Riding since: 1983
First motorcycle: 1970 Honda CL350

  • 1974 Honda CB750
  • 1975 Honda GL1000
  • 1985 Honda GL1200
  • 1997 Honda GL1500
  • 2006 Honda GL1800.

(The GLs are Gold Wings.)

  • 1986 Harley Davidson Softail
  • 1988 BMW K100RS
  • 2000 Harley Davidson Night Train
  • 2012 Honda GL1800 Gold Wing.

Favorite Places to Ride: Back roads of VT, NH, and western MA … Colorado mountains
Next big ride: The Northwest Territories, the Yukon, and Alaska.
Best ride: The Four Corners Tour – the extreme four corners of the US. (10,560 total miles)
Second best ride: Route 66 from Chicago, IL to Santa Monica, CA.  (rode that twice)

As a kid I was always interested in motorcycles.  I got out of the service in 1968 and it took me two years to talk my wife (now x-wife!) into letting me get a bike. Before she could change her mind, I had a bike in the driveway and have been riding ever since.  So I started riding in 1970.

My Gerbrings electric gear; jacket, pants, gloves, and socks.  It allows me to ride in some pretty cold weather, like 17 degrees F.

If I have to explain, you wouldn’t understand.

Silly Yuppie, trailers are for boats.  (We don’t trailer our bikes!)

Touring this great country of ours.  In a car you don’t sense the sights, smells, or sounds like you do on a motorcycle.  On a bike, you are part of the environment.  It gets very wet, cold, and/or hot sometimes, but you learn to dress for the elements, and the good times far outweigh the bad.  Also, you meet some great people when you are far from home and they see the Massachusetts license plate.  They want to talk about the motorcycle, why we choose to visit their area, how many miles we travel a day, and if it’s uncomfortable.  But the big question is usually “why travel so far on a bike?”   Also, my wife rides her own bike (see Paula’s bio) and they are amazed that a girl rides her own big bike.