get the students’ opinions and make sure you understood, not just provide answers without the whys.

I think the diversity of bikes was good to have…

The administration could not have been better, I felt very prepared for the class…

All in all , the course was more than I could have hoped for. I thought I would come out with a good foundation if I decided to buy a bike in the future, or wanted to take a short ride on a friend’s bike. I did come out with a good foundation, but also a desire to own my own bike and hope to have one in the next moth or so.

…I really enjoyed the class, and the instructors, and feel I have a great beginning for what I am hoping will be a long term enjoyment.

Keep doing what you do, and I’ll recommend your school to anyone looking to learn, or get more experience.

Thanks again
Scott 3/28/11
Had a great experience even with the cold temps. You guys are the best! Thanks for your patience and all the great training…

Trudy 3/27/11
Thanks soon much! You guys were great! Definitely made me feel more confident on a bike!

Anthony 3/23/11
I wanted to thank each of you for your patience and hard work this past weekend. I’ve learned quite a bit and I’m really glad that I was referred to Streetwise.

Thank you again,
Tricia 3/21/11
I was quite pleased and very satisfied with the experience. The RiderCoaches were both friendly and authoritative, and their feedback was well-delivered and helpful.

Glenn 3/16/11
I had a blast learning to competently ride a motorcycle with you guys. Everything was very informative and I learned a lot more than what I THOUGHT I knew.

Thanks for making the training and getting my license as simple/fast/safe as possible. I had a great time and hope to see you guys again in the future!

Chris 3/16/11
Thank you so much. I learned alot from your experience. Everybody so nice and friendly. You have a great team.

David 3/14/11
I am very glad and happy about the experience I gained from the Basic Rider Course. The course was very well designed between theoretical and actual riding time. The instructors both out on the field and in the classroom were very attentive to details and remind the students of their personal areas of improvement to work on. I actually attend the class with my sons Chris & Gabe who got me into the world of motorcycles.

I highly recommend all newbies and even experienced operators to attend the class before hitting the streets. It may save you pain and aggravation with the tips, guidance and safety protocols that Bob and his team combined experience will do for you to accelerate your learning curve .

There are many myths about how to operate a motorcycle safely . I say go to Streetwise Cycle School and learn from the PROs contact Bob Johnson and his team of instructors. You will never regret you make the right decision. It was the best two days training and learning time well spend.

Phillip 3/14/11
I loved the school and the instructors. The instructors were great. I feel like I want come take the course over and over just to have fun with them.

J. Fresh (Dec 2010)
Thanks for a great weekend of learning to ride! I finished up feeling amazed that you’d been able to guide me from not even knowing how to get onto a motorcycle on Saturday to doing emergency braking and u-turns and obstacles on Sunday afternoon. Your course was great- just a really positive learning environment. Thanks so much for your time and energy this weekend, and I’ll be sure to let my friends know what a fantastic job you all do.

Best wishes,
Ashley (Nov 2010)
It was great! It was a lot of fun, and the course was geared towards beginners without putting pressure on getting things perfect. Concepts were explained clearly, and the instructors were there to guide us through if things didn’t make sense… They did a very good job in keeping us safe, while making the course a lot of hands on fun (please thank them)!

G.W. (Oct 2010)
I think that the course is essential for beginners and first time riders. Not only were the tips and lessons valuable, they will definitely help me become a safe and more confident rider. After taking this course, I believe I have the knowledge it takes to go out on my own. (Of course, not into Boston tomorrow). I think with time and practice, a first time rider can become a pro, but taking this course will allow you to become both familiar and smart when it comes to riding and decision-making.

Continue what you are doing! It is great what you do.

I can’t thank you enough!
Candinho (Oct 2010)
The instructor was great. Very clear about what was expected and providing immediate feedback for what we needed to work on as well as quick tips to make riding easier and more enjoyable. He kept it relaxed and showed his passion for riding by diving into discussions about each other’s bikes, experiences and individual questions.

Thank you,
Dan (Oct 2010)
Class was very good! Your coaching was great, and I thought it was very well organized. It was also wonderful to spend most of the course riding!

Thank you for a great experience.

Kind Regards,
Norbert (Oct 2010)
It was a great course … I really appreciated your knowledge of riding techiques and for being such a great instructor – explain things clearly, calm and encouraging at all times, and you have a genuine passion for teaching and of biking.

Eul-Shik (Oct 2010)
I still need practice but the course taught me all I needed to get the confidence to go out on my own and practice. Prior to the course I would not leave the driveway with my bike. It gave me confidence and knowledge that I previously did not have. I thought it was a great class. I am glad I did it. I will recommend the course to anyone learning to ride or even people that already ride.

I can’t think of any aspect of the course that needs improvement. The entire process from administration to instruction was professional, personal and painless at the appropriate time.

Cedric (Sept 2010)
Thanks again for conducting the course this weekend and for making it such a pleasant experience – it was really great and I enjoyed being part of the group!

Katrin (Sept 2010)
Although my muscles are sore from using muscles I don’t use every day, and I am completely exhausted, this was the best class! I enjoyed every minute of it! I’ve already told many friends about Streetwise. Thanks for a great experience and teaching me how to ride a motorcycle from the ground up. All I can think about is wanting to get back out there and ride.

Audra (Sept 2010)
I enjoyed the class and learned a lot. I will definitely continue to ride. I thought getting right on the bike the first day really helped. I did not have time to think about it and get nervous. Then the classroom info made more sense. Your comfort and ease on the bike made it easier for a first timer to jump on. Hope to see you on the road some day.

Thanks again.
Dave (Sept 2010)
The instructors were absolutely great. Patient, encouraging, respectful and full of energy. They had something positive to say to every rider several times a day, and were never critical. When wasked asked a question, the instructor always followed up his answer with something like ‘Did I answer your question to your satisfaction?’. Very impressive. I would recommend this course to anyone without hesitation.

David (Sept 2010)
The instructors were awesome teachers and cool guys to chat with. They made the class very enjoyable.

Sebastien (Sept 2010)
You have an excellent program and your coaches are great.

Joanne (Sept 2010)
I would highly recommend the course to anyone. I was petrified of corners, so for me it wasn’t about getting the license, (which is great plus) it was about getting my 750 Shadow out of my garage & not turning around the hard way when I came to the first corner. Sadly this is a true story….I have many, many, many friends who have been riding forever, not one of them told me to look where I wanted to go. That was the big turning point for me (no pun intended). Thanks to you guys I am off & running now. It has even made a difference in the way I drive my car. The course gave me just the right amount of confidence I needed, I am confident & riding safely. My 15 year old will be following this path I am sure…he too will be attending your course, I will be insisting!!.

Thank you,
Mary (Sept 2010)
I want to thank you much for course. I turn 50 tomorrow and coming to your school was my friend’s birthday gift and way to help me to get over my life long fear of driving a motorized vehicle of any sort. You were incredibly patient with me and I really do appreciate it.

All very best,
Sofia (Aug 2010)
Great class, by the way. The evening after the second session I went out for a ride on my ’76 CB750, and at least two of the things we covered in class basically saved me. First, coming around a sharp bend on 203 in Dorchester, a car pulled out of a parking space right in front of me without looking, with no signal and no warning. Needless to say, the braking drills we did came right back, and I was able to come to a complete stop, using both brakes and downshifting in a shorter distance than I would have before the class.

Then, to make things exciting, my clutch cable snapped in the middle lane of Tremont Ave. in Roxbury (a road that cars routinely travel at 50mph on). I remembered the instructor going over what to do in just that situation, and was able to kick the bike into 2nd gear, getting it out of harms way and into the sidestreets. Had I not had that info, I would have been stranded and stalled in the middle of the road, which would have been a BAD scene.

Anyhow, well done. I’ll recommend Streetwise to my friends.
Jay (Aug 2010)
I just got done with the course, and I thought it was great! I feel a lot more comfortable on a bike now than before the class. The instructors were very informative and great with teaching correct and safe riding practices. As the class went on, and I got more comfortable, I started to have a lot of fun with the bike exercises… I will recommend this class to anyone I know who is starting to ride bikes. Thank you.

Bill (Aug 2010)
I just want to let you guys know that I had the best experience in learning how to ride…. thanks to your teaching, in which I found to be top notch. All my fears that I had in the past about riding motorcycles are GONE…

I hope to keep what you taught me about safety my number one priority.. I am more confident now then I ever thought I could be when it came to riding a motorcycle… I know I still have alot to learn, but now I know that I have
the CONFIDENCE to continue to learn. I Highly recommended the school to all my friends on facebook, and I also informed them that there are two UNBELIEVABLE instructors that teach the course. I can’t thank you enough. I hope to see you guys in the near future for the advanced classes.. until then.. take care and RIDE SAFE!!!

Larry (Aug 2010)
The class was a blast on Saturday and Sunday. It far exceeded my expectation in a number of ways.

Booker (July 2010)
I just wanted to drop a line thanking you for a great class. I definitely feel I came away with a lot of useful skills and knowledge. Based on the positive experience I had in your class I have been recommending your school to my friends who are interested in getting into motorcycles.

Thanks again!
Corey (July 2010)
I thought the the class was great. I have never been on a bike before or drove anything with a clutch and after this I feel comfortable enough to go out and buy a bike now. The instructors were awesome. I will recommended this class to as many people as I know. I look forward to taking another class down the rode.

Thank you,
John (July 2010)
I Had never been on a motorcycle before and now, due to Streetwise, I have the confidence to ride and enjoy the benefits of riding. I strongly recommend taking the class with Streetwise before getting on any motorcycle. Even if you are experienced, you will be surprised at some of the knwoledge you gain from this class.

RICK (July 2010)
I could not be happier with the course. I knew I wanted to ride motorcycles, but with only a permit and no experience on a bike, I was very hesitant about actually diving into it. The thought of having to buy a bike and teach myself was a very scary concept! Through the Streetwise Cycle School program, range instructors gave me the necessary training and confidence to trust my own ability to ride safely. Instructors were extremely knowledgeable and helpful in the classroom, answering our own personal concerns/questions as well as affirming everything we learned while riding in the morning.
I am happy to say that I just purchased my first motorcycle, and after only two days of riding and learning I was well prepared and confident enough to test drive a much heavier and quicker bike. You should all feel great about yourselves for making the roads a safer place to ride. I will never forget the experience that I got at Streetwise Cycle School and I thank you all for making me both confident and cautious and ultimately much safer in a world that seems to have its fair share of danger.
When I get solid enough to take my bike on the highway I will definitely come by to visit and show you all that the fundamentals you instilled in me are still at work.
Thank you all for everything, I could not be happier to be a part of the motorcycling world now and I owe it all to the Streetwise Cycle School staff.

Sean (July 2010)
This was a well done, high quality saftey course. Your instructors are very knowledgable and it’s clear that they enjoy what they do. They really drove home the key concepts and most of all, safety. I would recommend your course to anyone who is considering getting their motorcycle license.

Matt (July 2010)
I’m glad I took your motorcycle course. It was very informative and I learned a great deal of information that I never would have thought of being new to riding, I had a great time and made some new friends, I will definately recommend your class to other people.

Thanx again,
Walter (July 2010)
I was very satisfied with the course and following the course strategies. I believe I am riding better now thanks especially to the instructor for his special coaching skills! I am doing so much better now. After my ride yesterday, I pat myself on the back and I feel very proud of my accomplishment. Thanks to all of you coaches!!

Keep doing the good work of helping save motocycles riders’ lives!
Paul (June 2010)
Thank you and thanks for the support and patience of your trainers…I am happy to recommend Streetwise and I am sure that I will be back for more training…thanks again for helping me to start living my dream.

Best Regards,
Alan (June 2010)
The BRC was quite an experience and I appreciate the patience you showed with all of us.

I was absolutely satisfied with the course. Both classroom and riding range sessions helped improve my riding skills. I especially enjoyed learning some of the finer aspects of clutch control and tighter cornering strategies. Thank you once again for offering such a beneficial and enjoyable course.

Both riding coaches provided useful critiques of my riding skills and style throughout the course. Their feedback and guidance has undoubtedly made me a better rider.

Elliot (June 2010)
I was very pleased with the course. I learned about some street strageties that never even popped into my head. Even something as simple as making a right turn has some science behind it and i really do feel comfortable hitting the road after taking this course. Thanks to you and your staff I’m ready to ride.

Chris (June 2010)
The RiderCoach’s technique of instruction was not condescending when I screwed up. He Offered positive reinforcement if I did something right. Very easy-going way of teaching. Communicated in a way that someone with no experience like myself could understand.

It was a 100% Positive Experience. It was really reassuring … the constant communication right from the start – even prior to enrolling I contacted the school and got someone to answer my questions, then from enrollement to completion it was very thorough a simple process. -I will be recommending the School!

Wayne (June 2010)
Very good experience. I was pleasantly suprised how much I learned and was able to do.

Lynne (June 2010)
Thanks for the experience, lessons, and the knowledge I gained from your program! On Monday, I went out and bought a new motorcycle the day after I passed your program! Don’t change a thing! I’ll be sending a couple friends to you, because I know what is best for them.

Thanks again, you guys are the best!
Yours Truly, Matt (June 2010)
I had never ridden on motorcycle before I took the class. Now I know how to ride and I’m excited about practicing more myself based on the skills that I learned from the class. GREAT CLASS, GREAT COACHES, CONVENIENT LOCATION & I LEARNED A LOT. THANKS SO MUCH!!

Alison (June 2010)
I would like to thank the instructors for the tips, advice, knowledge throughout the entire course. It has been a great experience. They were very friendly, lively, even when the sun was on top of our heads most of the time. Please give my big thanks to the instructors.

Thank You
Johann (June 2010)
I gained so much confidence by taking this course I am now a proud rider of a HARLEY ROAD KING. THANKS

Skip (June 2010)
I cannot thank you and the ridercoaches enough. It was one of the most challenging and rewarding things I’ve done in years.

Mary-Jayne (June 2010)
I took the course last weekend and everything was excellent. The instructors were excellent. Their techniques and methods were professional and thorough. They also displayed great patience and tact which Im sure must be very difficult when dealing with novice riders. Safety, communication, encouragement and preperation were all evident in the classroom and on the range. All around a great experience for all in attendance. Im looking for a bike now and will be back next year for a refresher or even advanced if I log enough miles…Be sure to tell the instructors “well done and thanks”.

Mark (May 2010)
I can’t say enough about the professionalism of the rider coaches. I am an educator and these guys are naturals. I felt they were in control the entire time (which helped give me a sense of great confidence when it came to the safety of myself and other riders), they were congenial and supportive (which made me very comfortable – I know I’m a goof but I appreciate the respect they showed me for the stage I was at) and, most important, they displayed the ability to clearly communicate the content needed to learn. Please feel free to use me as a reference anytime.

Thank you!
Joe (May 2010)
Thinking back to the first exercise of finding the friction zone and then power walking the bike, and fast forwarding to the final test, it’s really quite remarkable how much I have learned in such a short amount of time.

Thank you again for a great course. I enjoyed it and learned so much about riding skills, strategy, and safety – I can’t imagine getting my license without first going through this course.

Thanks again,
Bill (May 2010)
The Rider Coaches were excellent very informative and fun…it was great how they demonstrated every exercise on the range before we did them.

Tyrell (May 2010)
I had a blast riding this weekend and I have to tip my hat to the incredible instructors

Peter (May 2010)
Overall the course was excellent. The lecture moved at the right pace. The instructors were friendly, they listened and got everyone involved.

Seyi (May 2010)
This was a great (and necessary) course for someone like me w/ no riding experience. I now feel confident to get a bike and begin on my own. I also learned a lot of riding tips as well as some mechanical knowledge. Having had no riding experience whatsoever (unless you count a moped when I was 16) I feel I made a lot of improvement overall and I know what areas I need to focus on when practicing on my first bike.

David (May 2010)
Thank you so much for teaching me to ride! It was a really great experience and I can’t wait to get a bike! The instructors were great and very helpful and patient, it made the learning fun and exciting even though I was so nervous! I really appreciate it! Thanks again for all
the help!

Charlene (May 2010)
Just wanted to say thanks again for everything. You guys did a fantastic job with the instruction – from your patience to your enthusiasm…really well done. I’m so excited to have my license!!

Have a wonderful summer,
Bekah (May 2010)
Had a great time in the class and enjoyed all the instructors. They were great people who loved what they do. Very fun.

Thanks again.
Randy (April 2010)
I felt the weekend overall was terrific and was beyond my expectations. The coaches were very flexible and adaptable and I learned so much over the weekend.

Jen (april 2010)
I had a very fun time learning how to ride the bike. The quality class room portion of the riding course was very informational because I will take all the things I’ve learned in class to prepare for the real world experience with a concern for safety. I would recommend all the new riders to get this course with Streetwise Cycle School because the coaches are very nice and helpful in your learning experience. The coaches always remind you how to remain safe on a bike and at the same time enjoy the ride. Thanks for all your help

Phu (April 2010)
Went from not even being able to start a motorcycle to feeling comfortable riding a bike on a side street. Excellent course and even better instructors

David (April 2010)
Really enjoyed the class and the instructors were very knowledgeable and helpful.

Annie (April 2010)
I would like to start off by saying thank you to you and the other instructors that helped me during this weekend ride. I stepped my foot into class on Saturday April 3 not knowing how to ride and stepped out on Sunday April 4 feeling very comfortable riding a motorcycle… The instructors made me feel very comfortable. They dedicated time to each and every one of us. They went step by step teaching us the functions of the motorcycle and the basic skills of riding. I really enjoyed this course and got more than expected. I would like for you to tell the other instructors thank you from my part and that they did a terrific job.

Yeslinette (April 2010)
I really appreciated the course very much and the instructors were awesome!!

Ben (March 2010)
The course at Streetwise was awesome!!!! I will definately recommend this class to my friends who just got their permits. The instructors were veryyyyy helpful and I enjoyed the class. It was a great experience and I won’t ever forget what I learned.

Ellison (March 2010)
This was a great course. I had never operated a motorcycle prior to the course and today I feel no hesitation or fear in operating a motorcycle. I feel a high level of confidence in operating my bike. It was also a fun course!

Michael (March 2010)
This course was excellent. It focused on providing basic skills to gain confidence and enjoy riding. The instructors were on point, knowledgeable, and made a strong effort to separate each rider. I had a great time.

Brandon (March 2010)
The course was great! Next time hold the rain tho! Thank you very much for the experience and teaching I loved the course and will recommend anyone who mentions they want to ride, it was well worth it to prepare for the road and develop good habits to use while riding!

Michael (March 2010)
This course helped me prepare for it during the rain, even though i got soaked, it was fun because the instructors provided a demo before us actually attempting the practice. This helped alot and when we made a few mistakes, instructors told us in a positive note on how to fix it rather than yelling at us, which was really helpful. Instructors encouraged us on the the next attempt to fix our first mistake, and if we didn’t, they still encouraged us in a positive way. Considering we were the first class of the season, the instructors said we are the best so far and did not have any problems with us at all. I am glad that I came here than anywhere else, my friend recommended me to come here. I am definitely going to recommend others to come here.

Thanks for everything!!!
Kevin (March 2010)
Fantastic course this weekend. It’s amazing that there were so many smiles despite the TERRIBLE weather – The instructors were awesome!

Andrea (March 2010)
The Rider Coaches are amazing. I throughly enjoyed the class and had loads of FUN, while learning how to ride safely. If you only had a class on how to convince a wife to allow you to buy a bike

Thanks again,
Dick (Nov 2009)
AWESOME JOB. We learned a ton and had a blast. Once I get a bike, I’m definitely coming back for the advanced riders course.

All the best,
Nat (Nov 2009)
Just finished the course yesterday and I want to let you know it was not good. If fact, it was BETTER THAN GOOD!

Truly it was a perfect combination of theory and practice. I appreciated the opportunity to spend so much time on the motorcycles – this really drove it all home (no pun intended!).

The instruction was first-rate and the bikes were in great shape. I would certainly refer friends to you and I look forward to taking the advanced course next spring.

Timothy (Nov 2009)
The class was great, the instructors were very knowledgeable and I appreciate you accommodating me. I had not taken a class like this since 1985 in the UK and I was impressed with the attention to detail and thought provoking instruction.

John (Nov 2009)
I just wanted to write a quick thank you note. The class was full of great information and was quite fun. You and your instructors were friendly, helpful and kept the class mood very loose. Thanks again for everything and your school has already been highly recomended to my friends and coworkers. Thanks again for everything…

Justin (Oct 2009)
I just want to say this class was great. I went into it very nervous, but by the middle of day one the instructors helped me get past that. The class never felt rushed and neither did I. I highly recommend anyone who wants to learn to ride, you must take this class. The instructors were great. They made the class not even feel like a class. It felt like a bunch of friend hanging out learning new things together. I’ve already started telling everyone at my job about the class. I will never forget about you guys.

Marie (sept 2009)
Hello Bob and Company!

Just wanted to say thanks again for the excellent course! Attached is a picture of me with my first motorcycle, a Suzuki Boulevard 650. I love it! I work on SEE and looking where I want the bike to go, and the biker wave.. which, I don’t think you actually taught us 🙂 I rode it to my family’s house 1.5 hours away and had my first night riding experience. Then, back the next morning on a beautiful cool sunny day… It has kept the grin on my face.

Thanks again.
Jackie (Sept 2009)
Going in I was extremely skeptical of my riding ability, but after 1 day at the school, I was shocked at how far I had come along. While I need to slowly learn more and more about riding on my own, I’d be completely lost if it wasn’t for streetwise.

Thanks again!
John (Sept 2009)
It was great to have the riding equipment there, and I was surprised with how nice it was. Had a great time, felt like I progressed a ton over the 2 days. I bought a bike the day after finishing the course (99 Honda Rebel) and can’t wait to get out and ride.

Thanks a lot!
Natalie (Sept 2009)
You did a great job coaching the class, it was a very comfortable and relaxed environment, I learned a ton, and have found myself using it already, it just seems to pop into my head while riding, Thank you again for doing a great job and teaching me a lot.

Patrick (Sept 2009)
The course was amazing and I feel like I gained all the skills, plus more.

Sarah (Sept 2009)
The coaches make an excellent team. They understand each other so well that it looks like they are doing tango. The parking lot location was ideal with plenty of space and free from distraction etc. The small class size gets each and everyone plenty of attention from the coaches. The fact that it rained this last weekend helped us learn to ride in wet conditions, and connect all the stuff we discussed in the class about riding in slippery conditions. The tone of the class was perfect – warm and friendly in all the classroom and riding sessions, while being firm and unbiased during the final eval tests – just like the RMV. Will definitely recommend to all of my friends.

Anil (Sept 2009)
First off, thank you for the job you did with my daughter. She has a healthy blend of confidence along with the understanding that she has the basic skills she needs to develop to become a good rider. If she didn’t tell you, her goal was to ride to the first day of school, (all girl private high school, plaid skirts and white polos). She did, though rumor has it a few of the nuns have not yet adjusted to the fact.

Best regards,
Rick (Sept 2009)
Thanks for giving me an enjoyable weekend while learning something very new. I mean to have twelve people riding independently within 2 hours of the course strarting is preety cool. I still need to practice in all areas, but gained an awful lot of knowledge during the course.I will definitely tell people about your course.

Take care,
Paul F. (Sept 2009)
My best accomplishment yet … I’ve been wearing your shirt after making some more modern lady cuts into it … No one can believe a white head lady like myself did it.

Judi (Sept 2009)
I would like to personally thank you for the awesome experience I had while taking the course at Streetwise. Your instructors did everything to encourage and help me throughout the whole weekend. I feel I learned alot to start riding, and look forward to the outlet that a motorcycle can provide. Again, I thank you for a great time and learning experience. Thumbs up to Steetwise Cycle School!

Jim (August 2009)
I just wanted to thank you for facilitating such a wonderful learning opportunity for both new and old cyclists alike. Once again thank you for your commitment and dedication.

Gregory (Aug 2009)
The course was great, it was informative and a lot of fun. The instructor was wonderful, he was acting like a father or a friend and not like a drill officer. He had a good sense of humor and took time to explain everything and work with each and every student when needed.

Raphael (Aug 2009)
Both of the teachers were informative and encouraging. The material was neither too easy nor too hard, and moved at the right pace to keep everyone engaged. I couldn’t drive before the course at all, and now I ride my motorcycle every single day – and love it!

For less than $300 you guys taught me how to safely ride a motorcycle, and instilled in me a life-long hobby. The way I look at it, my life is worth more than $300.

It is hard to keep the class going at the right speed for everyone – where some people are naturally better at it than others – but I thought the coaches did a good job of encouraging and challenging the people who were not as good, all the while keeping it fun for the rest of us. They never made me feel stupid, even when I asked stupid questions. They challenged me but were respectful if I couldn’t do something right the first time. I thought this class was great. I will be taking the advanced riders class next summer. You have a loyal customer who will tell his friends to take your class as well.

Louis (Aug 2009)
It was run smooth and efficiently, excellent Rider Coaches

Napolitano (Aug 2009)
Just wanted you to know that I thought you did a great job with the class. I really enjoyed it. I also just got my first bike! A Yamaha FZ6.

Hope to see you on the road!
Thanks again-
Thomas (Aug 2009)
This school is wonderful.

Justin (Aug 2009)
The class this weekend was great! I learned a lot and had fun! Both of you were great with the students and your teaching styles complimented each other. I will definitely recommend you guys in the future.

Best Regards,
Brad (Aug 2009)
Just wanted to tell you that the class this weekend was terrific. I liked having two coaches with such different styles. I’d never ridden a motorcycle before, and by the end of the class I didn’t want to stop riding.

Sararu (July 2009)
The instructors were magnificent teachers! I had no trouble learning from them, and they have great personalities as well as incite on how to ride a motorcycle. I would definitely return and see them for a refresher course. They were great!

Justin (July 2009)
Thanks. By the way, the instructors were terrific. They each have different styles, but they’re both very effective. They were very well prepared, very clear about expectations and explanations for what we had to do, and good both at correcting what needed correcting, and praise when I got it right. I’ve recommended your school to a friend of mine, and would give a testimonial if you’d like.

Rob (July 2009)
The school was totally useful, many things I didn’t know would have prevented me from obtaining a license on my own. It was fun and there was a good vibe. The instructors made a great team and one wonders where they get their considerable energy.

Richard (July 2009)
Thanks for such a great class. You really do a nice job with everything. Beth and I had a great time and we have no complaints about anything. I’m sure we will see you again in the future for the advanced class.

Jesse (July 2009)
I felt that you are an excellent instructor who both knows and enjoys your work very much. You seem to have a great gift of communication and empathy with the students. I have been riding motorcycles since 1965 and scooters since 2001, and in the first 1/2 hour of the class I got valuable info on techniques I had been doing incorrectly all along.

Thank you!
Frank (July 2009)
I wanted to thank all you guys for a wonderful experience this past weekend. I had a great time at the Basic Rider Course and learned a tremendous amount. I am no doubt a safer and better rider as a result of taking your class and I know it will add to my enjoyment riding in the future. You have a great school and staff over there!

Jason (July 2009)
Thanks again for all the great tips and maneuvers. It was a great class. I will be sending a few people to your class.

John (July 2009)
The course was run very well and I had a great time learning how to ride and be safe on the roads. I enjoyed the course so much that I told some friends who are interested in getting their motorcycle licenses about Streetwise Cycle School and my personal experience. I got everything I expected out of the course and it was the most fun I’ve had so far this summer.

Jason (July 2009)
I would love to say a whole lot about the program, along with the Instructors but there is too much to say. One word I would best describe my first time experience & not being pressured, “fantastic”… If I could do it anyone else could complete this program in two. I would recommend my Family, friends & others about the Motorcycle Rider Education Program any day.

Zezito (July 2009)
I wanted to let you know how much I enjoyed the experience this weekend. Our instructors were great; they provided the right balance of advice and freedom. I learned a lot and would certainly recommend the program to anyone thinking of purchasing a motorcycle.

Michael (July 2009)
I very much enjoyed the course and have been riding since, I gained a lot of confidence that weekend

Brendan (July 2009)
Great experience. I am glad I didn’t ask one of my buddies to teach me how to ride instead.

Ed (July 2009)
I really enjoyed my experience taking the class this past weekend. All of the instructors were very informative and friendly. They were instructive and encouraging to everyone in my group. I had purchased a bike prior to taking the class and really did not feel that comfortable riding it prior to this past weekend. Although I know I have a long way to go, taking this course was extremely helpful. In my opinion, everybody issued a learners permit to ride a bike should be required to take this class I have already recommended your course to several friends. I look forward to taking a ride with the guys from the school.

Mark (July 2009)
Excellent job! I went from having never sat behind the wheel of a bike to being able to comfortably and safely turn, shift, and maneuver. Thank you so much – I will definitely recommend Streetwise Cycle School to everyone I know! Well done!

Denise (July 2009)
All of the instructors were very friendly, patient, and passionate about teaching. The way everything was handled in regards to myself was very fair. I hope to have my own bike by next season to come back and take the advance course.

Thanks again,
Joel (July 2009)
Great course. I enjoyed it. As I said, the instructor was exceptionally knowledgeable. and I was impressed by his enthusiasm, particularly considering the demanding routine, concentration, and long hours in the sun. I’m going to drop the eval to the hq in california today, and you can be assured it is full of compliments. and I’ll def be recommending Streetwise to my friends. Finally, compliments to you for running such an efficient business.

Thanks for the experience.
Karim (July 2009)
I just wanted to write you and tell you how much I enjoyed the Motorcycle Safety Course that I took this weekend. The instructors were wonderful; they create this great yin-and-yang partnership that helps cover all the bases, while still being light hearted. They were fun to work with, talented riders and teachers, and took the time to explain to me what I did right and what I need to improve on. I would whole-heartedly recommend your school to any friend that was looking to learn how to ride, and once I get a few more miles under my belt I plan on taking the advanced rider class and would be happy to have the same instructors again. Job well done on finding these two coaches.

Thanks again, and we’ll be in touch again,
Louis (July 2009)
I just wanted to express my thanks and that myself and my father found the class to very enjoyable and that the insrtuctors were very helpful.

Sebastian (July 2009)
Personally, I loved the course. The bikes we learned on, the helmets, the instructors, etc were all above and beyond my expectations. I just received my license in the mail today and couldn’t be happier. Your course has definitely hooked me on riding.

Benjamin (July 2009)
The instructors were great, they explained everything and showed diagrams of each segment we were about to do. They demonstrated each segment to show the class what was to be done. They explained things when they were done wrong. I was very pleased with the class, as I had only rode a bike 1 time before I took the class and that was the month before the class.

William (June 2009)
I just want to thank you and your staff for the professional way of training. I really enjoyed it, and I received already my license. Your colleagues were really professionals, I learned a lot. Also the team was nice, and it was really fun to attend the course.

Kind regards,
Antal (June 2009)
The course was great. I never thought I would feel so confident and relaxed on a motorcycle

Jim (June 2009)

Thank you for a great learning experience this past weekend! The program is great, the instructors are awesome and I will recommend it to all my friends.


Brian [June 2009]

Thank you very much for the course, the extra practice guide and photo! What a fun, tiring weekend! You, Paul and Kara did an excellent job and I’ll recommend you to anyone interested.

Best Regards,
Jackie [June 2009]

I loved the course you gave. I am truly a better rider, more confident then ever. I keep telling people about the class and to get their butts there and take it! .. email me some info so I can give it to my friends who are new riders. thanks

Dawn [June 2009]

It was a well organized and thought out course and I learned tons. Walked away with a greater level of riding confidence…I should have added that the price was very reasonable and well worth the money.

Again much thanks.

Gay [June 2009]

I’d like to take this opportunity to tell you how much fun and informative the class was this weekend. Paul and Ken were awesome instructors and worked together really well. I will strongly encourage all who ask me about riding to look you guys up.

Thanks again,
Dan [June 2009]

I really enjoyed the class, the instructors were fantastic and I feel a lot more confident going out on the road now. I’ll be sure to recommend it to anyone I can.

Ben [June 2009]

I’d like to personally thank you for a fantastic educational and enjoyable BRC session this weekend. I look forward to doing the advanced course next spring.

Kindest regards,
Wade [June 2009]

You guys are the best. So glad I went to Streetwise instead of one of the other motorcycle schools. Bob Johnson and the rest of the coach riders are all right.

Best regards,

Tyler [May 2009]

Just wanted to say thank you for running such a great course. I thoroughly enjoyed myself and look forward to improving my skills! Your course gives students the tools and confidence to make motorcycling as safe as possible. I will be sure to put the word out.

Greg [May 2009]

Thank you a million times for the details on obtaining my license. You guys are great. I had a blast!

Josh [May 2009]

Thanks Bob, I had a great time learning to ride this past weekend, and have referred you to a couple of my friends.

Will [May 2009]

Dear Bob, Paul and Ken,

Your excellent school is living proof that you can in fact teach an old dog new tricks. I have been riding for over 40 years but actually learned a few new things while taking your Streetwise course. Perhaps something I learned will actually save my life or the life of another rider someday, who knows. I appreciate the length you’ve all gone to in order to learn your craft and the heretofore unknown facts and techniques you teach so skillfully. I salute you all!

David [May 2009]

Thank you Bob! And thank you to Ken and Paul, they were really solid and very supportive in their coaching. Your Basic Rider Course and instructors are well worth the time and investment to learn from. I appreciate all the professionalism and wisdoms!

Brent [May 2009]

Thank you so much guys. You are awesome teachers. I never thought I would be on a bike and confident so fast. Actually, on the Sunday that we graduated, I rode my bike from Watertown to Quincy and felt confident being on the highway and I have actually been riding to work daily taking it easy and learning at the same time. Evenings I have been riding at a large open space and trying to simulate everything we learned in class. I referred my co-worker who will be coming for the scooter training & will keep spreading the good word for your awesome rider coaches.

Thanks and cheers!

Dave [May 2009]

I have been riding for 10 years and want to tell you that I learned a lot from your course. Please thank Ken and Bud for everything, also. I hope I see you guys soon on my bike.

Thanks again,
George [May 2009]

I am writing to express my satisfaction with your program. I had a great time and I learned more things than I have ever expected, considering the fact that I rode a motorcycle for the first time in my life. Thumbs up for the RiderCoaches, very knowledgeable, fair and patient.

I will definitely recommend this course to my friends. As a matter of fact, one of them has already enrolled for this upcoming week-end.

Congratulations on your company’s outstanding professionalism.

Best regards,
Diana [May 2009]

Thank you so much for everything. I had such a good time taking the course, and really appreciate how easy you guys make the process by taking care of the registry. You have an awesome team of guys there. Now all I need is a bike to practice all the skills I learned!

Chris [April 2009]

Thanks for a great course! We had great instructors–very supportive, attentive and with great senses of humor. It was a good time and we feel much more comfortable on a motorcycle now (considering we were never on one to begin with!).

Thanks again
Deirdre [April 2009]

Hi, Ken, Tara and Bob.

I just wanted to thank you all for such an enjoyable class! Starting out from nothing on a bike is a little nerve-wracking, but you guys made it easier to relax on the bike and have fun while getting the skills down. The individualized pointers and your positive attitude are supremely helpful and appreciated.

Thanks again, All!
Take care,
Mina [March 2009]

I would like to say that taking the class really helped me decide that I wanted to ride a bike. The instructors Ken and Tara where EXCELLENT. They really did a good job of showing how to properly ride and be safe while doing so.

It was nice to see two people so enthusiastic about riding and that is the kind of people you need. The format of the class was very good. I liked the setup of exercises and the demos that went with them.

Thanks again.
Arra [March 2009]

Ken & Tara;

I just wanted to drop you guys a note to tell you how thankful I am to have had you as riding coaches during this weekends class – AWESOME!! You were very fair, honest and full of constructive criticism that I will use at all times while riding – That is once I get that Bike under me – It was an unforgettable experience! When one gets that kind of positive encouragement to be the best they can be within ones own abilities, it is hard not to succeed.

Look for me on the road in the near furture – 2003 100th Anniversary H-D Softail Springer, Pearl White with lots and lots of Chrome !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I’ll be the fat guy going “55” in the right lane just taking my time, lookin’ good and enjoying every minute !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Thanks again ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! !

Gregg [ March 2009] Thank you for a great course. I feel much more confident and at the same time more realistic about needing more practice before I’m ready to hit the morning commute.

Another safer rider,
Dave [March 2009] It’s better the second time around !!!

I just had to write to Thank You for having a Refresher Rider course available. I feel so much more confident now! Don’t worry… I realize what my skill level is, and will work each day to get better. Now that I have my Harley and a chance to brush up on the basics, I know I’m going to have a fun filled and Safe riding season…Again, Thank you!

…I gotta tell you, Tara and Ken were The Best!!! Professional, patient, and they really showed a genuine concern in each of their students. Please let them know how much the class liked them.

I hope we can keep in touch,
Pat [March 2009]

Thank you and Ken for an awesome 2 day course on Riding and Rider safety! I really didn’t know what to expect from this course and I was very impressed and very satisfied with my 15 hours at your school. That goes to show the professionalism and the time that you (and Ken) invested into preparing for the classes to ensure we made the most of our time during our class.

The course was organized very well and the both of you made learning everything very easy – the intro of each lesson, a demo of each lesson, and then the debrief – all of that tied into place and made learning SO easy! Mike and I are looking forward to riding our own bikes!

Thanks again for an awesome weekend!
Take care,

GK [March 2009]

The Basic course was great! It gave me a chance to see how rusty I was and offered lots of helpful tips.


Ted [March 2009]

Thanks so much for a wonderful class. I have not had so much fun in a long time. I was so pumped after the class, I immediately drove to a dealer and put a deposit on a bike!

Thanks again for a fantastic weekend!
-Rita [March 2009]

Thank you so much for the valuable information that was presented in the class and on the motorcycles. I thought that the class was perfect for me and it helped immediately, as my wife and I went for a ride after yesterday’s class and I could hear your voice as I was riding. Especially in corners, as I kept thinking about the outside-inside-outside process and about making sure to straighten the bike before applying the brakes. My only slight mistake was taking a sharp turn at the wrong speed. After that, I understood exactly what you meant about applying the brakes prior to a turn so as to set the correct speed before entering a turn.

Thanks again – I really enjoyed it and it will probably save me an accident or two and maybe my life.
Jorge [March 2009]

Hey Streetwise,
I took the course last month. Just wanted you to know that swerve maneuver you guys showed me saved my ass today when a car made an illegal u-turn into my lane. I just missed him, but clipped his car with my boot so my foot is sore, better than crashing though.

Brendan [Oct 2008] Thanks for running a great class; I thought it was a nice balance between safety/learning and fun… I really thought the class was great!


Josh [Sept. 2008]

Thank you so much for the riding course, it was extremely helpful, I found the experience to be of great value. The class was very professional, your expertise, presentation skills and patience were greatly appreciated.


Jim G [Sept 2008]

Hi Bob and Tara,

Thanks so much for such an informative and all around professional job with classroom and track instruction… You both remained very patient, upbeat and friendly even at the tail end of a very long season of instruction. I will highly recommend Streetwise Cycle School to all my friends.

Thanks again,

Jim P [Sept 2008]

I really enjoyed the class and feel that I learned a tremendous amount. I want to thank you for your kindness and patience, and I want to assure you that I feel really great about having learned so much about motorcycles, my expectations of the class were more than exceeded, in fact I hate to admit it but I had a ball. I will remember you fondly and recommend you and your class highly. Best of luck to you and your staff, you do great work.

Thanks again,

Joanne [Sept 2008]

Just a quick THANK YOU for a fantastic class! My fears of riding were quickly removed and I feel comfortable getting out into the real world with my own bike. Please convey equal thanks to Tara as well.

Paul M [Sept 2008] The class was terrific. I’m twenty times more confident on my bike, and I notice things when I’m riding that I never would have before. It saved me a scrape up in an intersection two days ago. Most drivers really don’t pay attention to what’s around them. Anyway, just want to let you know you’re doing a great job.

Keep it up!
-Caleb [August 2008] Thank you sooooo much! And thank you for an excellent experience at the course. I feel very equipped to take on the parking lots and (eventually) the open highways of the world!

~Julia [August 2008]

I am lucky to have this chance to attend your experienced rider course and have you as my instructor. You are a passionate coach. I learned much more than I expected from the course. It changed my riding habits to a better way even though I attended a basic MSF course two years ago. Thanks again for your help.

With best regards
Liwen [August 2008] I just wanted to tell you how much help your June refresher course helped me. I wasn’t getting stops and slow turns. Class practice made it clear what I needed to do to be successful and now I feel very confident. Because I didn’t really get that concept the first time around, I dumped my bike three times. I was always okay because the speed was very slow, but it destroyed my confidence and I was so scared to ride that I’d get the shakes after practicing in the neighborhood. However, after your course this summer, I was rearing to go and jumped on my bike and tooled around town. I’ve been riding as much as I can ever since and plan to ride to work as long as I can this school year to save gas and have a little fun. In fact, if I get into a tricky situation I just remind myself what you said during the training, “Just relax, have fun!” Thank you so much for giving me my freedom.

Christine M [August 2008]

Hello Bob, Paul and Tara. I would just like to say thank you so much for teaching me how to ride a motorcycle and doing it safely. I had never ridden a motorcycle before and I am one of those individuals that tends to over think things and make it more difficult than it really is. I thought that the class was both well laid out and well managed in order for a new rider to be successful. I am happy that I took the class and recommend to all that I meet that are interested in biking to do the same. Hope to see you again after I have a few miles under my belt. Thanks.

Orville [August 2008] Thank you. Bob I really enjoyed the class and I learned a lot you and Paul are good instructors. I would refer all my friends who are looking to get there motorcycle license to your class.
Konin [August 2008]

Thanks so much Bob (and Paul)!

I had a really good weekend, and I was surprised at how much I learned in such a short period of time. I’ll definitely need a lot of practice still, but you class gave me a strong base to build on. All the best with the up-coming classes and I hope you have a fun and safe riding season.

Maintaining throttle,
Eli [August 2008]

Just wanted to let you know how valuable I found the basic course this weekend. I was amazed at how much I learned so quickly – and I had a great time to boot. I really appreciate the effort Paul and Tara put into keeping things flowing well. A really well-structured experience. Both Paul and Tara were great coaches.


Paul [July 2008]

I really enjoyed the weekend class. All the instructors, yourself included, were fantastic. Paul and Tara were terrific on the range and I feel like I learned a lot. I wish I had taken a course like this 20 years ago when I first got my street bike and spent a hazardous first year learning on the fly.

The conscientious and well-organized approach you have is greatly appreciated. Students are kept well informed in a timely fashion and it feels like everything is taken care of.

Be well,
dh [July 2008] I will recommend your class to anyone that expresses an interest in acquiring their M license. It’s amazing to me how little I knew and how much I learned by Sunday afternoon regarding bike riding safety. My son and I thoroughly enjoyed the experience. We need a lot of practice!

Tony [July 2008]

I loved the Cycle School , I learned so much and I feel confident about riding a real motorcycle now, which rocks! I’m was just a confident scooter rider but it’s time to move on. All you guys were great and I had a great weekend learning from you.
Dusan [July 2008]

I have learned a lot, you guys are awesome and professional. I would definitely recommend the class to friends.

Bang [ July 2008] Its been about 3 weeks since I took the Beginner’s Course. I wanted to wait until all the excitement of learning to ride passed before I gave any commentary on the course. Well 3 weeks later and I’m still just as excited about everything I learned at Streetwise, if not more. I had purchased a motorcycle about 3 weeks before taking the course, and played around on it before the course. After the course, I noticed a considerable difference in my confidence and riding abilities. You, Paul, and Tara were all great coaches with unique teaching attributes. It was a fun experience, in which I learned a lot of valuable riding techniques. Also, since the course I have been riding almost everyday and I have used the skills that I have learned from you guys every ride. Looking forward to seeing you guys down the road.

Jerald [July 2008]

I took the scoot into Boston today and had a great time swerving around double parked vehicles, crossing over road irregularities, scanning 12 seconds ahead, and more! Seriously, not only did I feel like a safer, better rider, but I had fun doing it.

Keren [July 2008]

Thanks again………Awesome class……I wish it were longer……

Mark [July 2008]

Thanks again for the excellent class, I really appreciate it. I was a little nervous going in having never ridden a motorcycle in my life (scooters/mopeds yea but never a mc), but after taking the class and learning everything that you and Paul taught I feel that it was well worth the price and weekend investment. I look forward to utilizing my new license in the near future and thank you again for your efforts.

Much appreciated,

Kevin [July 2008]

I was in your afternoon beginners course this past weekend and was very surprised at what I learned. I say this because I had been riding for one full season prior to taking this class and honestly was a little skeptical about what I would learn in a beginners class (yes, I realize how foolishly arrogant that sounds). But I definitely came away from this course a more confident and safer rider. I wish I had taken this course before I even hopped on a bike for the first time.

I feel the pace of the class was just right, and was thrilled we spent most of our time on the bikes, rather than in a classroom. It was a lot of information, but you and your instructors were very patient which I feel helped the class effectively absorb all of the techniques you taught.

Anyways, thank you, Paul, and Tara for working with us! I will definitely recommend this course to anyone I know who is new to riding or thinking about picking it up. I also plan on signing up for the advance riders course in the future. Till then happy riding!

Thanks again!
Kevin [June 2008]

Good morning Paul, Tara, and Bob,

I just wanted to say thank you for your time on Saturday and Sunday. There are quite a few things to know about riding a motorcycle as safely as possible, and all these things add up! The more that I can make a habit (covering the clutch, not the brake; FINE-C; SLPR; etc), the more I can concentrate on other important aspects of riding. I’ve never even started a motorcycle before the class and at the end, I feel comfortable enough to go forward with getting into riding more. I let the guys I race with in the Subaru community know about my great experience this weekend:


Best Regards,
Alex [June 2008] I can’t thank you enough for the course “experience!” At the tender age of +57, I am at last fulfilling one of my life’s dreams. I have a beautiful Harley Sportster, a great mentor riding buddy (very safety minded) and soon a two month vacation from school administration. It doesn’t get better. I’m up to 20 miles a day and loving every noisy second.

Thanks again,
Ron [June 2008]

Hey guys,
I just wanted to thank you so much for your patience and awesome guidance over this past weekend! It was a lot of information to cram into two days, but I definitely feel like I’m a lot more comfortable on a bike and know more about what I’m doing (or should be doing, anyways). I’m looking forward to getting my own bike and building on all the skills I learned.

Again, thanks for guiding me through this weekend and for making such an intensive weekend so fun! Hope to see you out on the road sometime!

Anselm [May 2008]

Thanks for the great class, it was really informative and I feel like it made me a better rider.
The material in the book was perfectly explained by the teacher and very clear with good examples given.
Also, the driving part was very good. It is given in a good speed, not too fast not too slow. Good explanation and demonstration given of all the exercises that we needed to do.

Another thing I like very much is that it is in one weekend. It’s very convenient and you don’t have to come back for 3 weeks or visit classes during the week in the evening. I would say; don’t change anything about the course or the coaches, it’s excellent.

Thanks again,
Roel [May 2008]

I had a great time,… I’ve never ridden a bike before this class but now all I can think about is when I can ride again!

-Andrew [May 2008]

Just wanted to say that I had a great time learning how to ride this weekend – your class was ultra-informative, the bikes were in great shape, everyone was super friendly and I learned a ton in a short amount of time. Thank you for making it a fun and educational experience.

Jason [May 2008]

This was truly a remarkable class. I was so impressed at the transformation of talent and acquired skill in such a short amount of time…

Thanks again. Great weekend!

Elaine [April 2008]

Great two days….takes a lot out of you….I was a lot older than most students

Anyone would be foolish to attempt to ride before taking this course

The instructors were excellent, condition of bikes ..great …al ot better than expected considering the application.
Stu [April 2008]

I wanted you to know how much I enjoyed your class. I was very impressed with your teaching technique, and your patience. You took the time to make sure each rider applied the correct fundamentals. Thanks to you and Streetwise, I now possess the skills I need to ride a motorcycle, and most important, the confidence to actually do it!! Riding my OWN bike is something that I have always dreamed of doing. Now, thanks to Streetwise, it’s a reality.

Charlene [April 2008]

I’m sure you have heard all this before, but here I go …
When I first headed to the class, I was thinking: “after surviving two years on the road, what more could they teach me?” …

From the moment we got on the bikes at Streetwise Cycle School, I was astounded by how the instructors put so much in to the basics… Everything you taught was explained in detail as to why we did it and where it would be useful in the real world. You noticed some bad habits I have and you never let it slide until I was addressing them.

After class, I went out on my bike and comfortably made a maneuver that we went over in the class. It was one I had done many times but I was never really comfortable doing it. I could go on for ever with praise, but I just wanted to say you guys made the 15 hours fly by. It was an informative and most of all, a FUN experience. You guys are great and I have, and I always will recommend your class to anyone who asks: “Can you teach me how to ride?”

Thanx again for the tools to motor on,
Fred L [April 2008]

I am writing to thank you for creating a such a wonderful program. There were not any times this past weekend where I found myself feeling uncomfortable around the instructors or yourself. The environment that you have created at your school is extremely nurturing and friendly. Because of this, I never hesitated to ask a question, nor did I ever feel bad after making a mistake. All of the advise and criticism that I received this past weekend is that which I am taking whole-heartedly. Thank you for the great experience, and thank you for selecting a great staff that helped tailor the great learning environment of Streetwise Cycle School! You can rest assured that anybody that I know who is considering learning how to ride will be HIGHLY recommended to visit you and staff at Streetwise Cycle School.

Marques [March 2008]

I want to thank you and your staff for the great job and patience extended to the group this past weekend. The course was educational and eye opening. I will be back after purchasing a bike to sharpen some further riding skills.

Mark [March 2008] I want to say thank you for giving me the knowledge and the practical know how I will need to get myself on the road, the tips you gave did really help me out, I feel less nervous about being on the road.

Thanks again,

Boaz P [March 2008]

Thanks again for the great course [Refresher Basic Rider Course] this weekend. Like I said, I think I got a lot more out of the course the second time around taking it with some experience riding and having that to compare it to. I had my Harley out this morning, very cold but very fun. The only thing it seems that will take some getting used to is becoming accustomed to where the clutch grabs on that bike. Other than that the Harley handles the same as the small bikes from class. I am sure I will take one of your Monday holiday classes [Experienced Rider Course] this summer.

Thanks Again,

Michael L [March 2008]

Thanks for taking care of everything. I’m really glad that I attended and made it through. The course was mentally and physically more demanding than I had imagined.

You, Brian and Paul really gave your very best for 15 long hours in less than ideal weather conditions. You were considerate to everybody, yet you pushed us to try our best and get the most from the class.

I cannot think of any way to make it a better class. Clearly you have refined it over the years based on your experiences.

Well I promise to be careful and practice all that you taught us. I now regard motorcycling as a serious sport which you must practice to improve. No instant gratification.

I have already recommended your school to a few people and will continue to do so.

Most Gratefully Yours

Tom [March 2008]

I just wanted to send you a quick note to thank you for your excellent course. Honestly, I was a bit nervous prior to the beginning of the course as I was afraid it was going to be somewhat comparable to when I learned how to drive a standard car where I stalled out a few thousand times, but the structure and superb instruction made learning how to ride easy… Anyways, thank you very much for the course. I enjoyed it immensely and will recommend it to anyone I meet who is interested in learning how to ride.
– Ben

I can’t thank you enough for your patience and kindness last weekend. I will tell everyone about the school. Awesome !!

Thanks again


Just wanted to write and let you know that your course was excellent. I thoroughly enjoyed the classroom and riding time. I learned a ton. Paul was a superb instructor and knew the course material to the T and his riding knowledge and tips were great. Already planning to be out there next year for the advanced class and referring people to your course.

Thanks again,

I enjoyed your course. You’re a natural teacher. I was impressed by your ability to identify the little individual things that were problematic for each of us, and making specific suggestions to correct our problems. You’re also unbelievably calm and patient.


Thanks for a fun weekend. I thought the class was very well organized and you made it a stress free and fun environment to learn. I have already spread to the word about Streetwise Cycle School to some co-workers who are interested.

Thanks again,


Before I took the course I was intimidated by the sight of a motorcycle, and could not imagine myself riding it. It’s been a month since I took the Streetwise Motorcycle Training course. As you know, I bought a Suzuki SV650 motorcycle two days after completing the course. That should be a testimonial on the confidence that I got from taking your course. I have been practicing and using the techniques that you taught me, and by practicing what you taught me during the course, now every day I’ve enjoyed riding my motorcycle more than the day before.

Thank you for the awesome course,
I thought the class was great…I learned so much that will make me a safer and more confident rider on my Vespa (when I get it running again). I’ll be sure to recommend the course to anyone I know who’s thinking of getting their license.

Best wishes. Thanks again.


Throughout this week, I was thinking that I made a good decision to go through your program, Streetwise Cycle School. Not only did I secure my license, I also gained a high level of confidence about riding motorcycles. I think the education you provide builds a solid foundation of knowledge for beginners. For what it is worth, I believe the guidance you and Jim provided me and the other riders was excellent. In fact, sometime in the near future, I am planning to take the refresher program at your school.

I just wanted to say thanks for a great class. Prior to this class my only “motorcycle” experience was riding on a moped when I was a teenager. I learned a lot and both you and the other coach were great. You gave a ton of advice without me ever feeling like I had just screwed up (and my guess is I did that often). A positive environment goes a long way to helping people learn.

Many thanks, and I will probably see you in the spring for a refresher course since after the winter I will want to brush up before I go out again for 2008.


Just wanted to thank you again for a great weekend. In talking to some of my friends and family about the final riding evaluation, I realized just how much I learned in two (relatively) short days. Mostly all of that is owed to your patience and approach. I had no previous experience with a motorcycle or even a clutch, yet I left on Sunday feeling good about what we had accomplished and anxious to buy a start-up bike to practice with. I know there is a ton left to learn, but your course has given me the basis and confidence to go learn it. A thousand thank you’s.

Thanks very much for a fantastic riding experience this weekend. I think we all felt that it was one of the more useful, productive, and rewarding ways we could have spent a weekend and the cash. I’m certainly not the biking “type”, and I was really timid about the whole thing, but after the course I feel like if I can do it, anyone can! I will be recommending your school enthusiastically to any friends that may (inevitably!) consider riding.


I thought I would just drop you a line to thank you once again for getting me though the Basic RiderCourse. Since I had never been on a motorcycle before I found the course a 100% total learning experience. Any initial fears I had have now evaporated and the confidence you instilled into me is a testament to your training approach. Overall, a wonderful experience — still processing all I learned. Thanks again for a great course.


Hi Bob, hi Paul,

Thank you so much for an awesome weekend! I learned a lot, had a lot of fun and met a lot of very nice people (including you guys J).

I also wanted to tell you that I am totally impressed with the things you teach in the class. As I had mentioned, I already have a motorcycle license in Germany (albeit from over 20 years ago), and over there it is mandatory that you go through 12 hours of individual one-on-one on-motorcycle instruction (in addition to a 6-hour theoretical class) with a certified instructor to obtain a motorcycle license. But I can tell you that without question I learned more in the 10 hours of on-motorcycle group instruction I received from you than I did in those 12 hours of individual one-on-one training back then. In fact, it kind of scares me now how little actual instruction I received over there, especially when it comes to how to deal with difficult situations while riding. I really feel that I will be a much better rider than I ever was before having taking your class. Thank you.

Take care and thanks again!


Thank you so much for teaching us the skills you did over the week-end.

I really enjoyed the way you taught the course!

I had taken some class in France last summer, but your teaching was clearly superior. I thought you encouraged us to do better and helped us learn from our mistakes.



Bob and Paul, I want to thank you guys for a truly excellent experience. I came to class a complete and utter novice, and although I wouldn’t say I was nervous at all, your instruction increased my confidence levels by a huge factor.

You guys have obviously been working together for a while, and definitely make a good team, each providing your unique take on the experience in a way that complements each other’s style.

Rest assured I will definitely be recommending your school to anyone I encounter who is considering getting into motorcycling, and someday I hope to be back for the Experienced Rider Course!

Thanks again,

Dear Bob and Paul, Thank you for the lessons. It was a relaxed atmosphere, great for learning and making new biker buddies. I rode for a year before taking your class. It was like walking before I crawled, and I was walking crooked. The things you taught were invaluable and essential. It’s really good to know that I have the basics now. I also appreciate the personal interest you take with the class with the waters and the directions and reminders. It shows that you are a great teacher, your effort was noted and appreciated. Thanks, your fellow biker, REGGIE

Your class was awesome! My sister and I truly feel like we learned a lot and are much more confident on the road. I will definitely tell all of my friends who are thinking about riding to take your class. It was fun, informative, and well worth every cent. I wish I had taken it earlier!

Danielle and Dallas

I really enjoyed taking the course, your confidence in us and positive instruction gave me the edge I needed to overcome my fears. I have been riding to work almost everyday now, rain or shine (mostly shine) it is everything I dreamed it would be. What is great is as I ride my Vulcan 750 down the highway I do this play back in my head everything you told us. One thing always makes me smile “steady on the throttle look into the turn” and away I go smooth and easy (YES). I work nights so I often have the road to myself at 2 or 3 in the morning (I added a reflective vest to my gear) the other day I swear I touched heaven cruising about 65ish open road, just pure freedom. Well enough of that, just a real big thanks of doing what you do man.


Thank you so much for this weekend course. It was a great investment for me and I learned so much! …Amazing what you can learn in a few short days. Your class was well organized, moved at a good learning pace, was non-intimidating and of course you are an excellent teacher.


I wanted to thank you for providing such a great atmosphere in which to learn the skills necessary to ride safe and to have fun. I have so much more confidence after taking your course. The knowledge, patience, and enthusiasm you and Brian share with the students makes learning to ride a wonderful experience.

I am so glad I took the MSF Basic Rider Course. I will be sure to recommend your school to anyone contemplating learning to ride.

I had a most enjoyable experience with classroom, riding, and testing. It has been a dream of mine for many years to ride a motorcycle, thanks to all my dream has come true. It was very comforting to know that almost everyone in the group had no experience riding, it made me feel even more relaxed. You have the knowledge and skills for sure! I certainly would recommend StreetWise Cycle School to everyone!

This course was one of the most enjoyable, demanding and rewarding things I’ve done in a while. It completely refocused me for the whole weekend, and that was a wonderfully rejuvenating change of pace…

-Nick A

Thank you for taking me as a student and teaching me the finer points of handling a motorcycle. Everyone that rides a motorcycle on the street should be required to take a course as thorough as yours. My slow speed maneuvering and control on my motorcycle has greatly increased thanks to your and your staff’s tutelage. I wear your shirt proudly and I’ll be sure to look you up for my next course selection.

…I think you dealt with the multifaceted personalities professionally and patiently. Exactly how it should be done. It is obvious that your school’s demand will only increase with time. Please remember it is folks like you who help riders like myself enjoy their ride that much more!

-Kyle M.

Thanks so much for being such a great teacher! Not being the most coordinated nor adept student, I really appreciated your patience and encouragement. It’s hard to imagine that in just a weekend, I could have learned so much.

Thanks again!

I just wanted to drop you an email and let you know that the course was AWESOME. I had a complete blast. I learned so much about the bike and I really feel comfortable in riding, in fact I am dying to purchase a bike now. I will be referring you to EVERYONE that I know whether they plan on taking a course or not.



I just wanted to write and say “Thank You” very much for being such a great teacher. You made it so easy for me, someone who has only ridden on the back of a bike to now be able to get on and feel very comfortable riding myself. Your class was very informational and I would highly recommend your school to anyone who wants to learn to ride!! Thanks again for a great class!!


…thank you for such a great experience. I’m really glad I took the class and I feel much more confident being out there knowing I have these skills. I also want to let you know what a blast it was to take the course. Being a first-time rider I really didn’t know what to expect. You made the learning process easy and a *lot* of fun. I can imagine how nervous I would of been trying to learn on my own, on real streets, but this course was great. Definitely worth the time and money, and you were definitely a wonderful instructor. I’m recommending you to everyone I know.

John N
Well, its been difficult to focus on work this week after having been bitten by the bike bug. I am so grateful that I found out about your course and website (have been referring to the site a LOT this week, very helpful). The class times and size were perfect. The convenience of signing up for a class straight away, not having to wait, was perfect. Your lessons have made me feel confident and excited about continuing to learn how to ride. I will be referring people to you, I really appreciate the importance of the course for anyone thinking about riding.

…Your presentation of the lessons as well as your calm and encouraging demeanor really helped me to “get it”… you’re a great teacher and I had a lot of fun…Your course was a great experience for me and I thank you!

Tania K.

After many years of wanting to buy a motorcycle I finally decided to move forward and took the plunge. Everyone I spoke to said I should take a Motorcycle safety course and I was referred to Streetwise Cycle School.

Having never driven a motorcycle I was a bit nervous, but my apprehension soon went away as I gradually learned how to ride. I went in totally new to riding and left with confidence and good safe riding skills. I was extremely pleased to have such a knowledgeable, skilled, well organized, and an instructor who clearly possessed good people skills. As I drove home after completing the training I kept thinking what a wise decision it was to enroll in the course. I think if I tried to learn this on my own I might have learned some lessons on the road that would have been both financially and physically expensive.

Thank you for everything,

Ronald S.

I just wanted to drop you a line to thank you for a great class! You not only took the time and effort to ensure we learned the proper technique, but you also encouraged us if we didn’t ride up to our abilities. You definitely have a knack for teaching and your love of motorcycles really shows.

Thanks again!
Matt P

Just wanted to let you know I thought the class was great and you have found your calling in teaching riding. Although I have always wanted to try riding a motorcycle I was a little apprehensive about just buying one. After your course I know there is a motorcycle in my future and can’t wait to get out on the road.

Thanks for you help.

Jim R

The course was definitely a great experience, and I had a great time…One thing I do have to say about you is that you’ve got patience like I’ve never seen…I must say, you’ve got nerves of steel.

Much appreciated, and I’ll be seeing you down the road.

Thanks, I had a great weekend. It’s a great school, fun to attend, informative & builds allot of confidence. I can’t believe how comfortable I felt on the bike at the end of the weekend after not having ridden for at least 30 years. In particular, I appreciated your personal tips & advice.

Talk to you soon,


Thank you again for your great instruction. I learned not only the fundamentals of riding, but also the passion of riding from your school.



I attended the experienced rider course and although the reason I initially signed up, was because I wanted to get my license. I wanted to say that the class was well worth the time and money and I feel like I am going to be a better rider after attending it. I definitely learned some new stuff about riding and handling my bike even though I have been riding for over five years.

You are a great instructor and it is very obvious that you enjoy what you do and want to help people and make them better riders. I would recommend the course to anyone that ever gets on a motorcycle if they have a license or not.

Thank you

I had a great time in your class, and I learned quite a bit. I went out and bought a 2006 Harley Street Glide 4 days later and have been on it nearly every day since. I’ll probably come back next summer with my buddies and take your advanced course. Keep up the good work.


We had so much fun. Neither myself or my husband had ridden before, but now we both feel comfortable on a bike. I have to say that I was quite nervous before I came to your course, but you made it fun and informal so that I totally forgot to be nervous when it came to getting on and riding. By the end of the first day riding, I couldn’t wait to get back on that bike and ride again the next morning.

Thanks again,


Thanks so much for everything this weekend! It was great. The best thing I gained was the ‘loss of fear.’ I had never ridden any type of motorized bike before your class. I think I can comfortably get on any bike and not be afraid it will be riding me, rather than the other way around. I gained a lot of skills that will allow me to smoothly transition from my first bike to the next. In fact, my fiance really wants to take the experienced rider course after watching today! He’s been riding for almost 7 years, but he definitely liked what he saw. It was a fun and very relaxed environment. So thanks, really!

– Suzanne

Thanks for the course — lots of fun …. Like how the course was laid out: the three shorter days, the two days of riding. The written work on Friday was decent prep for the next couple of days. Size of the riding classes (6) was perfect.


Thanks a lot for the class–it was a huge amount of fun and you did an outstanding job putting everyone at ease and making it enjoyable…

Thanks again for a great experience!
Bob M

It was a great class. I think you are doing a fantastic job and will definitely recommend you to others who might be interested in taking an MSF class.



Thank you for all you taught me. I know lots of it will come with just more experience, but I appreciate the solid foundation you gave me.

Ted C.

Your class was awesome and you’re a great guy. Thanks for everything


Thanks again for being a great instructor. The course was informative while fun at the same time. When I decide to take the experience level course, I will definitely go through Streetwise.


Bob thank you so very much for those three days. I truly enjoyed the motorcycle course and it gave me the confidence to venture out on my beast. I have found that in a short time the course has already paid off. I was having a hard time turning my bike around due to the size of it.

I would STRONGLY recommend this class to anyone that is serious about learning the basic functions of motorcycles. I liked the class size which was just right for me.

Thanx again


I just wanted to thank you for everything. It was a great motorcycle riding experience with you. I enjoyed it very much and had lots of fun. I really appreciate the hospitality you provide during the classes. Thank you again.