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First motorcycle: 1963 Honda C100 50-cc blue Super Cub with step-through frame and centrifugal clutch

Current motorcycles: 2007 BMW F 650GS-P, 2007 BMW F800S (I’m an F-bike grrl; never thought that would happen!)

Favorite Bikes: Any Beemer with a Type 259 or later Boxer engine. There is no bike that can carve the canyons better.

Favorite place to ride: Anywhere in the Pacific Northwest—the North Cascades, Mt. Rainier, the Palouse (WA/ID/OR), John Day in Oregon, Hell’s Canyon, the Olympic Peninsula…

Riding since: 1967, my sophomore year in college

  • 1967 Honda S90, purchased new for $409 in Syracuse, NY.
  • Black 1965 Triumph Bonneville
  • Gold 1971 Honda CB175
  • Burgundy 1978 Honda CB 550K (the seat was too high, I dropped it all the time, and didn’t know about high-soled boots back then!)
  • Black 1981 Yamaha 750 Virago (the first V-Twin-powered cruiser-style motorcycleproduced by a Japanese manufacturer, as well as one of the earliest mass-produced motorcycles with a mono-shock rear suspension; it supposedly had a seat height of 28.1 inches, which is why I bought it, but you could bet me!…it was still too tall and I had long legs for someone under five feet tall! I went to a women’s poetry reading in Brooklyn and someone said, “How did you get a bike with the name of Virago? Do you know what that means?” “No,” I said, and went home and looked it up. It means two things: a loud, overbearing woman, a termagant, a shrew, and a woman of strong qualities of body and mind. I chose the second definition and have had the email handle ever since!
  • Custom-paint 1984 Yamaha XV1000 Virago
  • 1979 BMW R65
  • 1999 BMW R1100S

Not a lot of bikes for all those years but I rode a lot of rental bikes, other people’s bikes, and worked for a bike company for 11 years so had my pick of the stable: BMW R11RS, R11R, R11S, R1150S, K12RS, K13S, F800S, F650GS, K12LT (yup! believe it!) and many more.

OMG, my Gerbing’s electric jacket liner, by far!

Don’t know what drew me but as soon as I was off on my own with a little extra money, I bought one and was hooked!

I love the empowerment that I get from riding; like how strong I feel at the end of a 600-mile day or after I’ve ridden a really difficult ride that required all of my attention and skill.
Moving Violations Motorcycle Club, Founding Sister (1985); American Motorcyclist Association (lifetime member); BMW Owners of America.